The benefits of lab-grown diamonds over natural diamonds


Lab-created diamonds are ethical and environmental friendly because they are created in controlled lab environments to minimize environmental pollution as well as the human conflict associated with natural diamonds. They are sustainable because they cause no destruction to the environment compared to natural diamonds which result in massive destruction of the environment. That said, let’s explore the benefits of man-made diamonds over natural diamonds.

1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled laboratories that adhere to strict environmental regulations and guidelines. Synthetic diamonds have little to no effect on the environment since they are produced using environmentally friendly processes which minimize environmental degradation and emission of greenhouse gases.

On the other hand, natural diamonds are obtained through processes that cause massive environmental damage due to the massive digging and moving of tons of soil. Diamond mining cause massive damage to adjacent lands and natural habitats making them unusable for agricultural purposes. The process also results in massive water and air pollution as of result of the harmful chemicals used in diamond mining.

Moreover, diamond mining is a huge consumer of fossil fuels that result in emission of the enormous amounts of greenhouse gases that destroy the environment and result in negative impacts such as global warming and climate change. However, lab-created diamonds use renewable energy meaning less pollution and no emission of greenhouse gases. Buy yellow gold three-stone engagement rings to be counted among the champions of the sustainable diamond industry and environmental conservation.

1.  Cost-Effectiveness

When you check prices from Rare Carat, you will notice that lab-grown diamonds are more pocket friendly compared to natural diamonds. Whether you want to buy yellow three-stone engagement rings or by diamonds, lab-created diamonds are the best option for buying high quality jewelry without breaking the bank. If you check prices from Rare Carat, you will find that man-made diamonds are approximately 40 per cent cheaper than natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds enable you to purchase a higher quality or larger diamond engagement ring for the same amount you would use to purchase a smaller or lower quality natural diamond for your partner.

2. Higher Quality

Another incredible benefit of lab grown diamonds over natural diamonds is their high level of quality and purity. Man-made diamonds are purer than natural diamonds since they are produced in controlled processes meaning they have entrenchments of imperfections and dirt. Natural diamonds are created through a natural process that takes millions of years and is often mixed with dirt and other impurities during their formation.

Lab-grown diamonds are produced through precise and controlled processes meaning they have no flaws that are associated with natural diamonds. Lab-cultured diamonds are brighter which makes them the perfect choice for engagement rings.

3.They’re Ethical

Lab-grown diamonds are ethical and guilt-free since they are produced in a controlled laboratory environment that does not violate the rights and dignity of other human beings. On the other hand, natural diamonds are associated with many vices that violate human rights and subject local communities to untold suffering. Mining of natural diamonds in developing countries has been associated with gross violation of human rights through the exploitation of labor, child labor, violence, torture and murders. Some of the natural diamond mined in some countries in Africa are branded “blood diamond” due to killings that have been associated with them. The proceeds of natural diamonds in these countries have been used to fund rebels and support illegitimate regimes that continue to oppress citizens in their countries.

Lab-grown diamonds ensure you don’t feel guilty knowing the engagement ring you purchased for your wife might have contributed to unimaginable suffering to children and women in developing countries. Buying man-made diamonds is a sure way of raising your voice against the inhumane treatment of other human beings by diverting your money from people who use proceeds from natural diamonds to fund conflicts and crime.

4. Colored Diamonds

These diamonds are very rare to get in nature which makes them very expensive. However, lab-grown diamonds can be cultured in many colors in order to add a unique twist to engagement rings. With lab-made diamonds, you can buy yellow gold three stone engagement rings for your future wife and make the engagement a memorable event for her.

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