Teenage & Young Adults Still Living At Home: How To Set The Rules


Parenting is hard and as we know dealing with teenagers can be one of the most difficult times. Also with the trend these days becoming that kids tend to not leave home for longer, and many of them returning after being at college and not leaving again till they are often in their thirties. So how do we best navigate living in this situation? Here are some guidelines to do just that.


How can we come to accommodate each other if we do not properly communicate? As we need to be aware that as our kids get older they need their independence, their own lives and importantly not to be treated like they are still small children. So as they grow then let them be involved in the decisions that govern their lives, you can negotiate when they are to have a curfew, for example, with teenagers and this can change depending on how responsible they are, how they have been behaving recently and what the day of the week or occasion is.

Set A Designation Of Domestic Tasks 

It is important to be sure that as your young adult kid grows that they learn to be a responsible member of the household, so they must contribute to the upkeep of the home. This can be linked to how much allowance they receive if this is part of your set-up. Also, make it easier on them by figuring out what they are better suited to or want to do, if they are an aspiring cook, then let them prepare a meal or two for the family each week, you can even send them on interesting cooking courses if they have a real passion.

Be Sure To Have Your Own Private Space

We all need our private time and personal space. For some quality mom and dad time. I even have one friend who videoes models online through IsMyGirl to make a bit of extra cash and certainly needs her own private time and space for this kind of thing. So it’s best to arrange times and spaces that are suitable for each of you to have your own space.

Should You Ask For Rent?

As they are getting older should they contribute financially? This question is about more than just money, now you may be stretched financially and need the cash, but even if you are not then the argument that this will teach them about fiscal responsibility is a very good one.

Be Respectful Of Each Others Things

There are so many things that are communal in family life, such as using TV, food, and furniture, for example. But what about other things such as your car, your clothes, etc, as kids become young adults and older then they may think that it’s appropriate to ‘borrow’ your things, but should you allow this? Basically, it can be a source of extreme frustration when you go to get or use something and it’s gone, so firm boundaries should be set early on.