All about Ricky Vela’s Crush on Suzette in a series called Selena

ricky vela suzette quintanilla
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 03: Pete Astudillo (L) and Ricky Vela attend the Madame Tussauds Hollywood's Selena Wax Figure Makes Special Appearance at the Walk of Fame Reception Celebrating Her Legacy on November 3, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Madame Tussauds Hollywood)

Ricky vela suzette Quintanilla are a hot topic right now. The series will consist of one season; each episode is about 45 minutes long. The show premiered on February 15, 2016, on Disney Channel in Latin America and on March 30, 2016, in the United States. It premiered on April 8, 2016, in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The show had its finale on October 14, 2016, in Latin America and on October 25, in the United States. Though there are a lot of controversies surrounding the show, it has become one of Disney’s highest-rated shows. There have also been rumors about a season 2, but there has yet to be any confirmation that a season 2 is coming.

The first trailer for the series was released on July 22, 2015, and the exclusive premiere was shown one day before Selena’s birthday on July 16, 2015. The filming began on May 28, 2015, in Austin, Texas.

Are You Trying to Get Your Crush On Suzette?

Ricky Vela is Selena’s best friend, and he has had a crush on Suzette Quintanilla since they joined high school. So, you can watch Ricky vela, Suzette Quintanilla together. He is dating Marisol Rodriguez, who is an exchange student from Spain.

He also has a crush on Jeannie Calzada, a new girl from Spain who is teaching English as part of her exchange. He also had a crush on his teacher Mr Knightly who was going to teach him about American History, but because he died, he ended up getting his crush on Suzette instead.

At the beginning of high school, Suzette starts to hang out with Ricky, and they become friends quickly. Then they start dating each other, but they break up after struggling with their relationship because neither one wants to be in a serious relationship. However, they still kept seeing each other and going out as friends.

Selena: The Series on Netflix:

Selena is a series that revolves around Selena and her family, friends, and enemies. The series opened a lot of doors for the cast members. Not only did they get to work with Selena’s family, but they also got to work with other famous people such as Ryan Gosling, Demi Lovato, Rico Rodriguez, and Justin Bieber. In addition, they also had the opportunity to work with fellow artists such as Becky G, Sofia Richie, Tori Kelly, and Ashley Tisdale. It was the first time that most of them were on television, so it was an excellent experience for them. 

Selena had so much potential and could have gone on for a few more seasons, but Selena’s family decided to end it in one season. As a result, there are many controversies surrounding the show. Many people think that Selena’s family was the one who had all the control in the show and that they did not let other cast members take the spotlight because it was supposed to be about Selena. 

The show had its season finale on October 14, 2016, in Latin America and on October 25, 2016, in the United States. Though there have been rumors about a 2nd season, there has yet to be any confirmation.

What Happened to Ricky Vela?

Ricky Vela was Selena’s best friend. He had a crush on Suzette since they were in high school together. He had a crush on Suzette’s best friend, Marisol, and he even kissed her in one of the episodes. Though he did not end up with Marisol, he ended up getting his crush on Suzette because she did not want to be in a severe relationship with Ricky, and they kept seeing each other as friends while Ricky got his crush on Suzette.

The show ended when Ricky Vela and Cheri Mestas decided to move to a new town where Selena’s family was from. They had a good life there and would visit Selena and all of their friends from time to time.

Where Can You Watch the Series?

The series is available on Disney Channel in Latin America and most of the United States, but you cannot watch it on any other channel. However, you can watch the series on Netflix and iTunes if you subscribe to both channels. There are approximately 13 episodes, but if you want to watch them all, you must subscribe to one of those two channels. 

What Were Other Cast Members Involved?

There were many cast members involved, but there were only two of them who became very prominent. One of the cast members was Diego Velazquez, who plays Ricky Vela. The other cast member is Enzo Penizzotto, who plays Cheri Mestas. He was not as famous as Diego, but he did attract some attention when people realized that he looked like Edward Cullen from Twilight.

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The series had a lot of potentials, but the Disney channel needed to treat it right, and the cast members needed more attention. For example, some people do not like Selena’s family, which is understandable because they are very controlling and use their power to get people to act in specific ways.

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