The Real Story About the Glamour of Black Diamond Jewelry


Even though many people are aware that diamonds can come in many colors like yellow, pink, blue, or red, very few are privy to the face that diamonds can also be black. Black diamonds are quite rare, but their beauty is mystically attractive.

Unfortunately, their glamour was not appreciated until recent times due to their ominous color. Even in the present age, people are hesitant to buy black diamond jewelry. So in this article, we are going to talk about the wonders that are black diamonds.

What Are Black Diamonds?

Colors appear in diamonds as a result of the presence of impurities during their formation. Black diamonds formed when graphite was present along with amorphous carbon during the formation process.

Black diamonds are mostly found in Brazil and Central Africa because the two locations existed next to each other millions of years ago. Unlike their clear cousins that appear in kimberlite deposits, black diamonds are found in alluvial soil.

There are three types of black diamonds.

  • Natural black diamonds that need to be cut and polished before they can be used in jewelry.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are synthetic diamonds that are also quite expensive and used in jewelry. They look exactly like natural diamonds.
  • Treated black diamonds are the cheapest of the kind, but they are mostly used for industrial purposes. Since black diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, they are often used on drill bits.

Black diamonds are tougher than clear diamonds, which makes them extremely difficult to cut and polish. In fact, they are rated 10 on the Mohd hardness scale that measures the hardness of different minerals found on earth. Combined with the fact that they are very rare to find, it makes them quite expensive.

Value of Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamonds were not fashionable and sought after until the start of the current century. Before that, they were only used to accent other diamonds. However, that all changed when Mr. Big proposed to Carrie Bradshaw on the series Sex and the City with a black diamond engagement ring.

Their popularity rose further when celebrities like Carmen Electra and Kat Von D displayed their black diamond engagement rings as well. Since then, black diamonds have gained immense popularity all across America.

Black diamond jewelry has been seen frequently on the red carpet, worn by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and several others.

Symbolisation of Black Diamond Jewelry

People often hesitate to buy black diamonds because they are opaque. However, they can look equally graceful on men and women in the right settings. Their opaque looks make them look stylish and stunning, and they shine just like any other diamond. Since black is a neutral color, the jewelry is quite versatile and can be worn with several attires.

Black symbolizes class and is often associated with people who have position and power in society. Diamonds, on the other hand, have been the symbol of eternal love for more than a century. When the two elements are combined, black diamonds represent a unique fashion statement.

They are also said to inspire confidence and bravery in the wearer. Black diamond engagement rings symbolize strength in a relationship and make them long-lasting. As we mentioned before, several celebrities can’t show enough of their black diamond engagement rings.

Black diamonds have been seen in several other types of jewelry as well worn both by men and women, such as earrings, chains, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, and several others. Black diamonds can appear on their own, highlighted with white or black diamonds. People also wear rings with two sets of black diamonds running around them.

Black Diamond Jewelry for Men

Black diamonds look as appealing to men as it does on women. That is why men who otherwise wouldn’t wear jewelry feel attracted to black diamonds. Their dark and opaque nature matches well with powerful masculinity.

Black diamond jewelry is often sported by male celebrities, such as Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees and Lance Bass of ‘NSYNC. Black diamonds are also favored by famous jewelry designers like Sydney Evan and John Hardy.

Whether you are looking for something special for yourself or your partner, black diamond jewelry is perfect for both of you. You can find varied collections in both physical or online stores. When you buy black diamond jewelry, make sure you purchase it from a reputable store that can provide a GIA certificate. We are certain that you will find black diamonds to be worth their price.