An Ultimate Guide For Dahlia Piercing

What is Dahlia (Joker) Piercing?

You may have heard of the Dahlia Piercing, the rarest, fierce, scariest of all oral piercings that one could have. The name of this lip piercing comes after the Black Dahlia, a very popular murderer.

If you like to have unique and fierce adornment on your body, then Dahlia is the perfect lip piercing idea that you can have on your body. It is known as one of the types of lip piercing, but actually, it is not done on the lip exactly. some people get single whereas some like to get the double piercing.

The Joker bites or dahlia bites piercings is done on either side of the mouth, left or right, whichever you want to make your look, which is near the ending of your lips side. However, the dahlia piercings are not much popular among folks, but it is considered as one of the powerful and gorgeous lip piercing one ever had.

This type of piercing is also known as dahlia bites piercing, lip corner piercing, joker bites, double corner piercing, and joker piercing.

What Is Dahlia Piercing?

As we have talked earlier, this lip piercing is named after the famous murderer called Black Dahlia, she an actress who has murdered in 1940 and left with a carved smile on her face, thus the dahlia piercings got their name as the piercing is done on the corners of the mouth giving you a curved smile.

This piercing is also known as the Joker piercing, the same reason as the piercing consists of two holes on the corner like a joker smile makeup that has two round balls on a smile. This lip piercing will give your smile an alluring look as it increases the attention on your lips and makes your lips more visible.

If you want to get a lip piercing on your face, then this is one of the best lip piercings you can have, as this type of lip piercing is even not much popular among people and even among other piercings communities.

Dahlia lip piercing will give you a unique look when you enter in with your friends and even in the piercing community and grab lots of attention from the people there. However, as this type of piercing is not so popular, there is a rare chance that you will find an expert dahlia lip piercing, you have to do a lot of search for finding the best dahlia lip piercing expert.

Dahlia lip piercing needs to be done on the exact points so as to achieve the right aesthetic placement of this piercing.

Dahlia lip piercing

Dahlia piercing is done on both the corners of the mouth, a double perforation near the ends of the lips. This piercing is usually done by perforation of the flesh of the cheeks just near the outside corners of your mouth, rather than on your lips. Dahlia piercing is also known as the Joker bites, as this lip piercing imitates the Scars, a comic character.

There are so many two set piercing that can be done both in a single time, but this piercing is not done in the same way. This piercing took a longer time to heal and even during the piercing procedure. You may be required to take more than two sittings to complete the piercing process.

Dahlia piercing is usually done by using the 14 gauge stud, those who like to wear the small or micro-studs, but those who like different, there are 16 gauge studs also.

Process of Dahlia Piercing

In order to get the Dahlia lip piercing perfectly, make sure that you have reached the expert and experienced piercer who had already done this type of dahlia bites piercing for so many times instead of the very first. He should hold a good experience who knows how to precisely mark the piercing perforation rightly on the corners of your mouth.

After you have found such a piercer, the process will begin by using a sterilized needle of 14 or 16 gauge for perforation. First, the corners of your mouth will be appropriately cleaned and then marked with the pen on each side near the ends of your lips. Then that sterilized needle is used by the piercer to make the perforation first, and then the labret stud is inserted into the pierced holes.

Always remember that you don’t do this piercing by yourself as it is very complicated and needs expert skills to do piercing at the right points. Any mistake will lead to severe problems, and you have to pay much more money to the physician than you paid to the expert piercer.

How Much Do Dahlia Piercings Hurt?

You may be wondering that this piercing will cause you more pain, but this is not the case in this piercing type. the pain scale is less than any other facial piercings or lip piercings. As this piercing involves two perforations, you have to undergo the needle two times. You can go for the second sitting after a week so that the pain of the previous one becomes lighter.

Some people who have a lot of piercing, including Dahlia bites piercing, rate the painting of Dahlia 4 out of the 10, so it means Dahlia causes less pain than other types of piercing. However, the pain also depends on the individual resistivity towards handling the pain or state of your mind.

As you have to undergo two times for the perforation, you can face a little pain. If you experience too much pain, then painkillers might help you. However, the pain totally depends on the pain tolerance power of your mind, so Dahlia bites piercing maybe not that much pain to you like others if you have greater pain tolerance ability.

How much do Dahlia piercings hurt?

Healing Process Of Dahlia Piercing

As the dahlia piercing is done in two sittings, the healing process of this piercing is usually more than that of the other type of lip piercing. Dahlia piercing can take up to 12 to 20 weeks to get completely healed and even more sometimes to depend on the individual’s power to hear and skin type.

Like other types of healing piercing, you may go through the same healing process for Dahlia, like swelling, inflammation, redness, and tenderness at the initial stage of the healing process.

As the piercing is done on cheeks, the swelling can be higher than the lips. Piercer will first insert the longer stud to allow the swelling, and when the swelling becomes normal and smaller, then he changes your studs with smaller ones.

Remember, do not move or touch the studs unnecessarily as it may lead to harm or can lead to infection in the skin. This may lead to a longer healing process, and you have to spend more money than you can save if you take care.

Different Jewelry Styles For Dahlia Piercing

If you are looking for jewelry for Dahlia piercing, small and cutest studs are the nicest choice. If you want to make your look sexier and prettier, then you can try curved barbells for your dahlia or joker bites piercing.

However, the most common type of jewelry style used for the dahlia piercing is the flat disc labret studs. These small beads inserted on the sides of your mouth will add more details to the smile look. Most of the Dahlia piercing is punctured with the 14 gauge needle, but if you like to have daintier jewelry, then you can have Dahlia piercing with the 16 gauge needle.

Labret piercing studs are available for various types of styles, like classic balls, charms, and gemstones. You can choose your favorite stud for your perfect Dahlia piercing look.

The best recommendations from our side for a unique Dahlia look are curved barbells or curved rings for a more attractive and captivating look.

Why Shouldn’t I Get Dahlia Piercing?

Cons of Dahlia Bites or Joker Piercing

Dahlia piercing may be sounding so cool and unique, but it requires so much of aftercare and so many steps to follow for proper care. If you want to have this type of piercing, you have to commit yourself and be prepared for the long process of Dahlia piercing.

In case you find yourself not that good for taking care of the Dahlia bites piercing, you can choose for easy piercing so that you can keep your skin safe as well as save your money.

How Much Is Dahlia Piercings Cost?

The cost of Dahlia Piercing is a little higher than that of the other piercing type or depends on the piercer how much he or she charges you. The average price that most Dahlia piercing cost is about $70.

As we have talked earlier, finding the Dahlia Piercing expert may be difficult to find in your location. You have to do thorough research and ask your friends and ask from the piercing community for expert Dahlia piercers so that you get the best piercing without harming your health.

It is important that the Dahlia piercing should be placed and inserted rightly and accurately with proper technique so that infection does not increase.

If you find that expert Dahlia bites professional piercer who is known for best work, then do not look for the prices he charges. You should prioritize your safety rather than money to get a Dahlia piercing.

Recommended Aftercare Products

Sea salt solution or saline solution

Piercing aftercare spray

What to Avoid During Healing

Avoiding the following to reduce the healing time

Playing with jewelry

Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and spicy foods

Oral contact with things or people

Jewelry removal until piercing heal completely


Not following good oral hygiene

Dahlia Piercing Risks

All facial piercings or body piercings present a certain level of risk. some of the associated risks with Joker bites piercing are

Jewelry rejection and migration

  • Poor or unusual location of the joker bites may trigger initial jewelry migration or rejection. always root out to wear the best jewelry material to minimize any risks of rejection.

Gum and tooth erosion

  • Ill-fitted jewelry leads to gum or tooth erosion. Long labret jewelry is used initially to account for swelling. Remember to change into a better fit as soon as your joker bites heal completely.


  • Scarring is not a usual occurrence. However, you can Consult your piercer if you experience prolonged bleeding or swelling.

Infections or piercing bumps

Clean your piercing twice per day to avoid bacterial growth and infection.