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Madame Ping

Madame ping – Although there aren’t many hints concerning Genshin Impact’s Yelan, the devoted supporters are making assumptions regarding who this beautiful girl might be. Naturally, there have been numerous Genshin Impact disclosures. The limited sources of evidence we have on her have been subject to attempts to decipher them.

Genshin Impact’s Yelan’s existence has always been a secret, but who is this woman with the fair hair and bell in her hand?

Yelan, are you Madame Ping?

Many Genshin enthusiasts have connected the moniker Yelan to an enigmatic blue-haired persona as a result of a post from reputable whistleblower Ubetcha.

The Moonchaser Celebration trailer is where she first appears; Mihoyo has not confirmed that this is Yelan. The woman in the video resembles Fu Hua from Honkai Impacts 1st in several ways. She also possesses distinctive visual traits that have led to even more speculation and theory-building.

As per Genshin Impact leaks, the primary intention found skeleton code inside that portrayed Yelan as a “woman” hitbox. This suggests that she will probably appear soon. Additionally, there is proof that Yelan will employ the crossbow, a brand-new class of weaponry, in the videogame.


Madame Ping, the charming Adeptus that assumes the form of an old lady of the night, may be remembered by those fortunate enough to obtain a Serenitea Pot. Even during the Rite of Parting arrangements for Genshin Impact’s Zhongli, she gives you the washing ring.

She keeps the bell and claims ownership but admits that she once begged her old friend for something when she was indeed a “vain youthful lady.” Yelan carries a chime on her belt that resembles the Purification Bell from the Moon Chase Fest teaser uncannily.

Madame Ping, commonly referred to as the “street rambler,” possesses a Serenitea Pot because she requires a place to rest on the road.

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Yelan and Madame Ping have further similarities, as seen by posts from u/Bwl Scoot and 7_/Reddit H5 Xolotpg. As an Adeptus, Madame Ping has selected her to look to assist her quiet down, yet she has no reason to suppose that because Adeptus do not even grow, she won’t be able to alter it in the end. Though unproven, this is a fascinating fan idea, and we’d enjoy learning so much about Madame Ping.

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