Do You Know About the Apology Video of Travis Scott? 

travis scott apology video

Travis Scott apology video was recently released to the public on Twitter by Travis Scott. Intended to combat his recent controversy, Travis addresses his past legal issues. Additionally, he announces that he will be donating $100,000 on behalf of himself and Cactus Jack Records to the Dreamville Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Throughout this video, Travis apologizes for what he deems “the stupid shit they did.” 

He explains why he’s been acting out in previous years and how it’s led him down this path in life. He details how people have given up on him but that their support has led him down a better path where he can now see more apparent what is essential for him. Travis also offers that he has been seeking professional help and is taking advantage of all the resources he can to aid in his growth. Travis also addresses the current state of hip-hop and how it may be detrimental to future generations. 

Travis announces that he will be donating 100k too Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for youth in need on behalf of himself and Cactus Jack Records. Overall, this video serves as an apology from Travis, but it also explains why he’s acted the way he has in the past. While it’s not meant to gloss over his issues, I think this video is a step in the right direction and offers some insight into what may have caused him to act out differently than in previous years.


The video was posted on a verified Twitter account, and it was first confirmed by Complex as an official apology video from Travis Scott on March 19th at 2:56 PM. On March 18th, 2018, Travis Scott and Quavo were sued by the family of late rapper Earl Hayes for copyright infringement. 

Hayes had previously uploaded a music video to YouTube that documents the process behind his song “Look at Me,” which Travis is alleged to have sampled to create the hit single “Butterfly Effect.” This led many news outlets to question whether or not this lawsuit would affect their recently announced album, “Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho,” released on December 1st, 2017.

They denied sampling the Earl Hayes song in it and instead stated that they used a pre-existing beat from another artist. The statement also stated that Travis Scott and Quavo have reached out to the late rapper’s family to apologize for his death and to see if there is any way he can receive compensation.

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Travis Scott Apology Video:

After Travis Scott’s Apology Video was posted on Twitter, the video was embedded on many music channels, including the official MTV website. Throughout the video, Travis addresses people for giving up on him and how he’s grown from a “poor kid with nothing” that people turned their backs on to someone who has grown his brand and is now donating 100k to charity. 

He explains that he relies a lot on his fans and appreciates them, but sometimes they can be unfair with their judgments. He states that he has made mistakes and been so depressed in the past that he’s not sure if he can get out of it, something I feel is a little bit of a stretch. However, despite being very emotional in the video, Travis seems highly genuine. 

He does not come off as just trying to make people think good about him. He ends his statement by stating, “Ain’t no b*tch but myself” this is an exciting statement since every other line of the dialogue focuses on either people or things.

Travis Scott apology meme:

The Travis Scott Apology Video, combined with how social media shares information, has been shared almost a million times across multiple platforms. While many of these accounts have verified and authorized to post such information, viewers can easily (and falsely) assume that the video is official when it isn’t.

Is Travis Scott crying?

Throughout the video, Travis looks incredibly sad and teary-eyed. A lot of people on Twitter have been asking the question if he is crying or not. One Reddit user shared a tweet claiming that Travis was laughing at the cameraman during one point in the video, but it’s hard to make out what’s happening since this is just a still frame of him smiling with closed eyes.

Travis Scott black and white:

Throughout the video, Travis Scott is dressed in all black. While there does not appear to be much of a correlation between Travis’s clothing and the message he is trying to convey, I think it’s important to note this since there is more than one scene where his clothing catches my eye in some way. For example, during one shot while he’s standing on a beach, Travis appears a little out of focus, and his face looks like a black and white blur. However, in another shot, when he’s sitting down surrounded by animals, he appears as if he is still in focus, but the background has shifted into black and white.

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