Who is Reze Chainsaw Man – Everything You Need to Know!

Reze Chainsaw Man

Reze Chainsaw Man – Reze is a really popular character Reze Chainsaw Man. The author, Tatsuki Fujimoto, is good at creating characters, so it’s not surprising. But Reze is special, and we’ll talk a lot about her in this article.

Unfortunately, Reze appears only briefly in the story, so we don’t have much to say about her. Still, some information is better than none. If you want to know more about Reze Chainsaw Man, you should read this article.

Reze is part human and part devil. We’ll discuss her abilities and how she impacted the story, especially her interactions with the main character, Denji, at the start of the Bomb Girl arc.

Who is Reze Chainsaw Man:

Reze is a character that a lot of people like in Reze Chainsaw Man. People enjoyed how she was introduced in the story. Her design is also really good, and many fans liked it.

But later in the story, we find out who she really is. Before we talk about that, let’s talk about how she first appeared.

When Reze first shows up in the story, Denji has strong feelings for Makima. He thought he wouldn’t like anyone else. Denji went into a phone booth to escape the rain, and suddenly Reze was there too. She said she had the same idea.

Reze saw Denji and started crying because he looked like her dog that had passed away. Denji got a bit mad. Earlier that day, Denji ate a flower he found on the street and got sick. He tried to give the flower to Reze, and she blushed. She asked him to visit her where she works to thank him, and he agreed right away.

This was the start of them getting to know each other and the first time Denji really looked at Reze.

Reze Chainsaw Man is shown as a young girl with a slim body, black hair to her shoulders, and a black choker around her neck. She often flirts with Denji, which confuses him because he’s not used to that.

Denji and Reze go to school at night, and they even swim in the school pool together. Reze tries to teach Denji how to swim. Then a big rainstorm happens, and they get stuck at the school.

During the storm, Reze suddenly attacks Denji, and things get more complicated. After going to a festival with Denji, she tells him to run away with her, but he says no. She kisses him and bites his tongue, trying to hurt him. Beam saves Denji. Reze has a hidden trigger behind her choker, and when she says “Boom,” she shows her real self as the Bomb Devil hybrid.

Everything she did before was just an act. She’s actually part of a Russian organization and was trying to take Reze Chainsaw Man’s heart.

How Strong is Reze Chainsaw Man– Her Powers & Abilities

Reze is a mix of two things, and she has a bunch of powers like other mixed characters. But she might be even stronger than many others, even stronger than Denji.

She’s really good at fixing herself when she’s hurt, and she can even make her body explode and then fix it like it’s no big deal. She can use her body parts like bombs.

When she changes into a devil, she looks like bombs. Her head becomes like a bombing plane from war, and she wears an apron made of dynamite. She’s all about explosions.

For example, she can make things blow up from far away by making a string of stuff like gunpowder. Then she can make it explode whenever she wants, and it makes big booms. 

She can also make herself blow up without getting hurt, and she can use the explosions to fly really fast, like cars. She can also change her arms and legs into strong explosive things, and she uses them to attack Denji when they fight.

She’s also really strong. She got hit by someone very strong, the Violence Fiend, and she didn’t get hurt too much. This person is known for being strong and mean in fights, but when they hit Reze, and she didn’t get hurt much, they ran away right away.


What is Reze Chainsaw Man’s real name?

Reze’s real name is not known. She is only known by her codename, Reze.

What is Reze’s devil form?

Reze’s devil form is the Bomb Devil. She was turned into a devil-human hybrid when a portion of the Bomb Devil’s body was placed inside her.

What are Reze’s powers?

Reze can create and control bombs. She can also fly and use her bombs to create varying-sized explosions.

What is Reze’s relationship with Denji?

Reze initially appears to be in love with Denji. However, it is later revealed that she is an assassin from Russia who was sent to kill him.

What is Reze’s fate?

Denji kills Reze in self-defence. However, her heart is still alive and is used to create a new devil-human hybrid, Quanxi.