SIGMOND GALLOWAYAmerican gospel singer Mahalia Jackson’s ex-husband is Sigmond Galloway. Mahalia, a gospel singer, had a phenomenal career in the 20th century, selling an estimated 22 million recordings. It is thought that she was a major contributor to the gospel blues’ popularity at the time. During a period when segregation and bigotry were pervasive in America, she became an extraordinary success as a loud influence.

In his unique manner, Sigmond Galloway was a vocalist as well. His musical preferences were leaning toward jazz. Galloway started his musical career in his hometown of Northern Indiana.

Mahalia Jackson married to Sigmond Galloway

In 1964, Sigmond Galloway met his ex-wife Mahalia Jackson through some mutual friends. When they met with each other Jackson’s Schedule was very hectic and super crazy. Before getting married to each other, they did not know each other.

Jackson is always surrounded by a lot of people however, she finds comfort in the company of Sigmond. Soon they started dating each other and in a short time, they got married. It was a shock for all her family and friends, Jackson’s wedding took place in her living room. 

What led the way to their Divorce?

In 1952, Mahalia Jackson began to experience symptoms and signs of a cardiac condition. She still suffered more than ten years after her European tour had been canceled. Her doctors diagnosed her with a history of myocardial infarction and cardiac metastases from sarcopenia.

After checking herself into a hospital due to a period of persistent coughing, she learned about this. A few weeks after her wedding, this incident occurred one evening as she was making her way home from an event in St. Louis.

The public wasn’t informed of the actual condition by Mrs. Jackson or her doctors. She had fatigue and heart strain, according to the official diagnosis. Sadly, she could not go on tours as her problems only worsened. It required her to recuperate completely for a full year.

Mahalia lost almost 23 kg of weight & became extremely weak during her recuperation. Her sense of inadequacy in several areas caused her frustration. That she didn’t spend her recuperation with her companion, though, was the most tragic aspect of it. Throughout this year of recuperation, Sigmond was not always accessible. He minimized his wife’s symptoms, saying they were all in her brain, once it became obvious that he was dishonest.

Galloway tried to take over Jackson’s promoters’ and agents’ administrative duties, which only worsened matters. It was hard to know what his motivation was, given his obvious lack of expertise. The couple argued as a result, and Jackson’s husband made two attempts at using physical violence. On his second try, the jazz musician fractured his hand. He threw his hand at Mahalia, who dodged, hitting against a piece of furniture.

Their marriage was about to come to an end after this episode. Jackson declared that she wanted to file for divorce from Sigmond. Her spouse insisted on starting a divorce lawsuit to make her look bad by doing their laundry in front of others. He made a decision that, ironically, backfired and exposed his infidelity. When the court decided in Mrs. Jackson’s favor, Mahalia’s assets and possessions were not awarded to him.

They eventually concluded the case and obtained a divorce in 1967, three years after they were married.

Some other facts about Mahalia Jackson and his marriage to Sigmond Galloway 

Her Music career was short-lived

Born in 1923 in Northern Indiana, Sigmond Galloway Minters became a jazz musician. His career as a jazz musician appears to have ended by 1964, despite reports to the contrary.

He had a job in construction when he first got to know his ex-wife Mahalia. Though his musical direction had changed at the time, he was still residing in Gary, Indiana.

His ex-wife had married before

The gospel singer was married & divorced before she wed the jazz musician. In 1936, Mahalia got married to businessman Isaac Hockenhull, who had a college degree.

It was recommended that Mahalia give up her gospel singing and her commitment to the church; therefore, marrying Isaac turned out to be a horrible decision for her and her life’s purpose. Jackson declined Isaac’s request for her to start singing more secular music. The root of their final breakup was this unwillingness. They divorced in 1941, five years after getting married.

Sigmond and Jackson: Did They Get Married?

Mahalia Jackson was childless. Not with her first spouse, not with the jazz musician. She was unable to have children due to health issues. Jackson was unable to conceive children of her own due to her hysterectomy and battle with sarcoidosis and fibrosis.

Demise of His Ex-Wife

Mahalia Jackson, popularly known as the Queen of Gospel Music, was the ex-wife of Sigmond Galloway and passed away from a heart attack. Many were shocked when she passed away on January 27, 1972. She attempted to perform at concerts while being aware of her illness, so people were unaware of how serious it was. Five years later, Mahalia Jackson passed away after getting a divorce from Sigmond. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How many husbands did Mahalia Jackson have?

Ans. The gospel singer Mahalia Jackson married construction salesman Minters Sigmond Galloway recently in a small ceremony held at her home. It was the second marriage for both. 

Q2) What caused Mahalia Jackson to pass away?

Ans. After rising from extreme poverty in the Deep South to international recognition as a passionate gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson passed away yesterday in Little Company of Mary Hospital in the Chicago neighbourhood of Evergreen Park, Illinois, from a heart attack.

Q3) Is there a child Mahalia has?

Ans. She was never a parent, but she did give birth to a guy that she met one day while out on the streets. The young boy felt he should be Mahalia’s son, even though Mahalia was always there to aid others.