Things you aren’t aware of about nail salons


Who in this era of modernisation isn’t leaving no stones unturned to achieve the looks and appearances that would help them acquire a position in society and people’s minds as well as would raise their standards? Everyone has scheduled periodic visits to salons, malls, stylists, and what not in their planner.

Not to forget, these grooming and beauty centres are rapidly growing industries whose per year profits are way beyond our imagination and all credit goes to our competitive and insecure self which makes us want to be the best. It forces us to try hands on anything that can help us look better.Afterall, in today’s world, appearance does matter!

This sometimes leads us to make wrong choices and going for things which are not at all required; one such thing is pampering your nails and heading to nail salons frequently. You might question me on this and relentlessly not agree as this soothing and relaxing exercise makes nails amazing (after those manicure and pedicure sessions) but believe me, if you would know the truth, you might not think of visiting again or at least think twice before planning a visit. My lovelies, it is very easy to give yourself that good manicure and pedicure at home and not go to those salons which hardly care about your health or well being.

So, to start with….

  1. As already mentioned above, these industries have great profits, and their businesses are increasing rapidly, so these little luxury providers try their best to increase customers and want people coming for more.

When it means beyond excellent service, cleanliness and technique to some and some, it means cutting corners, deceiving and fooling people to keep costs down and business is booming.

  1. This is not to scare you, but to present before you the truth- The pampering session is not safe, and dangerous enough to cost you your life. A large number of women go for manicures and pedicures and come out safe, without any disease or any issue, but still, you can never be hundred percent sure if the same case stays with you. This nail cutting and treatment ceremony can even let the skin infection-causing bacteria, fungus; viruses be the guests which in turn would bug you your whole life, for whatever time you have it (life). Nail salons which undertake poor sanitisation practices are not cleaned properly and have inadequately trained nail technicians which proves to be a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungus and a really dangerous place for you to have your luxurious treat!


  1. No salon is completely safe as there is always a risk of infection. You can never know what customers were served right before you and if they suffered from any infection that probably could spread and you would never know if the instruments, solutions and other stuff used in the process were properly sterilized as per the protocols or not. It is nearly impossible to know this, so a definite risk to your health persists.


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  1. As per the saying, it is not good to turn customers away or to make them unhappy, so going by it, customers are not served or refused to be served in any business, this means even a sick person, who might pose a threat to your health might be being worked on next to you instead of being asked to seek professional medical help. So the greatest danger of salons stays “The Mission Infection Transmission” *wink*


  1. People have come a long way in this business, so all tricks to deceive and fool people are being implemented quite like a pro. They swap bottles, put cheap local lotions and solutions in bottles labelled with some international or famous brand for that product. They dilute nail polish bottles, which not only compromises with the quality of the product but also cannot prevent germs from spreading. To add to the misery, not all disinfectants are hundred percent effective, and some products used by these salons are not even recommended for use as they aren’t safe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Not all the tools are sterilized, and even some can’t be. Last but not the least; cuts and scratches that might appear during the process are a way for germs to enter your body; blood might not appear always, but a cut is a cut and is dangerous. The people are giving you manicure or pedicure even suggest cutting your cuticle which should be completely avoided and should be refused the very second it is asked!


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Some tips to follow if you plan to have a visit to a nail salon near you:

  1. Look for cleanliness: What pleases your eye should be pleasing to your body and health as well. Check if workstations, instruments and the environment is clean. Even make sure to check if the salon is certified or not.
  1. Sterilization and sanitisation: Make sure that the people undertake proper practices to sterilise stuff, and their hands are sanitised before they start working on you. Also look if pouches and bottles of solutions are opened right before your eyes or not.
  1. Have your own kit: It is always advised to bring your kit, your polish, the reasons are all mentioned above. It is all about your safety and nothing else.
  1. Cuticle cutting: It is a big NO. I repeat, never yield to this. You have to deny, and I mean it.
  1. Let people know: Do your part. Let the workers know if you have had any cuts so that they know how to deal with you and provide you with extra care and attention.
  1. In the end, it is all your choice. So choose wisely and think. It is required, isn’t it?

So, you now are well informed about the dangers these nail salons pose and salon secrets they have been hiding for long. I hope it might at least force you to rethink before going to any nail salon for any treatment. Even now, if you feel you do need to go to these centres for beautification and grooming purpose, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips so that at least your visit doesn’t stay dangerous for you.These tips would keep you away from any trouble which might keep on bugging you for life.

Now no more of this frightening and saddening truth, lastly I would like to say, just take care and be safe. Do tell us if you liked the article and gave us your suggestions in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. So here I sign off. Bye!