The Top 41 Undisclosed Online Moneymaking Resources for 2023

secret websites to make money

Secret websites to make money – What’s up? Do you want to know the best-kept secrets of making money online? Good news, then! Thanks to the wealth of online resources, you may generate money without leaving your house. Here are some obscure but potentially lucrative web resources: secret websites to make money.

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1. Swagbucks

Online activities such as browsing, viewing movies, and completing surveys are rewarded with cash on this site. You may exchange your accumulated points for rewards, such as money or shop credit. It is one of the best secret websites to make money. 

2. Fiverr 

You may use Fiverr to make money from your talents if you are good at writing, graphic design, or video editing. You can charge whatever you want and take on customers from anywhere globally. This isn’t one of the secret websites to make money, but it is still noteworthy.

3. UserTesting 

You may be paid to evaluate the usability of secret websites to make money and mobile applications here. With only a computer or mobile device, you may earn ten dollars for every exam you take.

4. Foap 

Foap is a marketplace where talented photographers can sell their work to companies and brands. Each sale you make earns you a 50% commission. Regarding secret websites to make money, Foap is among the finest.


You may earn money here by surveying, viewing films, and reading emails. Online purchases may even get you a rebate of some kind.

6. Idle-Empire    

Idle-Empire is a hidden website that provides several opportunities to make money online. Taking surveys, viewing movies, and completing offers are easy ways to make money online. You may trade in your points for gift cards, bitcoin, and even PayPal cash!

The website is simple to use and provides access to several options. Anyone may quickly and easily use it to supplement their income in their leisure time. It has a low withdrawal limit and many different payment methods available. You may earn extra money from the comfort of your home with the help of Idle-Empire.

7. is one of the Best Kept Secrets for Making Money Online since it is a hub for telecommuting jobs in many industries. It’s a secret goldmine where you may earn money without leaving the house.

This hidden platform connects companies with qualified people seeking remote employment. Jobs in software engineering, advertising, and customer service are some areas where people may put their skills to use at It pays well, allows flexibility in scheduling, and provides opportunities for professional growth. Making money while working from the convenience of your own home is possible.

8. Testbirds

For those interested in being paid to test software and mobile apps, there is a hidden website called Testbirds. The firm offers a service that allows organizations to put their software through its paces with actual users in realistic settings.

With Testbirds, you may be paid to evaluate software and provide the developer comments. It’s easy to get started; all you have to do is sign up, and you’ll start receiving tests tailored to your interests and skills.  Depending on the project’s scope, testers might earn as much as $50 for each test.

Top performers at Testbirds are often rewarded with cash bonuses and other perks.  Testbirds is an excellent platform for earning extra money in your free time while also contributing to developing better software solutions for companies.

9. Where to Find Hidden Coinpayou Moneymaking Websites

You may get money by doing surveys, viewing films, and completing other tasks on Coinpayou, one of such hidden sites.

They pay in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which may be used to buy goods and services online or converted into other currencies. Anyone with an internet connection and an aptitude for simple activities may utilize this platform.

Once your profits surpass the minimum payout limit, they will be sent to your designated Bitcoin wallet.  Coinpayou is a fantastic choice for anybody trying to make money online because of how simple it is to use and how much bitcoin it has the potential to generate.

10. Neobux 

Neobux is another anonymous money-making website. You may earn money on our site by doing simple actions like clicking ads or filling out surveys.  The website has been active for over a decade, and its primary function is paying users to click advertisements.

Neobux makes it simple to withdraw your money by providing many withdrawal options (including PayPal and Skrill) and a low minimum payout requirement. They also provide an affiliate marketing referral program where you may earn a cut of your referrals’ profits—earning potential increases in proportion to referral activity.

Millions of dollars have been paid to Neobux members, proving the site is legitimate and trustworthy. 

It won’t make you wealthy, but it’s a terrific way to make additional money. Neobux is an option to generate money online because of its simple interface and straightforward chores.

11. GPTPlannet

Another undiscovered treasure for making money online. You may get money on GPTPlanet by clicking advertisements, filling out surveys, and completing offers.

The site is simple to use and accepts several different payment options (including Bitcoin) from the comfort of your home. Once your profits meet the minimal payment requirement, you may withdraw them. 

GPTPlanet also has a referral programme where you may earn a cut of your referrals’ profits—earning potential increases in proportion to referral activity. You may not become rich with GPTPlanet, but it’s a fun way to make additional money. If you’re searching for a straightforward method to make extra cash online, GPTPlanet’s user-friendly interface and variety of income streams make it a strong contender.

12. positive methods

There is a hidden website called Rewardingways where you can fill out surveys and offers and be paid for them. The website has been popular for well over a decade. They support many different currencies and have a relatively low minimum withdrawal amount.

There’s also a referral program where you can get a cut of what your friends make on the site.  Making money with Rewardingways is a breeze compared to other online ventures. You won’t become wealthy doing this, but you can make some extra cash.

13. Instantfeet 

What about a hidden marketplace where you can make money from a photo of your feet? The answer is yes. Users of Instafeet, an online marketplace, may exchange and purchase images and videos of feet. The website serves as a marketplace where users may buy photos and films of people’s feet taken by content providers.

 Users may charge whatever they choose and be paid using PayPal or another service.  Despite the unorthodox nature of this revenue stream, many video producers are reaping the benefits of Instafeet’s rising popularity among foot fetishists.  Users must also be at least 18 years old to join the community and should use discretion while posting anything.

14. How to Make Money Testing Artificial Intelligence with Userlytics

Userlytics is one of those Hidden Money-Making Sites since it facilitates usability testing with actual customers. You may get money as a tester for these secret websites to make money by evaluating and giving comments on the user experience of AI, websites, mobile applications, and prototypes. 

During these tests, you’ll be asked to record your screen and voice while doing various actions on the website or app. Userlytics may provide up to $90 per test, depending on the test’s complexity and duration. 

Payment is made via PayPal, and the site has a modest minimum payout. Since its inception over a decade ago, Userlytics has collaborated with major companies like Google and Amazon. 

15. Optimity is a hidden platform for making money while improving your health.

Optimity is a website where users may earn rewards for engaging in healthy behaviors. To assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals, our platform provides you with individualized health coaching, exercise challenges, and well-being evaluations. You may gain points by participating in these activities, which can then be redeemed for prizes like gift cards and price reductions on medical supplies. 

In addition, Optimity has a referral program where you may get bonuses for referring your loved ones to sign up. Optimity’s emphasis on health and well-being means you may generate money while bettering your physical and mental well-being in novel ways. 

16. To earn money on your films, build a hidden website.

To post, host, and distribute videos, Rumble is one of the secret websites to make money. The platform enables you to generate income from your films via ad sales. When you submit a video to Rumble, the service will insert advertisements into it, and you’ll get a cut of the money made from the adverts.

In addition, Rumble has a referral program where you may receive a cut of the money made from the films your friends and family contribute. You should check out this service if you want to have your videos seen by a broad audience and monetize your channel.

17. MOBROG is a covert polling platform.

MOBROG is a platform that connects individuals with paid online survey opportunities. As a MOBROG member, you can access various paid survey opportunities. The surveys may range from 5 to 20 minutes in length, and pay $3 or more for every completed survey. 

MOBROG uses PayPal as its payment processor and has a relatively low minimum withdrawal amount. In addition, MOBROG has a referral system set up so that you can earn money by getting your friends to sign up.

18. Ezoic will transform your website into a cash cow.

Ezoic is a web-based service that offers resources for increasing a website’s advertising income. The software examines your website using AI to figure out where and how to put ads for maximum profit. Only a few in the marketing industry know about these secret websites to make money.

Using Ezoic, you may earn money from your website’s advertising income in exchange for showing advertisements on your site. Display advertisements, native ads, and video ads are just some of the ad types found on Ezoic, and the platform also gives users access to a wide variety of ad exchanges and networks. 

To help you maximize your earnings, the platform provides a website testing tool where you can try out various ad locations and styles. If you operate a website and want to monetize it via advertising, Ezoic is a fantastic option because of its cutting-edge technology and capacity to increase your ad income.

19. Weight loss and financial Gain with HealthyWage.

You may be paid by the site HealthyWage if you meet your weight reduction targets. The site hosts several weight-loss competitions and challenges with monetary incentives for participants. You may join by making a wager on whether or not you will achieve your weight reduction target. 

If you succeed, you’ll get the money from the bet. HealthyWage presents various challenges, from solo efforts to group efforts, along with the necessary encouragement and tools to help you succeed. 

Depending on the difficulty of the task at hand and the size of the wager, the cash awards may be anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. HealthyWage is an excellent option for anybody seeking to better their health and make some additional money due to its novel approach to weight reduction and possibilities for earning money.

20. Sell your unwanted items on

Used clothes and accessories may be bought, sold, and traded on The site provides a simple means of monetizing unused possessions. Putting it up for sale is as easy as taking a picture, setting a price, and sitting tight. The site also features a function called “Swap Value,” which lets you trade in your products for points that can be used to buy other items.

If you’re on a tight budget, check out since it’s a beautiful place to acquire used goods at a low price. You may take advantage of the referral program if you want to increase your earnings on 

21. helps you monetize your spare room is a hidden website where people may list their excess storage units for rent by others with the exact requirements. Using the site, you may find a tenant for your basement, attic, or garage and earn some extra cash. 

The site covers listing your space, locating tenants, and processing payments. You may make money without effort by renting out your surplus space. You may also earn money via’s referral program by encouraging your friends to list their spare rooms for rent.

If you want to earn some additional money without putting in a lot of time, is a fantastic option.

22. Roblox 

You’ve probably heard of Roblox, but did you realize it’s possible to earn a living via the game? Roblox is a platform for making and playing video games online in a 3D virtual environment. 

In-game virtual goods may be created and sold on the site, allowing users to earn money while playing their favourite games. Users may earn virtual cash, which can be traded for real money, by making and selling in-game products like clothes, accessories, and game passes

In addition, Roblox has an exchange program where programmers may trade in their Robux for actual cash. Programmers need a PayPal account and at least 100,000 Robux (the platform’s virtual currency) to participate. 

Anyone interested in game design or virtual object production will find Roblox an excellent platform, thanks to its large user base and opportunities to earn money from their work.

23. PrizeRebel

You may earn cash through surveys, offers, and other activities on PrizeRebel, a hidden website. You may use your points on the site to buy things like Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash.

You can also earn money via the PrizeRebel referral program by recommending your friends to use the service and earning potential increases in proportion to referral activity.

The platform’s accessibility is increased because it is offered in more than one country. Amongst all the options, if you want to start making money from home, this is the best option for you

24 TreasureTrooper, a hidden place to play and be paid

On TreasureTrooper, you may be paid to do surveys, use online services, and complete other activities. The site also has a unique feature called “Treasure Hunts,” users may look for hidden prizes by completing treasure-hunting challenges. 

The minimum payment on TreasureTrooper is relatively cheap, and you may be paid in cash or gift cards. The company also has a referral program where you may be paid a cut of what your referrals make. TreasureTrooper is a fantastic option for anybody wishing to supplement their income because of its wide variety of entertaining and rewarding features. 

Throughout its existence, the network has paid millions of dollars to its customers, solidifying its status as a reliable and genuine means of earning money online.

25. Earn money doing hidden jobs on Gain. GG.

Make money online by doing surveys, viewing movies, and doing other things with the help of Gain. GG. The site uses points as currency, which can then be exchanged for other benefits. 

In addition, Gain.GG has a referral program where you may earn a cut of your friends and family’s profits. The platform has a minimal payout requirement and may make payments using PayPal, Bitcoin, or other channels. With its user-friendly interface and several revenue streams.

If you’re searching for a way to supplement your income, Gain.GG is a fantastic option. The program also provides daily incentives and competitions, making online money even more exciting.

26. Earn money by listening to music on the hidden platform

Slicethepie is a hidden platform where you may monetize your opinion on forthcoming music, fashion, and advertising. You may be paid to rate and comment on the quality of the site’s advertisements, clothing, and other features.

Depending on your rating and the material you evaluate, Slicethepie will give you cash through PayPal. Your review rating and potential payout increase with the number of reviews you submit. It is one of the best options to start making money from home. 

Slicethepie also has a referral program where you can earn money by getting other people to sign up. Slicethepie is a fantastic option for anybody trying to earn extra cash in their free time because of its novel way of generating money and the possibility of discovering new music and fashion goods.

27. Word-Based Media 

You may earn money on the side using Vocal Media. I provide a platform for authors to get their work published and read by more people. The “Vocal+” program on Vocal Media is one way for writers to make money on the site; it’s a membership service that pays authors a percentage of the revenue generated by their most popular articles. 

28. Respondent

Respondent is yet another anonymous moneymaking resource. It’s a hub for recruiting people to participate in paid market research projects. You’ll need to sign up and specify your specialities and interests to participate. 

After being recruited, you may be asked to participate in interviews, focus groups, or other forms of research in exchange for compensation. The amount you may make as a respondent depends on the kind and duration of the research, and you will be paid in cash through PayPal or another payment mechanism.

Respondent is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to make some extra cash in their free time due to its emphasis on paid research projects and the possibility of earning money for expressing your ideas. 

29. Publishing books on Amazon KDP is the key to financial success. 

If writing is your passion, you may use Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to publish and sell your books on Amazon as an eBook or printed book.  On this site, authors may publish their works, customize their book covers, and decide how much to charge for them. 

An author receives a royalty each time one of their books is sold to a customer. Amazon KDP provides writers with a wealth of marketing and distribution options.  Anyone interested in self-publishing and the possibility of making money from their work should consider using Amazon KDP. You can go to this platform and make money online. 

30. Wonder 

Wonder is an anonymous platform where users can earn money through online surveys. Clients may post inquiries or research requests on the website, and Wonder’s team of experts will respond with the information requested. 

Researchers at Wonder are compensated per project; earnings potential is based on project difficulty and duration. Scientists have a lot of leeway in picking their research topics. If you have excellent research skills and a genuine interest in expanding your knowledge, Wonder might be a fantastic fit for you.

You’ll get to work on various exciting topics while earning extra cash. Wonder is one of the most fabulous secret websites to make money by researching in their free time because of its user-friendly platform and flexible employment alternatives.

31. The Undisclosed Website Exchange, or Flippa

Websites, domain names, and other digital assets may be bought and sold on Flippa, an online marketplace. Users may post their secret websites to make money or other digital assets for sale on the marketplace, where interested parties can place bids or acquire them outright. 

Flippa provides several alternatives for sellers to increase exposure to their listings. In addition to consumers, sellers may utilize the marketplace to connect with prospective clients and do business. They take a cut (a commission) of the ultimate selling price of the website or digital asset. You can go to this website and make a lot of money online. 

If you want to make money by buying and selling websites or other forms of digital property, this is a fantastic alternative to consider. It’s one of the finest “secret websites to make money” since so few people know about it.

32. Iworkwell

Iworkwell is a website that gives organizations access to human resources-related tools and information. While it does not provide immediate financial benefits, it may help human resource professionals grow careers and earn more money in the long run.

Human resource specialists may boost their productivity and effectiveness with the help of Iworkwell’s tools and resources, which might lead to pay raises and promotion opportunities.

33. Appy Pie is a secret website where anybody may make and sell applications without knowing how to code.

Appy Pie is a web-based app maker that doesn’t need users to know how to code. 

Although it does not provide direct ways to generate money, the platform may be used to create and sell mobile applications to companies and consumers. Potential income would rise as a result of this.  Appy Pie is a fantastic option for anybody wishing to make and sell mobile applications because of its intuitive interface and wide range of functionality.

34. Turo is a hidden car rental platform.

Turo is a website where people may list their cars for rent to other people. Cars may be booked and paid for on the site, and owners have complete control over pricing and availability.  Car owners may supplement their income by renting out their vehicles, particularly if they have a vehicle they seldom use.

35. Data input work at home: the top-secret website 

Capital Typing is a web-based service that caters to companies’ needs for transcribing, data input, and customer service. Capital Typing offers work possibilities via both postings and CV submissions. The complexity and duration of each assignment determine Capital Typing’s wages. They make it possible to do paid jobs from afar.

36. Both Quicktate and iDictate generate money by transcribing audio.

Quicktate and iDictate provide online transcribing services. You may be paid to type by applying to become a transcriptionist and then typing up jobs as they come up. Transcriptionists are compensated according to the time and effort required for each project.

37. A hidden surprise shopping job board called BestMark

BestMark is a mystery shopping firm that allows consumers to earn money. As a mystery shopper, you’ll be paid to check out businesses, including restaurants, retailers, and hotels. You may make a lot of money with these Top-Secret Online Resources. BestMark offers financial incentives to its mystery shoppers. Benefits include having your out-of-pocket costs covered while on assignment.

38. Product Tube is a video review platform where you may earn money.

Users of the website Product Tube may earn money by making and uploading product review videos. You may join Product Tube, apply for available video review jobs, and start making money by uploading your video reviews. The amount of money people make on Product Tube depends on the usefulness and quality of their video reviews.


Is Wrapify an excellent way to make money online?

Wrapify is a website that offers financial incentives to drivers who want to wrap their vehicles with commercial advertising. Applying to be a driver on Wrapify will put you in touch with local advertising campaigns that pay for your services.

Wrapify drivers are compensated depending on total miles traveled and the advertising campaign. Here’s a way to make money without changing your regular driving routine.

What are your views on is a website where anyone can make and sell unique items, including t-shirts, coffee mugs, and phone covers. Your unique designs and pricing may be created and uploaded to the site. will handle the printing, shipping, and payment processing for your products, and you will get a royalty for each sale made using your designs.

Is Palfish an excellent website to make money online?

Using this website, English instructors may meet their Chinese pupils. You may join Palfish and start earning by teaching English to Chinese students, either one-on-one or in small groups. It’s one of my favorite Hidden Moneymaking Resources!

In addition, Palfish compensates its instructors depending on the number of lessons given, making it possible to work from anywhere globally as an online English teacher.


With all the secret websites to make money, it’s always been more complex to make money online. These websites provide a wide range of options for making money online, whether your objective is to make some extra cash quickly or to create a steady income stream.