I would set it for… 5:30?/set alarm for 5.30

Set alarm for 5.30

Set alarm for 5.30 – You must get up early the following morning to travel to the airport. Your husband is preparing the alarm. You inform him of the time you believe he should set the alarm in this manner.

  • I’d set it to, what, 5:30?/ set alarm for 5 30

I would (do something). You can use the phrase “I would ___” when expressing an opinion but refraining from expressing it firmly (either out of politeness or because you don’t feel passionate about it). Here are a few instances:

Most likely, I would shop around for a better offer.

I would choose the more expensive model.

If you’re giving someone else advice but aren’t the one making the final decision, you frequently use the phrase “I would .” Typically, it sounds kind and beneficial.

Additional items you can “set” are as follows:

  1. place a trap
  2. turn up the heat (for a heater or air conditioner)
  3. Set objectives.
  4. Change a variable (in computer programming)

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