Top 20 World’s Richest Actors

World's richest 20 actors

World’s 20 Richest Actors

Do you know about the 20 richest actors in the world?

We will tell you about some of the richest actors in the world. The worth of these most popular actors is more than half-a-billion dollars! In this article, we have compiled a list of 20 richest actors in the world and their current net worth along with a short bio.

Try to guess the names of the actors that will appear on this list.

Shah Rukh Khan


  1. Shah Rukh Khan–   Shah Rukh Khan, an Indian actor is from Delhi. He is known as the king of Bollywood. He has received many awards for astounding performance in 80 Hindi movies. Currently, Shah Rukh Khan is the world’s richest actor. His net worth is estimated at around $600 million dollars as of 2020.


  1. Tom Cruise– Tom Cruise is an American actor and producer based in New York. He is considered one of the best actors. His movies have sold a million of copies worldwide.

Tom cruise His famous quote” I disagree with people who think you learn more from getting beat up than you do from winning.” Tom cruise’s net worth in 2020 is $570 million dollars. This makes him the 2nd richest actor in the world.


  1. George Clooney- An American actor and director from Kentucky, George Clooney is the world’s 3rd richest actor. He has won many awards for his excellent performance in three kings, Ocean’s Eleven and Syriana. George Clooney has received awards for many other movies as well. His hard work and skills have not gone unnoticed and have received accolades for his performances.  George Clooney has $500 million dollars worth in 2020. 

 “I don’t like to share my personal life… it wouldn’t be personal if I shared it.” George Clooney.


  1. Mel Gibson- He is an American, actor, director, and producer from New York. Mel Mel GibsonGibson’s current net worth is $424 million. Mel Gibson is known for his amazing performance in The Passion of the Christ, Brave Heart, and We Were Soldiers. He received Golden Globe and Academy Awards for his performance in Brave Heart in 1995.

Above all, the film is a business… Independence is a really cool thing is you can be a bit bolder, and take a few more chances with what you do.” – Mel Gibson


  1. Adam Sandler– Adam Sandler an American film producer and actor, is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He became popular after one of the movies earned $271 million at the box office. This was Sandler’s highest-earning movie.  Adam’s net worth today is $420 million, which makes him the richest producer in Hollywood.

 “Chemistry can be a good and bad thing. Chemistry is good when you make love with it, chemistry is bad when you make crack with it.” – Adam Sandler

  1.   Amitabh Bachchan- He is considered as one of the biggest names in Bollywood. Amitabh Bachchan is the richest actor in the Indian film industry of all time. He is in the 6th position in the world’s richest actor list. His net worth is $400 million.


  1.     Jack Nicholson- He is an American producer, actor, and writer from Ne
  2. Jack Nicolsonw York City. He is known from the movies The Raven, The Shining and The Cry Baby. His net worth is $400 Million dollars. He has collaborated with the best actors of all time. 


  1.     Sylvester Stallone- He is an American actor and has made two biggest movies that generated around $4 billion. Sylvester is among the highest-paid actors of Hollywood. We know him from the movie Rambo and Rocky. Stallone’s net worth is around $400 million, currently.

“I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.” – Sylvester Stallone


  1.     Arnold Schwarzenegger- He began his career in professional bodybuilding. Arnold is considered as an icon of bodybuilding. Arnold then switched to the film industry for making more money. Arnold’s net worth is $400 million and has become one of the rickets actors now. He is also the richest bodybuilder worldwide.


  1. Ashley and Mary-Kate- Ashley and Mary-Kate are American actresses, businesswomen and also fashion designers. They were on the Forbes list at rank no. 11 as richest women in Entertainment. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s net worth in 2020 is estimated at around $400 million.Ahley and Kate


  1. Clint Eastwood- Clint is an American producer, actor, and director based in San Francisco.  Eastwood won the best director and producer award by Academy Award for his films Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven (1992).  He has an incredible net worth of around $ 375 million in 2020.

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.” – Clint Eastwood


  1. Jackie Chan-  He is a Hong Kong producer, actor, and director. Jackie Chan started working as an actor when he was 5. He has gained incredible net worth with his excellent acting performance. Jackie Chan has a net worth of $370 million.

“Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances.” – Jackie Chan



  1. Keanu Reeves- Keanu is a Canadian actor, producer, musician, and director. He has worked as a star actor in numerous movies that have been box office hit. You must know him from “The Matrix” as Neo form or from the Movie “John Wick”.  Keanu Reeves in 2020 has a net worth of $360 million.



  1. Sean Connery- Sean Connery, a retired Scottish producer, and actor. He has won an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, and two BAFTA awards. He is the first person known to try to portray James bond, a legendary character. His net worth as of now has skyrocketed to $350 million.


  1. Tom Hanks– A popular American actor and producer, Tom Hanks are loved by all. He has enough money to prove it as well. Tom has starred in films famous worldwide like Forrest Gump, Angel & Demons and Da Vinci Code. He did voice-over as Woody in movie Toy Story 3 which made the movie become a highest-grossing movie with $1 billion in the box office that year. His net worth is $350 million.

     “if it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.” – Tom Hanks


  1. Michael Douglas- Michael is an American actor and producer from New Jersey. He was the 90’s most successful producer. His net worth this year is roughly around $300.Michael Douglas


  1. Will Smith- Will Smith is an American rapper, actor and film producer. He became a millionaire before he turned 20. He is known from his movie Men in Black and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. His name is in Guinness Book of World Records For the groundbreaking 3 premiers within 24 hours. Smith’s net worth is $300 million in 2020 and is also one of the highest-paid actors in the Hollywood industry.


Throughout life, people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.” – Will Smith


  1. Robert Downey Jr.-  Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor and singer. He has had an incredible career as an actor. He has starred in movies worldwide including Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, and The Avengers. Downey’s movies have sold over billions all over the world. He has an impressive net worth is $300 million dollars and among the Robert Downeyhighest-paid actors in the world.


“I think you end up doing the stuff you were supposed to do at the time you were supposed to do it.” – Robert Downey Jr.


  1. Robert De Niro- he has loved by many for his acting work in the past as well as in the present. He starred in some of the greatest movies of recent times like, Meet the Parents, The Intern, Meet the Fockers, and Dirty Grandpa. In the past, he worked In the movies like Goodfellas, Analyze That, Heat, Casino, and The Godfather Part II.  Robert’s estimated net worth currently is $300 million.


  1. Brad Pitt- Brad Pitt is a famous American actor and producer from Oklahoma. We all know him for his amazing performance in Seven, Ocean’s Eleven, Fight Club and World War Z. Brad has inspired numerous magazine covers and he became the hottest face of Hollywood in 1990 and also got the title “sexiest man alive”.  His company Plan B produced movies like Kick-Ass, Eat Pray Love and Inglorious Bastards, a movie that earned $320 million. Brad Pitt’s net worth is $300 million and is the richest actor of all time.