One Piece: 5 Potential Downsides Of Luffy’s Gear 5

luffy gear 5

Luffy gear 5 – Recent events have left One Piece fans wondering where the tale will go as the manga enters its last arc and Eiichiro Oda nears the finish of his long-running series. In addition, the Egghead Island arc is the second time that Luffy’s ultimate form, “Gear 5”, has been shown off (the first time after the Wano arc when he defeated Kaido).

Some fans consider the Hito Hito No Mi to be the most concentrated fruit in the series, but even while it’s evident that Luffy gear 5 has a lot of firepowers, many doubts remain. Since Luffy’s previous forms have had adverse effects, many people worry that this one, being the most potent, may have even worse ones.

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Shortened Life

Many fans know that Luffy’s life expectancy has decreased with each successive gear he has worn, especially with Gear Second and Gear Fourth. Because of its toll on his body, he reserved these styles for fights against equally skilled opponents. A brief scene in Luffy’s climactic fight with Kaido depicts him in his basic form, appearing exceedingly weary and aged.

It may be due to Luffy’s lengthy and arduous struggle with Kaido on Onigashima and the events leading up to it. Still, it may also indicate that Gear Five places the most significant physical demand on Luffy’s body. While this is reminiscent of Gear Third’s pre-time-skip phase, which also rendered Luffy gear five immobile in his newborn form, the long-term effects of adopting this new technique are unknown.


Although the previous “Pirate King,” Gol D. Roger, was executed after turning himself in, he only did so when he learned of the fatal illness that would finally claim his life. While it has been established that Roger did not consume Devil Fruit, suggesting that the disease did not originate from his excessive use of his abilities, it is not surprising that a similar fate befalls Luffy, given the many similarities between Roger and him.

The idea that Luffy gear 5 is the “one to surpass the Roger Pirates,” which implies a different finish for Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats, makes this unlikely, but it’s not impossible. Furthermore, it is not out of the question to assume that Luffy will always feel the effects of the Devil Fruit since fans of the series will know that Oda’s use of foreshadowing and analogies between characters generally indicate a lot more than many may expect.

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Less Durability in Third Gear

After many rounds of fighting and a meeting with Ulti before reaching the roof, Luffy’s endurance was clearly at its limit, as pointed out by Kaido during their battle. Gear Fourth still needs to help one piece luffy gear 5 much when it comes to maintaining his shape, and after powering down, he can’t utilize Haki for another ten minutes. However, it is already different with Gear Five since Luffy rapidly regained his strength after being tired.

Since Wano’s demise and Luffy’s climactic showdown with Kaido, Oda has not directly shown or even hinted at any significant drawbacks stemming from the deployment of Gear Five. However, massive drawbacks are still very much a possibility. During the pre-time-skip era, when Luffy’s struggle with Lucci left him unable to move, this was a particularly noticeable side effect.

Basic Physical Stress

Although this isn’t a concern at the moment, an older Luffy may eventually feel its effects, what with him being in his prime right now and all, and this being the tale so many people have been waiting for. One of the more apparent drawbacks would be a strain on luffy gear 5 manga physically if the conclusion is meant to incorporate any form of a time jump to present the Straw Hats years later as veterans.

Oda has established a clear trend in One Piece, showing that the formerly powerful characters, such as Garp and Rayleigh, are much weaker. No one knows what effect Luffy’s increased usage of Gears, known to reduce longevity, would have on his body in the long run.

Outward Appearance

Gear Five enables Luffy to fight with more freedom, as shown in his fights with Kaido and now Rob Lucci. However, it implies that Luffy gear 5 is vulnerable to fatal blows that leave visible marks on his body that mimic the shape of the weapon used to strike him or the method by which he was injured.

That’s all due to the Hito Hito No Mi Model Nika fruit’s unique properties and Luffy’s ability to manipulate his surroundings. Still, it may also explain why Luffy looked so spent and old after his power drain against Kaido.

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In what episode does luffy use gear 5?

Episode 578

How strong is luffy gear 5?

While Gear 5 certainly improves Luffy’s physical toughness, its greatest strength lies in his increased freedom of movement and inventiveness in battle. Those are the two defining characteristics of Luffy’s personality.