How Can Five Guys Offer You An Amazing Taste Of Food? 

who owns five guys

Who Owns Five Guys – Five Guys are famous for the quality of their burgers, fries, and hot dogs. Five Guys has developed a reputation that they live up to. Their burgers are more significant than before and are cooked uniquely, making them juicy and delicious. As if this wasn’t enough, their fries are thin and crispy rather than thick like most other similar chains; however, they still manage to be loaded with crinkle-cut style potatoes. 

Each hot dog has five layers of buns (likened to the 5th amendment) which are then topped with freshly grated onions on top of a choice of sauces such as honey mustard or garlic mayonnaise. Five Guys uses all fresh ingredients, including the buns made and baked in a bakery one mile from the restaurant. The fries are prepared from scratch and cut from whole potatoes in their fryer daily. Finally, the burgers and hot dogs are cooked on a grill seasoned to perfection, resulting in the ultimate taste.

Who owns five guys?

The five guys’ burgers were developed by two brothers looking for a better burger than they could get at any other fast food chain. But unfortunately, they discovered that their only options were to cook them at home or to pay high prices at restaurants for something of inferior quality.

Five guys’ history:

People in a strip mall opened the first Five Guys store, and the concept was so successful that they quickly bought another one. In 1988 a third restaurant was added by people to the chain, and every year since then, new stores have been added to the chain, making it one of the fastest-growing fast food chains ever. It has been reported that more than 1000 Five Guys restaurants (and counting) are located throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas.

The five guys’ products:

The menu of Five Guys is simple. They only offer burgers, hot dogs, and fries from fresh ingredients always prepared on site. The burgers are big, juicy, and filled with flavor. Every burger is cooked slightly differently to ensure that every single one is prepared to perfection from fresh ingredients. Likewise, every one of the sides on the menu has been carefully thought out to complement the rest of the meal perfectly.

Five guys offer two types of soup: a regular beef or chicken noodle or a southern-style fried chicken noodle soup. These soups are tasty and filling and compliment their whole menu perfectly. Five Guys also has a flavourful selection of toppings, such as french fries and grilled onions, that perfectly accompany the burgers and hot dogs.

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Where did five guys start?

Who owns five guys? Jerry and Janie Murrell started Five Guys, who have worked in the food industry. Both had a passion for quality food and felt that the standard available on the market wasn’t good enough, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. To start up, they needed $25,000 and a way of delivering food to customers quickly, so they left their jobs at McDonald’s to open a restaurant, which opened its doors in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia.

Some basic information:

Five Guys has two main products on its menu – hamburgers and hot dogs. Their burgers are prepared from fresh ingredients as if cooking them from scratch yourself at home. They use local suppliers and find the freshest ingredients to put into their burgers. Their buns are baked in a bakery that produces the best buns on the market. The hot dogs are also cooked with fresh, homemade ingredients and are prepared using hand-cut English muffins to ensure they are soft, juicy, and cooked just right. 

Their fries have been cooked using the same method for many years, resulting in crispy and crunchy fresh ingredients. It is because they never use frozen potatoes or preservatives in their fries – all their fries are cut from fresh potatoes which have been grilled in a specially designed oiler to give them the perfect crisp.

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Is five guys fast food?

The answer is no. Their burgers are cooked in a way that is not unusual or usual, and their naked ingredients are frozen straight after delivery. It means that the burger’s meat has been vacuum sealed so it doesn’t spoil, but it also makes it challenging to cook in a concise space. 

Five Guys have invested heavily in technology to ensure their customers don’t have to wait long for the food they order. They have employed a unique system that automatically prepares the food for you when you place your order, meaning there isn’t much for you to do in the first place! It takes about five minutes from placing your order to delivering your food. In addition, it comes with unique bags designed to keep the food hot until you are ready to eat it.


Five Guys provides a mid-range option when it comes to price. Regardless of the meal, you decide on; you will always get value for money. The complete meals cost around $10, but you can choose from an equally delicious variety of value meals if you want to keep the costs low but still get a filling meal. If you order anything in bulk, there’s usually a hefty bonus of fries or drink thrown in for free, so your meal is even more economical.

The restaurant offers deals such as buy one get one free and half price burgers once a month, which keeps customers returning.

Five guys’ locations:

Although you cannot find Five Guys in your local area, many places offer a similar menu to the fast food chain. These include chains like Jumbo Chicken and Church’s Chicken. Other fast food chains similar to Five Guys include In ‘N Out Burger, Fatburger, and Smashburger (also owned by Arby’s).

Five guys’ corporate information:

Five guys are family-owned businesses and are not owned by large corporations. In addition, five Guys is not a franchise, which means that all their restaurants are independently run. One review on Yahoo revealed why Five Guys are among the highest-rated fast food chains. The reviewer wrote that “It is the best burger ever.”

Five guys’ origin:

Five Guys was founded in 1986 by brothers Jerry and Janie Murrell. The idea of a fast food chain that served quality food that tasted like home cooking came to them while working at Mcdonald’s. They knew something must be missing from their fast food options, so they decided to make it themselves.

They decided to buy a building, turn it into a restaurant, and then use their savings to borrow the money needed to start their new business. The first Five Guys is still located in Arlington, Virginia – the location has expanded over the years, and they now have over 1000 stores across the USA and Canada, as well as a few abroad, such as Mexico, Germany, China, and Vietnam.

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What are five guys like?

Five guys is a mid-range chain that offers burgers, hot dogs, fries and drinks, and various sides such as chili and pasta in addition to the standard sides you would expect from a fast food restaurant. Their ingredients are fresh, their burgers are flavorsome, and their meats are cooked with care and passion. Five Guys is a family-run chain that provides quality food that tastes like home cooking.

Why choose five guys?

But most people think Five Guys has the best ingredients and taste of any fast food chain out there. The burgers are juicy and well prepared, and the cheese is always melted on top of each burger when you order it. The sides are also great – all the different types of fries are cooked to make them crispy around the edges while they stay soft inside. They also offer a selection of soups and other sides that complement their burgers perfectly, so no matter what you choose, your meal will be made with fresh ingredients.

Five Guys is most famous for their hot dogs, but they also offer a great selection of burgers, and as well as the standard options of hamburgers, they also have chicken tenders and crinkle-cut French fries. The entire menu has been considered pleasing to the eye whilst still being tasty and filling.

How can you get there?

Five guy’s locations are located mainly in the midwest of America. Their first restaurant opened in Arlington, Virginia, in 1986. They now have several stores on the West Coast of America and Canada and a few abroad, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and Vancouver.

How can you find out more about the five guys?

They also have a Facebook page encouraging people to ask questions and get advice on new ideas and menu items. The restaurant has different T-shirts and other novelty items that are just as fun to look at as good quality. You could also visit their flagship store in Arlington, Virginia – it’s open seven days a week and has plenty of seating, so you won’t have to worry about finding any available tables.