Some Popular Flower Ankle Tattoos To Show Off

flower ankle tattoos

Flower Ankle tattoos are a popular choice for many, so it’s time you get one. To help you decide which flower to turn into a fashion staple, here are some helpful tips that will help you choose your perfect pair of flowers. First, we’ll talk about the different categories of ankle tattoos. You can choose from ankle roses, daisies, and tulips. If you’re unsure about what your tattoo should look like, consider getting a mixed set. These combinations work well together because each tattoo has different colors and styles. 

Second, we’ll go over the anatomy of an ankle tattoo and what it’s made up of. Ankle tattoos are typically small, about an inch to two inches in diameter. The shape of the tattoo depends on the shape of the flower that you choose. You’ll need a small kit and some ink to create your ankle flowers.

Third, you’ll want to pick a good design or pattern for your ankle flower tattoo. Roses have different meanings than daisies and tulips, so you can use that to your advantage when choosing which ankle tattoo to get. There’s nothing worse than getting a flower ankle tattoo with the wrong meaning.

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Sunflowers are generally quite tall, so this particular ankle tattoo for sunflowers is a good choice if you want to get something big. It has a bright yellow colour and some red on the petals. These sunflower ankle tattoos are also relatively easy to draw because of the big petals.

Admittedly, these flower ankle tattoos look more complicated than it is. To start, start with a baseline. Next, you should make a semi-circular line inside your ankle to resemble one petal. Then take your string and start wrapping around the outline. Finally, finish by drawing in the ends of the petals with some ink. 


Try a pink rose ankle tattoo if you’re looking for something simple with an easy shape to work with. It is also an easy pattern because it’s small and comes in many shades of pink! Start by outlining your flower base first, like any other tattoo design. The rose can be tricky to draw, but it’s not too complicated.


A tulip ankle tattoo is incredibly similar to a daisy, except they are both small and have a basic shape. This flower is very similar in size and shape to the daisy, so the only difference is the colour. The petals on this tulip ankle tattoo are slightly thicker and don’t go up to the base of your foot (the stem). Tulips are also quite versatile since they can be bright or neutral colours. To make it more attractive, you can also try butterfly ankle tattoos


Daisies are easy to draw once you know the basics. They have a relatively simple shape with six petals. Many daisy ankle tattoos also mix other symbols and patterns, such as a heart. You can pick any colour of ink you want for your daisy tattoo. A feminine ankle bracelet tattoo will be the best option if you want a combination of flower tattoos. They will combine the flower tattoo around the ankle tattoo.

Korean zinnia:

Korean zinnia flowers or any other floral tattoos make for trendy flower ankle tattoos because they look like they have been drawn by hand and are incredibly romantic. They are also hard to draw because they have a fragile stem compared to the thick stem of tulips and roses. However, these flowers are relatively simple to draw. Ankle tattoos are one of many options for getting a tattoo. 


This ankle tattoo is a beautiful combination of orange and purple with a starburst accent. It’s a straightforward design, but it can be hard to make if you don’t know what you’re doing. When it comes to an ankle tattoo, however, this particular design is relatively easy since the petals are small and thin.

Besides being easy to draw, this particular flower is also simple in meaning. It means “blessed with good fortune” in French. Therefore, this flower ankle tattoo makes for an excellent choice if you want something sweet and feminine with some meaning.

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Floral Garden:

The ankles are the focal point for this particular piece, and the whole tattoo looks like one big rose. The line from the base of your foot to the bottom of your ankle is a single stem that goes down to two petals on either side. Then you should finish by drawing some thorns and stems with ink. 

This ankle tattoo for the “floral garden” has a simple outline of various flowers connected. You can use any colour or design you want for this floral garden ankle tattoo, so long as it’s professional looking and sturdy.

Neon Rose:

This ankle tattoo design is a bit more complicated than the rest. It’s a neon-coloured rose with a thick stem and many different petals. It takes some time to finish all the petals, but it’s not a problematic tattoo once all is said and done, especially if you have experience with flowers in general.

This particular rose heart ankle tattoo is unique because of its shape. It’s pretty thin and long, but it makes for the perfect flower design for the ankle because of its simplicity. This floral ankle tattoo has two separate leaves at either end with stems leading to two separate parts that make up one big heart shape flower.

Watercolor Lily:

The lily of the valley was thought to have healing and medicinal properties. When designing your tattoo, keep this in mind and know that this ankle tattoo can also symbolize your healing and rejuvenation. A lily of the valley ankle tattoo is perfect because it’s something you’ll want to show off! This particular flower makes for a great tattoo because it’s a straightforward design with a long stem that would lead down to your ankle. You can also try ankle bracelet tattoos with flowers.

Rose Dagger:

This rose dagger ankle tattoo is an ambigram. An ambigram is a word or phrase that people can read upside down or sideways, such as “Rose”. This flower has an exact shape, but it’s connected at the top and bottom by vines.

This ankle tattoo is another one of the most beautiful flower ankle tattoo designs that you can’t help but stare at for hours and admire! The whole design is simple to draw, but it takes quite some time to finish each petal. However, it’s easy to use any colour or design you want with this floral ankle tattoo, so long as it matches your style. 

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Diamond Rose:

A diamond rose ankle tattoo is a unique design you won’t find very often. It’s a rose with many different diamonds or stars running down the stem. While it’s not as simple as some other designs, it is relatively easy and shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’ve done flowers before. 

Blue Rose:

A blue rose ankle tattoo is something you don’t see often but adds a lot of class and elegance to the design when finished. It’s straightforward to draw because it’s only one flower in the middle, but if you want more, you can add multiple petals around the outside.

Cotton Flowers:

The cotton flower’s ankle tattoo keeps things simple and traditional. These flowers have a simple outline of only four petals. This particular design can be positioned on either the front or the back of your ankle, depending on what you want to show off and what you’d prefer. 

This ankle tattoo is easy to create since it only requires making two giant vines with one base petal at either end. Once you’ve done that, follow those into the rest of your drawing, so the flowers look nice and finished.

Lotus Flower:

The lotus flower ankle tattoo is one of the most beautiful designs on the front of your feet. Again, it’s a simple drawing with only two petals, but it’s straightforward to finish and makes a very intricate design.

This ankle tattoo was drawn by hand because of its simplicity and ease of drawing. It looks like a single flower with two stems coming off the bottom base petal. You should finish up by making some thorns around the outside and checking your work!


A dandelion ankle tattoo is something you don’t see often but adds a lot of character and style when finished. This flower is perfect because it has a long stem that leads from the bottom of your ankle to the base petal. In addition, it makes the dandelion tattoo very easy to draw, especially for beginners.

This particular flower is another one of those designs you don’t see around much. It’s a very traditional design and somewhat simple to draw. You should ensure that you are drawing this in all aspects, though, because it’s not easy to finish without looking like something else entirely.

Colourful Rosebud:

This colourful rosebud ankle tattoo is another beautiful drawing for your feet that you’ll want to show off. The design includes two separate petals, but a line connects both sides. It means you can use the same flower tattoo design on either the left or right of your foot, depending on what you want to show off and which side you want to be on the front.

Honorary Tip:

When deciding on what kind of tattoo you’re going to get, it’s essential to think about which ones will work best for your style and body type. For instance, ankle tattoos are best suited to women who wear pants or skirts with a long inseam. Therefore, if you often wear shorts or a shorter inseam, you might want to consider something different for your tattoo design.


Flower ankle tattoos are something you don’t see and are simply gorgeous if done right. They’re usually straightforward to get but aren’t straightforward to draw on yourself. You should practice with these designs and see which ones you like the most because of the difficulty of finishing them. Once you’ve got that down and the tattoo is finished, it should look quite good!

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