Fun Learning Activities for kids at Home

Fun Learning activities for kids at home

School is not the only place of learning activities for kids. You are the biggest teacher to your kids. But home learning activities should not feel like a classroom lesson. 

Fun learning and educational activities for kids at home is all about discovering and teaching new things.

We have listed some fun and educational learning activities for kids to try at home.

List of Learning Activities For Kids:

  • Play Learning Games

Learning through playing games will be very exciting for your kids and also help them learn different things. For a preschool, kids start with basic games like learning farm animals, colors, shapes. Choose games as per your kid’s school-age- world government, history, foreign language, and anatomy.

  • Learn Phonics Basics

Teaching your kids to read is the best gift for your kid. This phonics learning activity for kids will prepare them for reading and spelling.

This, in no way, means that you have to sit in a chair all day and repeat the letter sounds. Try a fun, phonics learning activities instead of making it tedious. Play hunt for letters, make alphabet books, or you can even use a digital camera to bring this learning activity to life.

  • Practice Writing

Writing should be a part of your home learning activities for kids. Writing is a skill that will be used throughout life. Teach them writing with tools beyond pencil and paper. Let things get messy. Let them trace and learn. 

Play connect the dots, play-doh to shape different letters, or use whipped cream to draw letters. Moreover, you can shop pattern stencils for your child as it will keep them entertained and want them to participate more in the learning process.

If your kid is a bit older and in school, you can encourage them to write better by giving them daily fun writing tasks at home.

  • Identify Colors

Kids love to learn colors from a young age. Put them on a path of learning colors by handing them a bag full of colored pom poms. This learning activity should not be limited to only identifying colors, but they can also learn to count, sorting, which will help them in improving their gross motor skills. They will also learn how to pick tiny objects.

  • Develop Counting Skills

Teaching the kids to count may seem a very simple task, but reciting the number in the right order is only the beginning of developing counting skills.

 Incorporate learning activities for kids to let them physically touch different objects while they are counting. According to many researches- hands-on projects activate the kids’ brains and help them to learn better.

If your kids already advance the counting part, you can try different variations of activities to challenge him to think beyond counting upt0 10 in terms of the number of objects they see in front of them.

  • Enrich Their Minds With Music

“The itsy bitsy spider” and “twinkle twinkle little star” might be the constant on your child’s music playlist. But there is so much more than you can do with your baby to instill the love for music.

Start the music learning fun activity by making instruments for your kids at home and playing musical games. Record the sounds of different instruments and play them to see if the child knows the instruments.

  • Try Science Experiments at Home

Thinking of science experiments my bring to your mind the image of a chemistry lab. But do not worry, you don’t need to turn your kitchen into a lab to teach science to your kids.

You have to plan basic and fun science learning activities for your kids at home that do not require too much effort. You can look for experiments on the internet that are suitable for preschoolers and won’t leave your house into a disaster.

  • Explore World Cultures

Put down the textbooks and make learning at home creative. You can teach your kids about different cultures in the world by making learning a fun and enriching experience. You can make them aware of the traditions and different living ways of people in different places. Your kid will start looking at the world with different perspectives

You can make them taste authentic foods from different countries and even cook it together. Kids can learn about cultural etiquette, history, and official language.

Another fun activity to keep children engaged in the learning process is to have them use shop pattern stencils to trace and color different letters. They can also use the stencils to create their own designs and patterns, which is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination. Play connect the dots, play-doh, and whipped cream drawing are also great options to mix things up and keep learning fun and engaging.

Final Words:

Who said education is only limited to school and textbooks? Trying various fun, educational, and learning activities for kids at home can be very beneficial. This will not only teach them new things but will also make your bond strong with your child. Experiment with different games and activities