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Playboy bunny tattoo – There has never been a more scandalous but legendary brand in pop culture than Playboy. Playboy was initially conceived as a men’s leisure and entertainment magazine, but it soon became a phenomenon all over the globe. The playboy bunny tattoo even became mainstream as its popularity skyrocketed. 

A Playboy Bunny tattoo may be trendy, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

The Playboy name is loaded with controversy, prejudice, and misogyny connotations. But those who can’t help but flaunt their devotion to the brand don’t seem to care. 

It’s no wonder that the playboy bunny tattoo has become popular, given that many contemporary tattoos mimic odd patterns. Like any permanent bodily modification, this tattoo requires serious consideration before being inked. 

Allow this guide to broaden your horizons, whether you’re thinking of getting a tattoo for the first time or adding to your existing collection. Reading this material will help you get insight into the following:

Ideas for a playboy bunny tattoo. 

Inked with the meaning of a “Playboy Bunny.”

Several Playboy Bunny tattoos to choose from

Playboy Bunny Tattoos: Background and Cost

The significance of a playboy bunny tattoo is less cut and dry than other tattoos; the design may stand for various things. A lover of the infamous Playboy Bunny brand is a likely candidate for someone to get a tattoo of the firm’s mascot. Some may associate Playboy with everything wrong with modern popular culture, yet none can dispute the brand’s profound effect on society. 

One person’s “lowbrow” men’s magazine is another’s “golden age” of journalism. 

Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes may be why a fashionista is inked with a Playboy Bunny. The late fashion designer was a trailblazer for being a Black woman working for a major company in the ’60s and the genius behind the iconic Playboy bunny outfit. 

The early 2000s nostalgia factor is another possible inspiration for getting a Playboy Bunny tattoo.

The playboy bunny tattoo emblem was as hip as the Razr flip phone or the multicoloured Louis Vuitton monogram when Juicy Couture sweatsuits were everywhere in Los Angeles, and Paris Hilton was at the height of her fame. 

Like denim micro skirts and lowrise jeans, the Playboy Bunny defined the early 2000s. It’s a billboard advertising Playboy that also evokes longing for the turn of the millennium. Finally, someone with a playboy bunny tattoo could seek attention and be a conversation starter. Most individuals would admit that they are familiar with the Playboy Bunny emblem. 

There’s only one way to figure out if the bearer of this tattoo is pro-sex-work, anti-sex-work, or just a troll: ask them. If the individual who chose to ink a Playboy Bunny into their skin wanted to start a conversation, their goal was met. 

Ink Shops Offering Playboy Bunny Designs

Most tattoo artists would disagree with John Mayer and call the body a canvas rather than a paradise. Since the skin is the body’s biggest organ, it provides plenty of room for all your ink designs. However, these are the top spots to get a Playboy Bunny tattoo: 

Tattoos, on the hand, previously considered a taboo reserved only for bad boys and rule-breakers, have become trendier in recent years. You may have playboy bunny tattoos on the tips of your fingers, or you can make it as big as your whole hand. 


Even though the skin on our faces is more delicate than the skin on the rest of our bodies, you shouldn’t rule out getting a tattoo on your moneymaker.

Although the forehead is a familiar spot for large patterns, the upper cheek and the side of the eye are also popular locations for smaller ones. But feel free to express your individuality and creativity with a cheek tattoo or two.  

A wide variety of artwork and writing has been used in neck tattoos. Therefore, getting Playboy bunny tattoos on the back, side, or middle of your neck is not entirely out of the question. 


Tattoos are often seen on the arm because of their large surface area. If you want a design that will wink as you flex, have a Playboy logo tattooed on your inner forearm or biceps at a moderate size. 


Perhaps Jay-Z told us to “dust our shoulders off” to show off our ink because our shoulders are such good real estate. The shoulder provides many opportunities for your Playboy Bunny tattoo to be as big, broad, or little as you want it to be. 


The back is a classic playboy bunny tattoo location. With that much space, you can let your imagination run wild or go big in both dimensions. 

Distal Back

Although not everyone will appreciate a tramp stamp, this is the perfect spot for a Playboy Bunny tattoo. Say what you want about us being scandalous, but if you’re going to have a Playboy Bunny tattoo, you may as well go all out.


For the most authentic early-2000s placement, have the Playboy Bunny tattooed on your ankle. The ankle is an excellent spot for a tattoo since it allows you to show off your ink or be more discreet. 


Numerous potential placements exist on the leg for inking. Get a knee tattoo if you’re a true tattoo enthusiast. Tattoos on the upper thigh or shin tend to be far less painful than those on other body parts. 

The price of a Playboy Bunny tattoo?

We wish we could be dishonest and tell you that a quick Google search would reveal how much your tattoo will cost, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. The reality is that tattoos aren’t difficult buy, but the ultimate price depends on a few factors: 

The tattoo artist — The tattoo artist will significantly impact the cost of your Playboy Bunny tattoo, but this is simply because every tattoo artist is unique. Some have been tattooing for decades, while others are experts in a particular technique. Therefore, the cost of your tattoo will be determined by the artist’s pay rate or the quality of their work.

In the same way a more considerable cake costs more at the checkout counter, a more giant tattoo costs more. The cost of getting a tattoo depends on the amount of time and effort put into the design, which is affected by the size of the tattoo.

Colour – Adding colour to a tattoo often drives up the cost since it takes a distinct set of skills to create a tattoo with colour.

Finally, the time it takes to complete your design is a critical factor in how much it will cost. As the adage goes, “time is money,” specific tattoo designs need many visits to the tattoo parlour or a significant amount of time spent there.  

It’s common practice to need a deposit of $100 or more before beginning any work. Where you outsource your job may have a significant impact on this figure. 

Playboy Bunny Tattoo: A Look Back in Time

Bunny Tattoo Designs for the Playboy

Despite its current fame, the Playboy Bunny tattoo‘s origins are obscure. This scandalous tattoo has no documented history, even though you may have seen a handful of these designs in your own life. 

We do know that for many years, the Playboy emblem represented sexual desire, fantasy, and erotica. Although we don’t know how the lousy bunny tattoo came to be tattooed on bodies worldwide, it’s clear that this isn’t a design we’ll stop seeing anytime soon since it’s one of the most iconic icons of sexual freedom in popular culture. 

Summing up!

Some people who know the meaning of the playboy bunny tattoo meaning are reluctant to discuss their reasons for getting the tattoo. In contrast, others are unabashed in their admiration of the company and its founder, Hugh Hefner. Singer and songwriter Halsey is one of many famous people who support the Playboy brand by getting a tattoo of the company’s mascot, the Playboy Bunny.

Since her back pocket of tattooed Levi’s features a substantial shape of the famed rabbit, her design is detailed and one of a kind. Post Malone, the rapper, is also a fan of the playboy bunny tattoos. The infamous emblem is permanently affixed to his face. As I stated, tattoos on the face are not unheard of. Bhad Bhabbie, a prominent rap artist, also sports this tattoo. The flaming-haired beauty has a tattoo of a Playboy Bunny on her wrist. Bretman Rock, a beauty expert and internet star, got a tattoo of a Playboy Bunny on his hip in honour of his cover. 


What does the Playboy Bunny symbolize?

Hugh Hefner explained his decision to adopt a rabbit as the magazine’s emblem, saying, “The rabbit, the bunny, in America has a sexual significance; and I picked it because it’s a new animal, shy, energetic, hopping – attractive.

Do bunny tattoos have any special meaning?

The rabbit has long represented a link to the mystical realm. Despite its status as a deity in many ancient societies, the rabbit is often portrayed as a trickster in African and Native American mythology, where it goes by the name Nanabozho.

Where is Post Malone’s Playboy bunny tattoo?

Under his right eye, Malone has a modest collection of tattoos that are much smaller than the others on his face. These include the head of a Playboy Bunny rabbit, a heart, his daughter’s initials, and a happy face with Xs for eyes.

Playboy Tattoo Designs

playboy bunny tattoo