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As a student, we constantly search for sales while making purchases. Many platforms offer student discounts to draw in new users. Peacock TV is one such portal that offers users a wide selection of films and television shows. There are many films and Peacock TV shows available on this streaming platform.

Discounts, however, are not always available on this site. You should therefore frequently check their website to see whether a discount is available or not. There are additional ways to get a discount even though they might not formally offer one. Learn more by reading the article. We’ll go over all there is to know about the Peacock student price reduction in this article.

Peacock TV: What Is It?

The newest streaming service from NBCUniversal, Peacock TV, provides customers with access to a large selection of films, TV episodes, and other media. Peacock TV provides the best choice for customers who wish to keep engaged and informed thanks to its wide range of programming.

Everyone can find something on Peacock TV, including the trendiest shows and peacock free trial timeless films. Additionally, thanks to its user-friendly interface and cost-effective subscription plans, students can access all of their favourite television programmes without breaking their budgets.

How Much Does Peacock TV Cost?

NBCUniversal manages Peacock TV, a service that streams content in the US. It offers two subscription services: a free edition with constrained content and advertisements, and a premium version dubbed Peacock Premium with no adverts but more content overall.

What You Get With Both Subscriptions Is As Follows:

  • Peacock Free: The following is the service’s most basic incarnation and features ad interruptions. You are only permitted to watch a certain number of films, TV series, and other things, such as some live sporting events.
  • Peacock Premium: You may subscribe to Peacock Premium for a monthly charge, which grants you access to the whole collection of content, including unique original episodes & current seasons of well-known NBC shows the day after they appear. Additionally, Peacock Premium enables you to watch without ads while providing access to live sporting events. Peacock Premium offers two distinct bundles, specifically Peacock Premium: Ads are included with this pack, which costs $4.99 a month. Peacock Premium Plus, which has no advertisements but costs about $9.99 per month.

In 2023, will there be a Peacock student discount?

At the time this article was written, Peacock didn’t provide any student discounts. On Peacock, there are many subscription packs available. Even if it is relatively inexpensive, as a student you might be reluctant to spend it. But Peacock is accessible without charge. You did hear correctly. On the peacock platform, a pack is available for a peacock free trial.

To begin watching, you have to initially sign-in on the Peacock website. Despite the limited content accessible to free users, something is still preferable to nothing. There are additional ways to receive student discounts from Peacock Free trial in addition to these. Continue reading to learn more.

Additional Ways to Receive a Peacock Student Discount

Although Peacock TV doesn’t formally offer student discounts, there are additional methods to obtain them. Following are some of those techniques discussed.


The Student Beans website is one place to find a Peacock student discount. One of the biggest student loyalty networks in the entire world is called Student Beans. Providing them with several discounts and bargains, it aids students in saving money.

By doing this fantastic loyalty programme, students can save a whopping 20% on their Peacock TV subscription. So they can save money by receiving a price reduction of twenty per cent upon a Peacock TV subscription.

You must register for Student Beans and create an account ID in order to benefit from this fantastic Peacock TV student discount. To verify your status as a student if you’re a newcomer to Student Beans, then must present this loyalty network with a genuine student ID card from your university. Peacock will be sending you a coupon code for 20% off your next subscription after you complete the required fields.

(2) Get A Peacock TV Annual Plan:

Depending on the plan you choose, you will pay $4.99 or $9.99 monthly for a Peacock TV subscription. On the reverse hand, you may save as much as seventeen per cent of the funds you spend if you get the annual plan. The price of an annual Peacock TV plan ranges between $49.99 and $99.99.

However, if you purchase a schedule for each month for a full year, you will end up paying $59.99 or $119.88. You may thus notice the distinction. The annual bundle will result in 17% annual savings for you.

4. Peacock TV alternatives include:

You might wish to check out some alternatives as the platform doesn’t provide its users with any student discounts. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives that you can use in place of Peacock TV.

Significant Plus: If you’re a student, you can subscribe for 25% less. It contains a big selection of films and TV shows that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Amazon Prime: Students can receive a 50% discount when purchasing an Amazon Prime membership. You would receive a cashback discount that would be credited to your Amazon wallet. And who is unaware of Amazon Prime’s vast collection of films and web series?

Hulu: If you enjoy streaming live TV, you might want to consider Hulu. It offers Live TV in addition to its collection of films and television shows. There is a student discount available here as well.

Apple TV: The company also provides its customers with a student discount. The advantages of Apple TV & Apple Music are available at a student discount.

YouTube Premium: Upon successful authentication, YouTube also provides a discount for students.


The Peacock Student discounts are available is all there is to it. Students are not currently eligible for any discounts from The Peacock. The Student Beans site, where you can receive a 20% off coupon for Peacock TV, will help you save some money, though. Other Peacock TV substitutes provide a student discount. You can also give them a try.

In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “PEACOCK STUDENT DISCOUNT” . I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Does Peacock have a free trial?

Ans. Yes, a 7-day free trial is available with Peacock.

Q2) How much is peacock tv a month ?

Ans. Peacock: Watch Live News as well as Sports, Stream TV & Movies Online. Plans begin at $4.99 per month.