Types of Ear Piercing: You Need To Know Before Getting Yourself Pierced

types of ear piercing

So have you made up your mind to get your ears pierced? Have you researched about piercing? Do you even know what piercing is? Using a needle gun or a needle to make holes in your ear lobe or any other part of the ear. So that you can wear jewellery on it to make yourself look more beautiful. Your ear piercing can also cause infections; in such cases, the piercing should be washed out and should be treated with antibiotic cream. Further, either you can get your piercing near the infected area, or you can wear non-irritating jewellery. There are different types of ear piercing ideas you can choose from before getting yourself pierced.

  1. Tragus Piercing

It is the inner part of the cartilage, which is above the ear canal directly on your lobe.  This piercing is trendy among everyone. Studs, hoops, and a combination of other jewellery look good on it. This type of ear piercing ideas is famous among all.

  1. Anti-Tragus Piercing

It is next to your ear lobe with a little bit of cartilage and just opposite to your tragus. This piercing is a little more painful while getting pierced and also while recovering. You can wear the same earrings you wear in tragus piercing.

  1. Helix Piercing

Any piercing in the upper part of the ear in the outer cartilage rim is helix piercing. Two piercing placed one above others in the same area is called double helix piercing. Many people find these different types of ear piercing ideas amazing.

  1. Snug Piercing

These types of ear piercing ideas are a little different from others. Do you know where you can find snug piercing? You will be shocked to see that it is done just above the anti-tragus, inside your ear in between the helix. This is a bit confusing but it looks impressive on any face.

  1. Rook Piercing

Walk-behind the anti-helix round to the other end of the cartilage rim from the snug, and this is the area where you can get your rook piercing. You can beautify this piercing with a barbell or a hoop, whatever you prefer with the look.

  1. Daith piercing

It is positioned in the innermost part of the cartilage at the end of the helix near to the tragus. This is a different type of ear piercing, and there are a few people who prefer this one.

  1. Outer conch piercing

It is in between the anti-helix and the helix; it is the dip in the ear between them. After the anti-helix and before the ear canal lies the inner conch. This type of ear piercing idea is a little different from the other ones.

  1. Orbital Piercing

When two holes are made in the same part of the ear so that the jewellery can pass through both the holes, it is called orbital piercing. This piercing can be done in many places in the ear, but people mostly prefer it in the lobe or the helix.

  1. Forward helix piercing

It is done just above the tragus at the top of the rim in the outer edge of the ear. This piercing can be quite painful as it is made through the cartilage of the ear. You can get a double or triple forward helix piercing according to your choice.

  1. Industrial piercing

Instead of single piercing, getting two places pierced in the ear cartilage is industrial piercing. The most famous type of industrial piercing is through the helix to the anti-helix, which is connected with the help of a long piece of barbell jewellery or different kinds of arrows. This is a different type of ear piercing.

  1. Auricle piercing

This piercing is in between the helix and the ear lobe, usually halfway up on the outer part of the ear. It may take a more extended time to recover than the ear lobe piercing as this piercing is done on the cartilage. People think that it is an excellent idea to be enacted.

  1. Transverse lobe piercing

The transverse lobe piercing is different from simple lobe piercing because in this type of piercing, using a barbell, it goes through the skin horizontally, unlike the standard lobe piercing.

So know you are ready to get your ear piercing done as these different types of ear piercing ideas will help you to choose the perfect one for you.