All about receding hairline; it’s meaning, signs & causes…from teens to men


Are you horrified with the trouble of receding hairline and that too at such an early stage, when you are in your eighteens and twenties? Well… this happened because you were unaware of the causes and signs of this issue else if you had taken the correct measures timely, you might not have suffered this amount of loss. Hair loss is a huge loss because hair enhances your overall personality and makes you look smart and handsome. Still, not to worry because here we bring an informative piece of article for you centring the topic of receded hairline in men.



Receding Hairline is a sort of continuous hair loss, specifically underwent by men and rare women. When the hairline thins down on both the sides of the forehead and proceeds in the form bald speckle in the mid-top of your head and then towards the front is termed as ‘Receding Hairline’. It is also generally known as male baldness patterns and androgenic alopecia in the medical world. In simple words, it is a stage of excessive hair loss in men. Moreover, it is highlighted by a widow’s peak where the forepart of the forehead contours a pattern forming ‘V’ shape.

                                                                     signs of receding hairline

While this trouble is usually found in men with 25+ age but with some of the changing factors, it is now common for very young boys as well, age 13+. Surprised to know? Yes, it is a fact. It is just that the ones who face this problem in their teens do not notice it and when they are in their 19s or 20s, receding hairline can be easily seen. Below you will read about the causes that are supremely responsible for the beginning of this problem. But first of all, learn about the signs so that when you notice any of these, you immediately go for the cure.





After understanding the term ‘Receding Hairline’ and before entering into the depth of its causes, it is equally significant to know what the signs of this problem are. Knowing every bit of this problem will give you a clear picture and will be helpful in attaining its cure. You should know that the receding hairline is not something that suddenly happens in an overnight duration. There are various small stages that you undergo but actually, do not notice the same. It begins with little baldness over your temples and forehead and hair on the sides, and the middle remains as it is. This is the first and foremost stage of receding hairline. With the passage of time, the hair loss will be visible enough on the top mid of your hair. Then gradually it will impact both the sides and you will be able to notice this issue. But yes, differing from person to person, the pattern of receding hairline also varies.



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The ones who are the sufferers will surely notice a lot of hair fall while hair washing and combing. Many times broken strings can be seen on your shirt that you are wearing. Some other signs that symbolize this problem are dead hair growth in catagen, anagen & telogen levels, very slacken growth of hair, very sensitive to cold etc.




When we have come to know about the problem, it is very important to know about its causes as well, so that the solution can be taken in the same accordance. Hence, let us acknowledge as to what are the primary causes of receding hairline one by one. Check out the list here:

1. Exuberant and Continuous Production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

If we talk about the factors that are creditworthy for receding hairline, then hormones and genes will hold the topmost place. A male sex hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is considered to be one of the major factor causing receding hairline. If found more than the required quantity in the body, this hormone turns out to be a disaster in the growth of hair and hence starts producing undesirable side effects in the form of excessive hair loss. Logically as per the medical science, this hormone should be abridged after puberty, but if its level keeps on increasing, then it fortifies different places in the body thereby even causing hair follicles. In such a condition DHT adhere to these follicles and then clogs up the blood circulation. This further does not allow hair follicles to receive adequate nutrition and so they start weakening, shrinking and falling.


Now, if the problem of receding hairline is not taken care of, it will turn out to cause baldness gradually over the whole scalp and later on leading to permanent loss of hair. Mark a point that this problem only happens when DHT production in the body is more than required else DHT leaves no harmful effect if the production happens as per the requirement.


2. Genes – Inherited Elements

The hormonal factors are also equally liable for the problem of receding hairline along with that of genes factor. As per the medical science, the ones who face receding hairline trouble are detected to have a gene known as AR (Androgen Receptor) within them. It is said that as firmer as this AR is, the sooner you will face this problem. Hence, this fact also makes it clear as to why receding hairline is usual in teenagers and the ones until the age of fifteen. In the early research it was found that this gene known as AR could only be transferred from mom to son but as per the new research, it has been made clear that this gene can even be transferred from father to son. So, both the parents can be responsible for this problem.

Also, apart from AR, there are few other genes as well which have been discovered as the reason for initiating baldness in males in different ways, but AR is the primary one.


3. Age Factor

Moving further, another major factor behind the trouble of receding hairline is ‘Age Factor’. Even the researchers have justified this point. As per the analysis and research are done by National Institute of Health (US), it has been found that the problem of receding hairline is the highest in old aged people and there are nearly 65% of men who undergo baldness or sort of baldness. Among this 65 % of men, there are about 25% of such men who are the sufferers from an early age of thirties. This shocked you, didn’t it?




4. Ecological Elements – Stress

It is not only DHT that is majorly responsible for baldness and receding hairline, but also there are various ecological elements that equally hold the credit for this problem. You must be thinking how? To justify this, it can be said that persons who undergo emotional and mental stress every day are the supreme sufferers of receding hairline. They experience hair loss to a huge extent. So, stay stress-free always.


5. Drugs & Medications

You will be surprised to know that there are some such medications that result in receding hairline. This goes for both; men and women. To add on, there are even some drugs that can quicken the issue of hair loss thereby resulting in the problem of receding hairline. Such medications and drugs are: the ones used for handling heart diseases, cholesterol, gouts, blood pressure etc. Even the drugs which have Vitamin A in high quantity and are anti-depressants are also risky for the hair growth. A therapy is known as Chemotherapy, which is given to cancer patients also accelerates the loss of hair at the fastest speed.


6. Bad Eating Habits

Last but not the least, our eating habits play a major role in our body. It can impact our body both the ways: positively and negatively. Same is the case when we discuss the cause of receding hairline in men. If the body gets healthy food which is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrition, these will accelerate the receding of your hairline. On the other hand, if you are a food lover and eat more of refined food in your daily diet like grains and sugar, then the problem of receding hair will increase speedily. Ascertain that you consume a lot of protein eatables in your regular dietary chart because protein is considered as the most important element for hair growth. To add on, smoking is considered injurious to the growth of hair as well apart from the overall health. This is a sure fact proved by some researchers.


Additional Causes of Receded Hairline

Apart from all the above, there are many other specifies and diseases that also hold the credit of causing receding hairline in the male. They are as follows: Trichotillomania, burns, thyroid issues, cancer in Adrenal Gland, Seborrheic Dermatitis (causing both: dry scalp & excess oily scalp) and last but not the least, diabetic patients undergoing weakened immunity. Moreover, even scalp infections like acne (majorly cystic acne in relation DHT), fungal, eczema can also result in receding hairline. Excluding fungal contagion, rests of the causes are rare to be found. All these are also the reasons for normal hair loss as well.