Letterle Game {August 2022} Learn To Play This Exciting Game


Letterle Game Puzzle: in this article, we will provide detailed information related to the puzzle Letterle Game. And also gain the knowledge of how to play this exciting game.

Know about: What is Letterle Game? How to play this game? Is this game is same as the Letterle Wordle game? Who created the game Letterle Game?

Letterle is a very popular game played worldwide. The popularity of this game is gaining popularity day by day. So, here in this article, we will provide you with every detail related to this game. To know everything, stay tuned with us until the end of the article.

About the Game: Letterle Game

Letterle is a puzzle of single letter guessing. Ed Jefferson created this game in 2022. And the puzzle, Wordle word game, stimulates the Letterle game.

Every day you will get a fresh new alphabet to solve the given puzzle. The player has to randomly guess the letter. You will get many guess the letter.

Let us know more about Letterle Game

How to play the Letterle Game?

Do you also want to play the Letterle Game? If yes, then we have given you the complete guide in the article below. Stay tuned until the end of the article to know every minute detail of this game.

Steps to follow to play Letterle Game:

  • Open the official website of the game and start your day.
  • This game is somewhat similar to Wordle Puzzle, but here in this game, you have to guess one letter rather than many words.
  • From the given alphabet, select any letter until you find the correct letter of the day.
  • In the Wordle game puzzle, you find some color tiles displayed in green or yellow colors, but in this game, you will not find such colorful tiles.
  • You will get some scores if you find the correct word in a few guesses.

Letterle Game vs. Wordle Game

Letterle and Wordle are both puzzle games. In the Wordle game, you have to find words. You are asked to find a six-letter word with different combinations, which is difficult. You are not given enough the word; you also need to find more than one word in a day.

Whereas, Letterle is a simple game. In this, you are not asked to find any word; instead, you need to find a letter that is actually the letter of the day. You get 26 chances to find the correct letter, and if you find the letter in a few chances, you will be given some scores.

How to get Letterle Game?

To get the Letterle game, you can visit the game’s official website. Else, you can click the given link:

 Official website of  Letterle  Game

If you do not want to open the site every time, you can download the game to play offline, free of cost.

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Letterle game is a simple game to play and keep your brain busy. You can play this game in online and offline mode. We have shared all the relevant details about the Puzzle Letterle game and the Wordle Puzzle game. We hope you found this article a good source of information. If you want to know about any other puzzle game, let us know in the comment box.

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