Still Got a Landline? Why You Need a Cordless Telephone

cordless cellphones

The rise of cell phones has devastated many phone companies or forced them to transition to primarily cell-based services. However, there is still a market for landlines, and they remain a surprisingly significant presence on the market. And among that market, cordless telephones likely provide the best option for those who aren’t quite ready to cut connect to Ma Belle.

Not Everyone Has Cut Their Landline

While it is true that cellphones have dramatically taken over the phone market, it is also worth pointing out that many people still have landlines. This may be surprising to hear for some, but it is true. The most recent statistics find that around 53 percent of all homes use cell phones alone. However, that still leaves nearly 50 percent of the nation that still has a landline – why is this the case?

Landlines have benefits that cellphones do not. For example, businesses often have at least one landline because it creates a singular number that can be easily contacted. In addition, rather than relying on a company cellphone or cellphones of employees, a landline makes it easier to reach different people within a business, allowing them to stay in touch with their customers in surprising ways.

However, even many people keep landlines in their homes. While it is true that many of these people are older (a vast majority of landlines are for the above 30 sets), even younger people enjoy a landline for a similar reason to businesses – it creates a reliable and singular number. People on a cellphone could be anywhere, but calling a landline requires that person to be home. Interestingly, a majority of these landlines use cordless telephones. Why?

Why a Cordless Option is a Great Choice

An excellent cordless phone provides many unique benefits to those who still have a landline. They typically include a digital display, flexible ring options, and other unique options that bring a landline into the next century. An excellent cordless phone is also:

  • Easy to move around your home with while you talk to others
  • Simple to charge, with a powerful battery that lasts for days
  • Elegant in design, one that integrates well into modern homes
  • Cell-based look that often appeals to many younger buyers

These benefits make going cordless a great option for those with a landline. It is often hard to even find people with a landline who have a corded phone. But if you do or know someone who hasn’t yet cut their phone’s cord, it might be a good idea to buy them one of these phones as a gift!

Consider Your Options Carefully

If you have a landline or want one for your home, consider going cordless. This option provides the advantages above and is often an exciting option for many families. There’s nothing quite like the old-fashioned experience of racing to the home’s phone to answer a call. And cordless options emulate cellphones in a way that might be easier for many younger people to understand easily.