Top 6 NFL Betting Tips for Beginners


The NFL season is here, and plenty of fans are wondering how to bet on the most thrilling games in the world. You can use some amazing NFL betting tips that are exclusively for beginners.

With the advent of smart technology, robust security, and handy gadgets, you can double up your entertainment with NFL betting. So, here are the top 7 NFL betting tips for beginners.


1.  Never Overreact

The NFL is an eighteen-week long season having over 256 games. So, if you’re making your betting decision by looking at stats of the first week or one-day performance, you’re doing it wrong. A team that performs well in week one may not do well in week 11. So, you must stay updated and check NFL week 11 odds to make the correct judgments.

The point spread will result from last week’s performance as the week progresses. The NFL has quite competitive teams, so the difference in points between best and worst teams is very less, so always follow the latest stats.


2.  Bet Online

This is a very useful tip for NFL betting beginners, as betting online can give you many perks. You can watch any NBA, NFL, and MMA Live Streams comfortably at home and try your skills. Moreover, online sportsbooks offer sign-up bonuses, have flexible payment methods, and are very secure. In addition, you can shop various lines and go for the most competitive odds. Finally, it allows you to try your skills in many ways, including live betting, line shopping, etc.


3.  Manage Your Budget

Many beginners don’t manage their budget, lose big bucks, and leave betting. Well, to all beginners, this is not the way to approach betting. For successful betting, create a bankroll with money you can afford to lose. Then out of it, designate 2% to 10% out of the total for each bet. Don’t chase losses, and always manage your bankroll for more profits.


4.  Restrict Buying Unnecessary Points

You will be tempted to buy more points in the point spread, but analyzing its value is necessary. Buying points means paying more money and increasing your breakeven percentage for that bet. And what is the point if it doesn’t return anything?

For example, buying a favorite down from -9.5 to -9 on the point spread is a blunder. It’s a losing bet, as a nine-point margin of a win has occurred less than 2% of the time in NFL records. So, buy points smartly.

5.  Diversify Your Bets

One of the most important tips for NFL betting beginners is to maximize and spread their bets. Many platforms allow users to bet on alternate spreads or buy and sell points. For example, you can choose -2.5 points spread over -4.5 if you’re more confident about the former. Try NFL future bets, live betting, player props, etc., to try your skills at each style.

6.  Lastly, Never Ignore the External Factors.

No one will tell you, but external factors are very important. For example, the venue’s records, weather, injured players’ stats, and positions can alter odds and lines considerably. Therefore, you must consider external factors and plan the bet smartly.