Who is WWE superstar Rey Mysterio daughter?

Rey Mysterio daughter

Rey mysterio daughter – The Mysterios are a famous family in WWE. The father, known as the “Biggest Little Man,” has won many championships. Dominik Mysterio, his son, is also becoming popular in WWE. However, people are curious about Rey Mysterio daughter, Aalayh Gutierrez, who has captured the hearts of fans.

 Biography: Aalayh Gutierrez

Aalayh Gutierrez, who is 22 years old, is not a wrestler like her family, but she has become famous on Instagram. Her account, @aalyahgutierrez, has a huge number of followers worldwide, with 120 posts and 387k followers.

Her real name is Aalayh Gutierrez, but many people know her as Aalayh Mysterio. She was born on August 20, 2001, to her parents, Rey And Angie Mysterio, who strongly connect to Mexican culture.

Aalayh grew up in San Diego and is currently weighs about 50-55 kg and about 5 feet 4 inches tall. She finished her studies in 2019 at Horizon Christian Academy and is now pursuing a medical education. During her childhood, she had Dominik Gutierrez, her older brother, who became a popular figure in professional wrestling.

Aalayh was in a relationship with AJ Hernandez, who played for the New England Patriots, but his career ended due to legal trouble. Now, she is dating Joshua Thomas, who often appears in her Instagram posts.

Appearance of Aalyah Mysterio in the Ring

Aalyah Mysterio, Rey Mysterio daughter, was born in 2001, just before Rey started wrestling in WWE. Rey Mysterio made his WWE debut on July 25, 2002, on SmackDown, wearing his iconic mask and winning against Chavo Guerrero as a good guy (face).

Aalyah Mysterio became famous and got many searches on Google when she, along with Angie Mysterio, her mother and Rey Mysterio. They did this to seek revenge for Dominik Mysterio, who Murphy and Seth Rollins beat up during his contract signing.

On March 12, 2010, Aaliyah Mysterio and her family were at SmackDown to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately, CM Punk, who would face Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania 27, had other plans.

He wanted to ruin the celebration, so he insulted the entire family, especially Rey Mysterio’s signature move, the 619. After they left, CM Punk started singing the birthday song and getting a sour taste on a particular day.

Tattoo of Aalyah Mysterio’s Name

As many know, Rey Mysterio’s body is covered with tattoos. He has a wide variety of tattoos, including a 619 tattoo and a large one on his back.

Every tattoo on Rey Mysterio’s body has special meanings and symbolizes something personal to him. One of his most noticeable tattoos is on his right bicep, which reads “The master of the 619.” This tattoo has caught the attention of his loving fans worldwide. In a WWE interview back in 2007, he opened up about his tattoos.

During The Mysterious, WrestleMania Backlash achieved something special, being the first father and son duo to win the team titles in WWE history. Aalyah, Rey Mysterio daughter, has expressed her desire to continue her father’s legacy, but there is no official confirmation about her joining WWE as of now. It would be interesting to see her as part of a faction in WWE.


Who is Rey Mysterio daughter?

Rey Mysterio daughter is named Aalyah Gutierrez. She is also known as Aalyah Mysterio in the wrestling world.

Has Aalyah Gutierrez wrestled in WWE?

As of now, Aalyah Gutierrez has not wrestled in WWE. While she has appeared alongside her family in WWE events, there is no official confirmation of her becoming a wrestler.