Tips To Choose Right Toys For Your Child

tips to choose toys for kids

When you enter the toy shop, you may be struck by the huge number of varieties displayed in the toy shop. You might get stuck in your thoughts about what kind of toy is best for my kid. The more confusion arises when it comes to choosing a toy according to the age, gender, and mental capabilities of a child.

You may have also noticed that the toys for the kid are much more expensive these days before the last time you have bought. Toys do not need to be this much expensive, right. You may have heard of the story that parents bought a very expensive toy for the kid, instead of playing with that toy, the kid finds interest in the box and plays with that toy. So, there is no need to make such expensive toys by the toy manufacturing company, Huh!

It may be possible that the toy that is good for a child may not be good for another one. Whenever you enter a shop and want to buy a toy for your child, you must first think of the child’s personality, gender, likes or dislikes, mental growth, and interest levels. A good toy for one child isn’t necessarily a good toy for another child. When you purchase a toy, you need to consider your child’s personality, likes, and dislikes.

In this post, we are providing you a brief guide to choose the right toy for your child that is according to their age and safety purposes. 

Children Safety

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We have seen that hundreds of children get injuries every year while playing with their toys. Even though there are various safety measures guidelines that manufacturing companies follow, still you too have to pay close attention while choosing any toy for your kid for safety purposes. Here below are some points that you must have to pay close attention to and should check all these aspects before buying a toy for your kid. 

  • Toys Should Build Strong: Check the construction of the toy properly, it should be strong enough that its eyes, body parts, buttons, ornaments, and other pieces do not pull apart so that small kids do not swallow them and choke their throat. 
  • Toys Should Not be Fragile: Check the toy fragility that it does not easily get shattered if thrown away or dropped on a hard surface. It may save your child from hurting. 
  • Toys Must Be Painted With Non-Toxic Paints: Check whether the toy is painted with the toxic or non-toxic, as kids may take them into their mouths. Always but non-toxic painted toys. 
  • Stuff of the Toy: If the toy is made with fabric material, then buy a toy that is flame-resistant.
  • Toy Should Not Have Sharp Edges: Check the toy thoroughly whether its edges or pieces are sharp or not or can cause scratches easily to the skin. Make sure that the wooden toys do not carry any splinters. Make sure that any of the toys that you buy for your kid should be sharp so that kids do not get cuts on skin or punctured their eyes. Check the toys by running your hands over the toy to inspect their sharp edges. 
  • Toys Sitting Stability: Check the sitting stability of toys. Buy a toy that has a broad base. 
  • Toy Should Be Non-Electric: Check whether the toy you are buying needs electric power or not. Try to avoid those toys that need electrical power to use them. Children can attempt to take the battery in their mouth or touch the electric plugs with their bare hands. 
  • Avoid Noise Making Toys: Toys that make noise can damage the babies’ hearing ability and make them sound sensitive as they grow up. Try to avoid buying those toys that make continuous noise or loud sounds, and also teach your kid to keep away the noise-making toys from their ears. Activate toys that make noise and be sure they won’t damage hearing if babies hold them close to their ears. 
  • Toys Should Not Be Small or Contain Any Small Parts: Always buy those toys whose size is big enough that the kid cannot swallow them directly. Also, make sure that the toys do not include any small size parts and make sure to enclose the moving parts of the toy. 

Age-Wise Toys 

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It is important to choose a toy that is according to the age of the child. It is important for his or her mental growth and helps them in developing better mental qualities. If the toy is not as per the child’s age, then they may get frustrated, bored, lose interest, irritated, and overwhelmed easily with that toy. Thus it is important to buy such toys according to the age and mental capabilities of the child. 

Here below, we are different types of toys for kids as per their age and can be the best toys for kids’ safety and mental development. 

For Infants or Age Below 12 Months: Buy stuffed toys that are not inflammable, can be washed, and non-toxic. Stuffed cartoon or animal toys are best for infants as they are colorful and soft. 

For Toddlers Between 12 to 18 Months: When a kid becomes 12 to 18 months older, they can easily stand and have also developed some mental capabilities. They can play with toys like push-pulls, sound-making toys, toys that have knobs, dials, and peek-a-boo type are the best new toys for kids of this age. 

For Toddler Between 18 to 24 Months: This age toddler can talk and get interested in different types and shapes of toys. You can buy blocks that they can build different shapes with it using their mental capabilities. Avoid sharp edges blocks. 

For Toddler Between 2 to 3 Years: At this point of age, the toddler starts to build their interest in some extraordinary activities than that of the previous one. For them, talking toys, dashboard toys, and dolls are perfect for kids. They make their own world by playing with such toys. Trucks and big toys can be great for such age toddlers. 

You can find the best shop through search engines by typing “best toys for kids near me,” it will show you some best to consider. There are various toy stores online from where you can buy appropriate toys as per the age of the toddler.