All you need to know about joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2

Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2

Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2 was the ultimate event show that aired on television. The show featured the stars of Joseline cabaret season 3 as they discussed their thoughts and feelings about everything that has happened since the end of Joseline Cabaret Season 3. This year also included a look at what happens to every star after the cameras stop rolling and filmed footage from a live performance by Yung Joc in Atlanta. This article will provide information about Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion parts two and why it is different from other reality shows like it.

The show was based around a group of people who were featured on Joseline Cabaret Season 3. The show was produced by VH1, owned by Viacom Media Networks, and aired on April 21, 2014, at 9:00 PDT on VH1 in the United States. It also ran for one hour and consisted of one episode. It featured the cast members from Joseline Cabaret Season 3 as they reminisced about their past experiences and talked about where they are now in their lives.

Basic about the show:

Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2 is the ultimate show for each star to get closure from their past and present. During this time, they also have a chance to be with everybody they lost while filming the show, like their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends, plus so much more. Also, seeing everyone that has died since the show ended also feels like it gives them some closure.

Joseline Cabaret Season 3 was an American reality television series that aired on VH1 from November 20, 2009, to April 22, 2010. The show was centered on Joseline Hernandez, who joined the cast as a friend of Stevie J’s girlfriend Alexis. It also featured Stevie J and his ex-girlfriend, Mimi Faust, working together to build their careers as songwriters and music producers. 

They are both looking for a record deal with Stevie producing for Mimi and Mimi writing songs for Stevie. The cast also includes Rasheeda (Ras), Kirk Frost (Kirk), Erica Mena (Erika), and K. Michelle, who people added to the cast in the first episode of season 2, which featured the girls touring in Puerto Rico while they were recording an album together to promote their music careers.

Predictions regarding the show:

Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2 will be a hit with show fans as it allows fans to see where all of the stars ended up since their time on the show. Even if viewers wished for more information about their pasts, some still got into relationships that made them happy. They also provided insight into what most people don’t know about some of the characters on Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2.

 Joseline cabaret season 2 cast:

Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2 featured Tyrese Gibson, Joseline Hernandez, and Stevie J as they talked to joseline cabaret cast members. They also had Kirk Frost, Rasheeda, and Yung Joc on Joseline Cabaret preseason 3 Reunion Part 2. Some of them were featured by people on stage with new information about what they’ve been doing since appearing on the show. Basic information about this topic is given below.

Yung Joc was born in 1985 to mother Chris Jenkins and father Willie Norwood Sr. In Atlanta, Georgia. He started his career when he released his first mix tape, “We In The Streets,” at twelve.

About JC reunion part one:

Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 1 was the first episode of Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2, and it aired on Sunday, April 21, 2014, at 9:00 pm (PST). The show was filmed immediately after their appearances in an episode of Celebrity Apprentice 6 on April 17, 2014.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J, who received the least votes from the audience during Celebrity Apprentice 6, were tasked with making a video for Rihanna’s hit single. Additionally, they were asked to create a music video for this song that would feature all four members of Joseline Cabaret Season 3.

Filming Location of Season 3 of Joseline’s Cabaret:

It was produced by VH1 and broadcast on April 21, 2014, at 9:00 pm (PST) on VH1. The reunion part 2 showed the cast how they were doing after signing with their record labels and getting the best deals they could get as well as featuring new information that viewers couldn’t find out about until this point.

The show also featured Stevie J, who introduced a new girlfriend named Jessica, who was featured on Joseline cabaret season 3 as his assistant. There was also a physical altercation between Rasheeda and Kirk Frost because Kirk didn’t have any money.

Where can I watch joseline’s cabaret?

Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 2 release date is April 21, 2014, at 9:00 pm (PST). It was a part of the “Reunion Week” programming event. Unfortunately, Joseline’s Cabaret las vegas did not return to VH1 for a third season. The cast, however, did make appearances on other shows on VH1, which can be found by people below as well.

Rasheeda traded in her producer hat to become a reality star with her show, which premiered on July 23, 2013, at 10:00 pm (PST). She rode around town with her friends in this show and taped their get-togethers. Monami Entertainment Inc produced the show.

Fans call for part 2 of the reunion:

Fans of the show were hoping to see a season 3 from Joseline’s Cabaret, with Bravo TV likely being the channel for it. However, due to news, people tweeted about a possible VH1 series starring Mimi Faust, which came right before the reunion part 2; there have not been any updates since this announcement.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez announced they would release their new album titled “Bells & Whistles” on June 16, 2014.

What happened in part 1?

Joseline cabaret’s season 3 reunion part 1 began with various things with the cast. First, they revealed where they are now and what they have been doing since appearing in Joseline cabaret season 3. Then, in an exclusive interview, Joseline Hernandez talks about how she has been doing since “Bad Bitch Club,” a special feature of the reunion part 2. She also tells her fans how she does her hair and makeup for photo shoots, live appearances, and public appearances just four weeks after having plastic surgery to fix a problem she had with her teeth.


The cast of Joseline Cabaret Season 3 reunited for a 90-minute special. Current information about the show was revealed, and there was also some new information regarding everything that happened in the episode. The cast talked about everything going on with their lives and what they were up to before appearing in Joseline cabaret season 3 reunion part 1. They also discussed their appearances on Celebrity Apprentice 6 and what they are up to now in their music careers and other careers, such as Yung Joc, an actor, and rapper.