Some facts about Neptune!

facts about Neptune
This is an artist's concept of the tiny moon Hippocamp that was discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2013. Only 20 miles across, it may actually be a broken-off fragment from a much larger neighboring moon, Proteus, seen as a smaller crescent in the upper right. This is the first evidence for a moon being an offshoot from a comet collision with a much larger parent body. Credit: NASA, ESA and J. Olmsted (STScI)

Neptune, a planet that comes at the eighth position from the sun and is counted as the farthest among all the planets. Though it is the third-largest planet with respect to mass, if compared in terms of diameter then it is said to be the fourth-largest planet. There are so many fun facts about Neptune that people are not aware of. We are here to discuss with you some of the amazing facts.

The planet appears to be blue in color and this is the reason why it is named after the Roman God of Sea, Poseidon. There are many more interesting Neptune facts for kids that you must know. Below is our article that will surely fill your Neptune fact voids. 

Fun facts about Neptune! 

Below are some interesting facts about Neptune.

  • If we talk about the average distance of Neptune from the sun then it is about 4.5 billion kilometers or you can say 2.8 billion miles. It is understood from the magnitude of distance that, how far is Neptune from planet sun.  
  • When talking about the largest planets in the solar system then Neptune comes at position four. 
  • Due to their different composition, both Neptune and Uranus are known as ice giants. 
  • After a whole lot of research, the data we got about Neptune is that it has a radius of 24.764 km i.e. 15.387 mi, and when calculated the diameter, it came out to be 49.244 km i.e. 30.598 mi. 
  • Normally the temperature observed on the planet Neptune is around -214 degrees celsius i.e. -353 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has been said that Neptune is the first planet that was discovered by applying mathematical calculations. 
  • It is more powerful than our planet earth. In fact, Neptune is 27 times stronger as compared to the earth. 
  • Among all the moons on Neptune, the largest of all is Triton. The size of Triton is so big, even bigger than the planet pluto. In fact, Triton is said to be the seventh-largest moon in the whole solar family. 

Despite the fact that Neptune is the farthest planet to the sun, it is still not considered to be the coolest of all. The tag that technically should belong to Neptuneis given to Uranus for being the coldest planet in the solar system. 

The elements that form the atmosphere of Neptune are- Hydrogen, helium, and methane. This is all about a few fun facts about Neptune for kids. Hope you enjoy learning!