The Ultimate Guide: Choosing the Right Diamond for Your Engagement Ring


Choosing the right one may take many hours to how many days depending on what you are looking for. It’s hard to pretend the real side of you as a person especially when you are just trying hard to hide your identity. In the world of business accessories like diamond jewelry, businesses make sure that what they are selling to the public or market is pure, authentic, or real so that buyers will continue to put their trust in them. This article is all about the ultimate guide to choosing the right diamond for your engagement ring that highlights Rare Carat diamonds such as 1-carat diamond ring price, 2ct diamond, and knowing how much a 3-carat diamond is.

For you to choose the best or right diamond for your engagement ring, you need to be guided or directed like on the Diamond buying guide and chart that Rare Carat posted on their website. Their ultimate guide is to educate every viewer especially their buyers for them to purchase a diamond engagement ring that is appropriate and suitable for them. You can spend time reading and understanding deeply the informative articles they have posted as well as their relevant short videos about diamonds that can be watched through their social media accounts.

Knowing 1 Carat Diamond Ring Price

A 1-carat diamond ring price is the best choice for you to have the engagement ring for your special day. The price of a well-cut diamond ring having a 1-carat weight for a round diamond with K/SI2 clarity features ranges from $2,200 to $21,000 depending on other features like settling for flawless clarity level with color D level. You can find affordable lab diamonds at the Rare Carat site as low as $1,100 to almost $1,500. You can always find competitive prices on their website for you to be able to negotiate with their suppliers and find the best 1-carat diamond ring price. The site also offers discounts for you to lessen the price or avail of some of their promotional discounts to continue using their products and services. Their superb customer service is known worldwide because of their outstanding star customer rating with an almost perfect score of 4.9/5. To know more about their diamonds like a 1-carat diamond being priced helps their customers by posting their relevant information.

The Best of 3 Carat Diamonds

Aside from 1 carat weight of diamond ring which is in demand nowadays, 2 carat diamond is also a great option. For a 3-carat round lab diamond, the market price is from $3,000 to almost $4,000 while for natural-mined diamonds having a 3-carat weight, the current price is from $10,000 to almost $15,000. You may also check this link for to know about the price of 3-carat diamonds If you can’t afford to have bigger stones especially those that have more than 5 carat weights knowing as the carat increases, the price of a particular diamond increases its value. If your money is limited and you can’t buy a 3-carat diamond, you may settle on buying 2-carat ones. A 2ct diamond may vary from USD6000 to USD59000 ?especially if you want to have the perfect stone. But others don’t want to settle for a higher value especially if they have just the same features.

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