List of Moderate Coverage Bikini Bottoms For Every Style


Are you looking for chic and comfortable bikini bottoms that won’t make you feel too exposed? Look no further than this list of moderate-coverage bikini bottoms–there’s something for everyone here, no matter your style or body type.

1. High-Waisted

If you’re a vintage fashion fan or love how high-waisted styles look on your body, get yourself a pair of high-waisted, moderate-coverage bikini bottoms. They hit your belly button at (or above) and provide ample coverage in the back. Try pairing them with a cute crop top or a flowing kimono for added flair.

2. Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are another style of moderate-coverage bikini bottoms that can be stylish and functional. These shorts offer plenty of coverage in the back while still being trendy and fun to wear. You can choose from solid colors or patterns depending on your preference.

3. Flirty Skirted Bottoms

For those who want to add flirty flair to their beachwear, consider skirted-bottom swimsuits. These moderate-coverage bikini bottoms often have an attached skirt covering up the hips and upper thighs while still giving off plenty of feminine energy.

4. Cheeky Style Coverage Bikini

If you want something modest but don’t want to sacrifice sex appeal entirely, try out cheeky-style moderate-coverage bikini bottoms instead! They offer less fabric in the back than full-coverage options but still leave enough room for comfortability without baring everything.

5. Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit Bottoms

Bandeau bikinis are often seen as revealing but not with ruched bandeau swimsuit bottoms, which cover more surface area while maintaining alluring design details like ruching on specific parts, adding a flattering fit. 

6. Tie-side Swimsuit Bottoms

You can adjust tie-side swimsuit briefs according to personal preference, allowing a more customized fit that covers less while maintaining high mobility. Given its versatile design, it’s a go-to option for pool parties or beach day-outs.

7. Hipsters

Lastly, hipsters tend to be universally flattering due to how they contour and highlight the natural curves of one’s frame while keeping it modest yet fashionable. 

These are just a few examples of moderate-coverage bikini bottoms in today’s market! Feel free to choose between revealing and full-coverage options because there is ample middle ground for everyone. Each has its unique style and particular context where it could be suitable for various body types or activities. So whether you want to lay out under the sun with friends, swim optimal lengths in crystal blue waters without displacing, or dip into infinity pools; these moderate coverage bikini bottoms have got you covered (Literally!).

Remember, finding the perfect bikini bottom is all about what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Feel free to mix and match different styles until you find something that works for you! Finding something that accentuates your body flatteringly while providing the desired coverage is critical.

When shopping for moderate-coverage bikini bottoms, remember what activities you plan on doing while wearing them. If you’re going to be very active, like playing volleyball or riding jet skis, then boy shorts style could protect the delicate skin of your inner thighs from irritation. Similarly, hipsters ensure maximal mobility during water-oriented activities as they don’t slip or move at an inconvenient times.

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of moderate-coverage bikini bottoms in stores now! Be sure to try out some pairs when looking for your next bathing suit so that you can pick what feels right and suits your style. With this list of trendy options accompanied by your self-confidence, get ready to stun everyone at the beach!