perfect manicure at home

Are you busy to go to a salon for hand manicure and finding some home manicure tips? Oh! You are at the right place. This article will give you ten easy steps to get a perfect manicure at home in no time with the best results.

10 Easy Steps you can follow:

  1. If you have applied any nail paint, remove it.

Use a nail paint remover to remove the applied paint from your nails to clean your nails rightly.

  1. Clip your nails, then file and buff

After removing the nail paint, clip your nails using a nail cutter in good shape. Then file them properly in one direction and buff them to get a smooth surface on your nails. Do this to get the perfect manicure.

  1. Now it’s the turn of your cuticles

Use oil or lotion to soften your cuticles and then push them back with the help of a cuticle stick. It would be best if you did not cut your cuticles because they protect your nails from bacteria.

  1. Desquamate your hands

Use hand scrub to desquamate your hands, forearms, and wrists. It will remove dead skin cells and retain moisture. Clean your under nails using a nail brush. Please wash your hands and then dry them properly.

  1. Damp your hands

Apply moisture to your hands so that when you apply nail paint, it does not smudge. Give your hands a gentle massage with the moisture. Again use the nail polish remover to wipe each nail.

  1. Apply the base coat of nail polish

To protect and hydrate your nails, apply a base coat of nail paint, also prevent chipping. This is an important part of a perfect manicure at home

  1. The first coat of colour nail polish

Apply the first coat of your favourite colour nail paint from your cuticles to the end of the nails covering all the corners of your nail. As much as you include in your first coat, the second coat would be a breeze.

  1. The second coat of nail polish

Leaving the coat for 2 minutes, afterwards, apply the second coat of nail polish to enhance the nail colour. You may require to apply the third coat of nail paint for the full coverage.

  1. The last coat of nail polish

It is the topcoat of your nail paint to be applied. See whether the third coat is required or not if it is, then apply. This coat will protect your manicure and give shine to your nails.

  1. Clean up the rough edges and let the paint dry

Using nail polish remover clean up the sides of your fingers if you find nail paint on it and then make your nails dry for 5 minutes.

Here you go! Your perfect manicure at home