Lip piercing aftercare… relief from every discomfort

Are you worried that swelling is not going away even after six days of lip piercing? Well, you don’t need to, because swelling after lip piercing for primary four to six days is but obvious. But not an issue, because here we bring you some efficacious ways that will speedily cut down the infliction, wounding and swelling caused due to it. Even the aftercare ideas will prove a great help to you. Swelling is the first and foremost stage after lip piercing.


As per the information provided by the professional piercers association, this swelling after getting lip pierced is a general inflammatory procedure which begins to appear from the very first day and turns out to be extreme on the third and fourth day. This irritation will leave your mouth fidgety, hot and tumefied. Still, the question remains the same. How long this trouble will prevail? Though the pain intensifies for about four to six days but actually it starts healing automatically after first three days. So, till the time there are no other issues except numbness and swelling, things will go fine soon. But in case if the jewelry begins to imbed or percolate then you need to make an immediate rush to your piercer and get your jewellery changed to a little big one in size. The reason behind is that when the accessory is small in size, it heightens the amount of pressure and infliction over the nearby tissues and this further leads to redness and increased soreness. Mark a point that if you notice any sort of pain or swelling at the backside of your ears or neck, then you need to rush for a proper medical cure as this signalizes infection.

Another most important thing that you need to take care of is that, if you find that the swelling returns again even after getting cured for once i.e. like after a week or month then this also signalizes infection with lot of potential. So, make an immediate consultation to the doctor without wasting any more time. Moreover, green pus and extreme pain is sure to be a part of new lip piercing.


Though Lip piercing gives you a modern and stylish look but we cannot forget the fact that lip is one of the most sensitive organs of our body which is full of nerves. So, when your delicate lips go through the trouble of swelling, they should be taken the utmost care. Below are some simple measures to cut down the soreness and the best part is that these are available at your home itself so you need not to rush anywhere to search for the relief. These are:

  • To ease yourself from irritation, pain and inflammation, you can take anti-inflammatory medicament like Ibuprofen.
  • Ice has always been considered as one of the best medicaments to cure swelling speedily. Take one small ice cube and apply it over the swelling area. The other way could to be to take one ice cube and let it unfreeze in your mouth. Repeat the same at least five to six times a day and you will feel the comfort soon but use the ice on swollen area for not more than fifteen minutes.
  • While you sleep, add more than one pillow below your head so that blood clots are not formed around the pierced portion. Such a trick will alleviate the reason of causing further infection and irritation.
  • After having food or any eatable and smoking, immediately gargle your mouth with a branded non-alcoholic medicated solution various times in a day. Now how this will help? This will clean your mouth thoroughly and remove any sort of food remains. This will save you from any sort of infection and will not worsen swelling further.
  • As mentioned earlier that little bleeding and swelling are but obvious after getting lip pierced but as the words of precaution it is strictly advisable to deflect smoking, eating, drinking for at least first four to five hours after piercing.
  • Neither use excess mouth wash not do redundant cleaning for more than two times else it might increase your discomfort and soreness.


As fresh lip piercing cause a wound, so at the early stage discomforts like: swelling, pain, numbness is natural and these might continue for some days. Though bleeding is a normal phenomenon with pierced lip but at times it also re occurs with cured piercings too. It might occur after two-three days or after a month. But you need not to panic because if in case bleeding still prevails, all you need to do is to take correct medication. There are many reasons behind such bleeding and those could be:

  • Touching the pierced area again and again
  • Pressurizing the pierced portion and this can happen when you sleep
  • Taking pain killers like aspirin, which also work as blood thinner
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Any sort of bleeding disorder that exhibits the clotting elements
  • Smoking again and again
  • Pulling the crust that has been formed


In case if the bleeding continues after lip piercing, it is not only a sign of major infection but can also be an indicant of any trauma or new injury. Do not even try to remove the crust else it might also lead to bleeding. The appropriate way to do the same should be to clean the pierced area with a saline solution or any medicated mouth wash. Then let the crust drench that solution so that it can be later took out without causing any bleeding further.

Also, do not prefer to go for any externally threaded jewellery or accessory on the pierced part. Rubbing of such jewellery might also initiate this problem. So, the best idea would be to prefer internally threaded accessory or jewellery especially on the fresh lip piercing. To make sure that the threads are not rigid, only check when you hands are clean, that is properly washed. This will help you to prevent any sort of infection. If bleeding still prevails, use ice cubes to provide instant relief.


Though your piercer will definitely guide on the dos and the don’ts after getting lip pierced but here is some additional information which will not only heal the piercing quickly but will help you a lot in saving it from infection and irritation. So, learn and remember these aftercare tips thoroughly so that you can have a safe piercing.

  • Only use a moderate type of tooth paste and tooth brush with gentle bristles to clean your teeth.
  • Smoking & Drinking is strictly prohibited at the early stage of piercing. The reason behind is because smoking alters the PH scale of your mouth and the alcohol dilutes the blood. Still if you can’t resist without smoking then make sure you properly clean your mouth after doing the same.
  • If you are the one who use oral hygiene products which has alcohol content in it then immediately stop doing so after the process of lip piercing. Prefer the one that has been advised to you and do the cleaning only two times in a day and not more.
  • Never ever touch the pierced part with unwashed hands. Make sure that whenever you have to touch it, you clean your hands with a medicated hand wash and then go ahead.
  • Ignore any sort of kissing or oral sex at the early phase of piercing as this might increase the discomfort and there are more chances of diseases getting transferred from one to other.
  • Clean your mouth after having anything so that no food particles are left behind.
  • After getting lip pierced, be a little extra hygienic. Change your bed sheet and pillow covers in every one week so that it does not give rise to any bacterial infection.
  • Do not play with the jewellery or accessory that has been pierced, especially at the initial stage as things might turn worst for you.
  • Avoid eating junk food for some time; rather eat healthy food as much as possible. Consume only healthy things which are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc. The reason is because a healthy body recovers quickly.
  • Go for saline water soaks for at least two times in day. Dip your lower lip in the saline solution and let the process of healing fasten up.

VERY IMPORTANT: Though there are few professional piercers who advise to move or rotate your accessory or jewellery of the pierced place but as per the feedback it has been found that this has proved to be problematic rather than any sort of comfort. So, avoid doing so if not needed. You are advised to do the same only when you need to clean that place from soap or face wash and that too with lukewarm medicated water. What happens is; at the time of healing, the cells inside the skin configure a tube like structure which helps in healing process and when the jewellery is rotated, healing is interrupted because those cells are destructed. So, it’s better to not to do.


After a new piercing, your top most area of concern should be cleaning, cleaning and only cleaning as this is the only way that can save piercing from getting infected. But yes, this does not mean that you do not any other task apart from cleaning as it is strictly advisable that cleaning should only be done on limited intervals and not much. Remember the proverb-‘Excess of anything is harmful’. So, same goes here as well. Our purpose is to stay away from infection and ensure quick healing. Over-cleaning will defeat our purpose and increase many more problems.

Check out the ways:

  • Only use mild soap to wash your hands and make sure you do so before and after you touch the pierced area.
  • Make the use of a modest mouthwash after you have something or you drink something. In case even if this causes irritation, mix half water to it and then gargle your mouth.
  • While washing face or bathing, make the use of lukewarm water and soft soap. If you wish to clean the pierced area you can do so by creating some lather from the soap but don’t let it stay on the pierced portion for more than half minute. Also, make sure that you thoroughly cleaned the pierced part so that there is no left-over of soap in it else it might cause a big problem for you.
  • Avoid the usage of cloth towels as they are more prone to bacteria and might stuck in jewellery of the pierced area. So, use pat dry paper towel that can be disposed off immediately after use and there are no chances of getting tugged or infected.
  • You can make the saline solution yourself and use it over the lip pierced. All you need to do is to take eight ounce of warm purified water in a clean mug and mix one-fourth teaspoon of sea salt to it and the saline solution is ready. Apply the saline soaks as mentioned for about two times in a day for ten minutes each.

You are sure to look stunning with lip piercing and if you take care of the above points, this tough task can turn out to be very much easy for you. Well, there is no gain without pain but when you have ways to cure the pain why not to use them. With a hope that this article will prove a great help to you, we hope for a safe and healthy piercing. Don’t forget to comment and let us know about your experience.

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