Some mercury facts for kids!

mercury facts

Among all the planets in our solar system, Mercury is the smallest of all. Though it is the closest planet to the sun still does not count as the hottest planet. Technically the title which should belong to Mercury i.e. of the hottest planet belongs to venus. Mercury does not have any moon however it has a very similar appearance to that of a moon. 

The planet Mercury is very close to the sun, the distance between both of them is around 35 million miles. In size, it is slightly bigger than the earth’s moon. There are many such mercury facts for kids that they must know but How? So, here is this article to shower light on all the mercury-related facts. 

Few interesting facts about mercury!

There are a few fun facts about mercury which at the same time are very interesting to know. 

  • The diameter of the planet mercury is about 3.031 miles. 
  • There is no regular sunrise on Mercury, one sunrise can be observed on this planet after every 180 days. 
  • Since it is the closest planet to the sun hence it doesn’t take much time to complete one orbit around the sun. The time takes by it to orbit the sun is least compared to all the other planets, i.e. only 88 days. 
  • The temperature on Mercury is both cold as well as hot. Extremely hot during the daytime and on the other hand it feels cold at night there. 
  • The most interesting fun fact about mercury-related to the human body is that our weight count is very less on Mercury. Our weight in mercury will come out to be only 38% of our total weight on earth.
  • Let’s understand the above fact better with the help of an example. If your weight is 100 lbs while you are on earth then it will come out to be 38 lbs while you weigh on Mercury. 
  • The atmosphere of mercury is composed of the elements like- sodium, helium, oxygen, hydrogen, and potassium. 
  • It is still left to be revealed who made the discovery of Mercury. 

More information on Mercury!

  • It’s been years since we’ve known about the existence of mercury and the reason behind this is, that it is the planet that can be observed or seen without using any tools or advanced technology. 
  • Mercury is the closest to the sun and Venus is the closest to mercury. Basically, Venus is the neighbor of Mercury.
  • There are only spacecraft that has ever visited Mercury; they are- Mariner 10 and MESSENGER.   

So, these were a few interesting and fun facts for kids related to mercury. This much is a must for your kid to have knowledge of and our above article will help you to teach all such necessary facts about mercury. Hope you enjoy learning!  

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