How to write an essay? Easy tips to write good essay

How to write essay

Essay writing can be a dreaded task for students. Students may feel overwhelmed when writing an essay for their class project, scholarship, or contest. There are many steps that the students can follow to break down the large essay project into small doable tasks. If you want to learn how to write an essay, then follow these steps to write a good essay.

7 Tips To Write A Good Essay

  • Pick a topic.

In some cases, the students are given the freedom to choose their topic for the essay, while in other cases, the topic is already assigned to them. If you have the topic already, think thoroughly about what kind of content you want to produce. Should the essay have a general view or talk about specific analysis?tips to write good essay

You will have to do extra work if you are not assigned the topic. You also have the advantage of choosing a topic that you find interesting in this case. The first thing to do is determine the purpose of your essay; will it be informative or persuasive?

After determining the purpose, do some research on the topics you are intrigued too. Think about what interests you; note down the subjects.

After evaluating your options, the goal is to educate and choose a subject you have already studied. If you are writing a persuasive essay, choose a subject you love. Your main aim should be to make the essay interesting to read.

  • Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas.

To write a good essay, you need to organize your thoughts. By putting the ideas in your head onto the paper, you will see links and connections between your ideas. This method will work as a foundation for your essay. You can use diagrams to write down your ideas and organize them properly. 

To make a diagram, write your topic in the center of your page. Draw lines branching off from the topic. And then write your main idea at the very end of these lines. Draw more lines if you need them.

If you like the outlining method better, write your topic at the top of the page. Start making a list of your ideas; make sure the ideas relate to the main topic. You can write small ideas under the main ideas to create a link and be more inclusive. This will create a connection between different ideas, and you will be able to write an organized essay.

  • Write your thesis statement.write a good essay

Now that you have a topic to write the essay and have sorted out the ideas, you have to create a thesis statement. The thesis statement tells the reader the main point of your essay. Take a look at your diagram or outline to understand your main ideas.

The thesis statement has two parts. The first part states the topic of the essay, and the second states the objective of the essay. 

  • Write the body.

The essay’s main body will describe, argue, and explain your topic. Every main idea you wrote in the outline or diagram will make a separate section within the essay’s body. Every paragraph of the essay should have the same body structure. Start writing one main idea to make the introductory paragraph. Then next, write your supporting ideas in sentences and leave three lines between every point to give a detailed example to back up your point. Fill the spaces with useful information to link the small ideas together.

  • Write the introduction.6 tips to write good essay

After you have developed the thesis statement and the body of your essay, you should write an introduction. The introduction should be catchy, grab the reader’s attention, and show the main focus line of your essay.

Start with an attention-grabbing line. Use a dialogue, a shocking story, a quote, or a simple summary. Whatever way you choose, make sure it links to the thesis statement that will be the last sentence of the introduction.

  • Write a conclusion.

The conclusion is to close the topic, summarize the overall ideas, and provide a final perspective of the topic. The conclusion should consist of a strong three to five sentences. Review the main points of your essay and reinforce the thesis.

  • Add the finishing touches.

After you are done with the conclusion, you should not think that the essay is complete. Pay attention to small details before considering the work finished.

Check the ogre of paragraphs. The strong points should be in the first and last paragraphs of the essay body and the rest of the ideas in the middle. The order of the paragraph should be done sensibly if the essay is describing some processes; that makes sure to follow the right order with the right placement of paragraphs.

Review all the instructions for the essay, if needed. Many scholarship forms and teachers follow different formats, and you need to follow that pattern to make the essay in the desired format.

 In the end, review everything that you have written. Reread the essay and check if the points make sense. The sentence flow should be smooth and add a phrase to link the ideas and thoughts. Check for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

What should I do if I need help writing an essay?hire an essay writer

It is very common to struggle with writing an essay. You might be having trouble explaining your ideas and writing them down in a sensible order. 

Even college students face difficulties in writing an essay. Nowadays, times have changed, and you can easily hire an essay writer to help you write a good essay. They can write a good essay and help you score good grades. There are some online websites from where you can purchase your essay. But make sure to check for authentic websites.