Epilators – A Rage Among Millennial


Millennials are the most enthusiastic about exploring new and smart technologies. They embrace new technology and are always keen to try something new. In this age and time, everyone needs quick results. Epilating is a go-to technique for hair removal and provides good and long-lasting results within no time.

What is an Epilator?

An epilator is a hair removal tool that helps to remove body hair. An epilator is similar to an electric shaver. Women of all ages and skin types can use it. You can choose between a dry and wet epilator. When compared to other hair removal techniques like tweezing hair removal cream, threading, shaving, or waxing, epilators are much more convenient and give long lasting results.

Benefits of Using an Epilator

Long Lasting Effect – An epilator removes the body hair straight from the root. An epilator has thousands of tiny metallic tweezers that spin and remove the hair. After using an epilator, you will get smooth skin for almost four weeks. Using epilators regularly can reduce your hair growth and you can go months without a touch-up.

More efficient than waxing – Epilating removes hair from the follicle. Like waxing, it does not harm the skin or cause burn. The best advantage of using an epilator is that unlike waxing, you do not have to wait for full growth. You can use an epilator even on small hair.

Convenient to Use – You can easily remove your hair at home without any fuss, just by using an epilator. Epilators are quick and efficient and remove unwanted hair within seconds. You do not have to worry about shaving every now and then, once you start using an epilator.

Ideal for Travelling – The travel-sized device is convenient to use, easy to carry around and can help you stay hair free on your vacations. You can choose between an electrical or battery-charged epilator according to your convenience. 

Safe to Use on Entire Body – The best part about an epilator is that you can use it on your entire body. You can use it on your face, bikini line, under arms, legs, arms etc.

Cost Effective – Hair removal methods are expensive. You have to run to a salon every two weeks to get yourself waxed. Even shaving needs regular investment in the form of razors and shaving creams. Epilators on the other hand are available at extremely affordable prices.  Epilators are a one time investment and will save you time and money.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin – Waxing and shaving can cause havoc to sensitive skin. Waxing burns, razor burns, ingrown hair, saggy skin are some of the side effects of waxing and shaving. Epilators on the other hand are ideal for sensitive skin people. They do not pull or rub your skin. They are gentle and remove your hair without any harm.

Is Epilating Painful?

An epilator has a rotating head of tweezers that traps hair and then pulls the hair from the root super fast as you glide it across your skin. Removing hair from the skin does involve some pain. Epilators also cause a little pain initially but after a few uses, it does not hurt.

In addition, an epilator comes with different speed settings. Therefore, you can adjust the speed according to your pain threshold and increase it once you get comfortable.

Tips to Use an Epilator

  • Exfoliate your skin before epilating to avoid ingrown hair
  • Trim or shave your hair as epilating works best on short hair
  • Hold your skin tight while epilating. This will reduce the discomfort
  • Always keep the epilator at 90 degrees to your skin
  • Glide the epilator in the opposite direction of your hair growth
  • Go slow. Do not rush.
  • Moisturize yours skin well after epilating
  • Clean your epilator with the included brush and rubbing alcohol

Epilators give quick and impressive results within no time. Epilators are great for long-term investment. If you want something quick and convenient for hair removal, then epilator is your thing. They give you long lasting smooth skin. You can use them anywhere anytime.

Since they pull the hair from the roots, successive use of epilators can also reduce your hair growth significantly. So go try this new millennial way of hair removal and enjoy your smooth skin.