Skin Conditions Caused by Stress – Too Much Stress Ruins Your Skin

skin conditions caused by stress, stress effects on face

We all often face stress in our lives, and the worst part about stress is that it shows. No matter how much we try to hide stress, but it either reflects in our attitude and many times even in our appearance. Stress is the worst enemy for our skin. Yes, you read it right. Our skin has its manner of reacting to external and internal stress; too much stress can even lead to skin disorders like stress bumps on face. Stress is a proven cause for skin related conditions like skin darkening or acne. Seeking stress effects on face or stress effects on hair? Here is a list of stress related skin conditions.

How Stress Effects Skin

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, your skin generates more oil and acne? It is due to the reason that stress leads to a chemical response in your body, which makes your skin high reactive and sensitive. Stress effects on face are highly noticeable. Stress causes the body to generate hormones such as cortisol, which leads your glands present in the skin to generate more oil, which further leads to skin problems such as acne. There are varied impacts of stress on skin. Here is a list of skin conditions caused by stress. 

  1. Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Chronic stress causes higher levels of cortisol levels, which leads to wrinkles and fine lines to appear. Moreover, skin directly disrupts the skincare routine associated with anti-aging as you get distracted by the things making you anxious and causing stress in your life, which makes you forget to take care of your skin. 

Exercising on a regular basis and managing a healthy skincare routine would be beneficial for you to control this stress impact on the face. 

  1. Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Dark circles are the most common impact of internal and external stress. People with dark circles are most commonly assumed to be sleep deprived or under stress. We all know that it is common to lose sleep during a stressful situation. Sleep deprivation causes dark circles and puffy eyes. Moreover, stress develops a negative impact on the salt balance of the body, which leads the eyes to hold water and swell up. 

Sleeping on time and exercising every day is the best solution to rid of this stress effects on the face. However, if you feel like stress is too much to handle, then it is suggested to get appropriate medical assistance. 

  1. Clogged Pores and Acne

If our body or mind is under stress from a longer time, it causes increased production of the stress hormone, namely cortisol. It leads to the secretion of excessive oil from underneath glands, which in turn results in oily skin, causing clogged pores and acne. Inh many cases it also leads to stress bumps on face. Too much stress also results in inflammation as it becomes difficult for the skin to handle its immunity or stay balanced. Irritated or inflamed skin also results in dermatitis or eczema. 

In a situation of inflammation due to stress, or excess stress bumps on face it is suggested to visit a dermatologist as soon as symptoms like redness appear on your skin. These are the worst skin conditions caused by stress. 

  1. Delayed Healing of Wounds

Too much chronic stress results in the weakening of the epidermis. It develops a negative impact on the ability of the skin to act as a barrier. Moreover, it hampers the ability of the skin to heal wounds. If you are in too much stress, then it would take a longer time for your injuries or wounds to heal as compared to that in a non-stressful situation. Stress affects the normal functioning of the immune system. In some of the cases, it even makes the skin susceptible to infection, which is the worst stress impact on skin.

In such a situation, it is best to keep the skin hydrated internally by drinking too much water and externally by applying moisturizer. 

  1. Stress Effects on Hair

Biting the fingernails or pulling hair is the most common reaction to stress. You may even notice excess hair fall due to stress. It might be due to the excess presence of cortisol in the systems. Stress effects on hair are the worst impact of stress as it leads to excess hair fall. In such a situation and to avoid such effects of stress, it is advisable to avoid extra hot showers as it might further damage the scalp and skin. 

  1. More Sensitive Skin 

An abnormally higher level of cortisol due to stress makes the skin thinner, which in turn leads to more sensitive skin. Excess cortisol makes your skin look paper-thin. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that there could be other reasons also for it, like aging or Cushing’s syndromes. If you are not sure about the reason, then it is better to visit a doctor. 

I hope the above mentioned information on impact of stress on skin is useful to you. If you are facing the issue of eczema and looking for home remedies to treat eczema then you can read our post on eczema.