How to use the fermenter in Valheim?

fermenter in Valheim

VALHEIM FERMENTER – In a short time, “Valheim Fermenter” has established itself as a significant success. The game’s surviving techniques and distinctive art style have received high praise from players and critics alike. Among the most crucial elements of the game is fermentation. For the uninformed, fermentation is used to create mead or potions. 

The potions can be utilized for various purposes, including helping you recoup strength, improve your health, or develop resistance to specific status circumstances. Here is a detailed instruction to ferment in the game if you’re wondering how to make potions in Valheim.

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Fermenting Guide for Valheim 

How to Make a Fermenter valheim!

Ensure you have had the Fermenter before you can begin fermenting in Valheim. The valheim Fermenter is very simple to make. All you have to do is acquire the supplies listed below:

  • Fine Wood 30x 
  • 10x Bronze 
  • Resin 10x 

Bronze is the first material required to make the fermenter valheim. The Fermenter and Bronze Axe can both be made out of bronze. Cutting off Oak & Birch trees, which produce high-quality timber, uses a bronze axe.

Mead Bases: Making 

Gather the ingredients needed to make mead after getting the fermenter ready. You must first make enough mead base for such a particular mead to brew meads. Here are some other recipes for the mead bases.

  • 10x Honey, 5x Blueberries, 10x Raspberries, and 1x Dandelion make up the base of the minor healing mead. 
  • 10x Honey, 4x Bloodbags, 10x Raspberries, and 1x Dandelion make up the medium healing mead base. 
  • Mead Base for Minor Stamina: 10x Honey, 10x Raspberries, and 10x Yellow Mushroom.

Creating mead 

The valheim Fermenter can create mead if you obtain the necessary mead base. It can take two to three days to brew mead in the fermenter. This implies that you must wait for an hour or so before you may use the mead. Six potions can be made out of each mead foundation.

How to operate the Valheim fermenter?

In Valheim, the fermenter has been used to make mead and potions. You may manufacture this item when you first start and have a hammer, workbench, and forge. 

You also need a cauldron to produce mead bases that can later be fermented into other potions. Remember that for this to function; you must position just above a campfire (opens in new tab). How to make a cauldron is as follows: 

  • Equipment: Smelter and workbench. 
  • Smelted tin ore from the Black Forest, Tin x 10.

What is the duration of fermentation in Valheim? 

Your fermenter valheim turns your mead base into a useful remedy after two game days. We’ll need to be patient because napping cannot speed up the process. Make sure you turn on your fermenter first if you intend to sail the boat to a remote area of the map or march into a difficult boss battle.


How to handle an overexposed Valheim fermenter?

Similar to your workshop, the fermenter requires shelter before you may start brewing potions. No need to create a complex residence for your fermenter; a simple shed or shelter would do. However, because you’ll be producing a lot of mead, ensure the building has space for storage. I advise locating a permanent location in your house for your fermenter. Here’s how to construct a modest shelter whenever your valheim fermenter has been too exposed if that isn’t practical: 

  • The fermenter should be surrounded by eight Wood Walls (Wood x 2 each). 
  • Directly above, place two Thatched Roof 45° tiles (Wood x2).

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about the “valheim fermenter”. I hope the language of this post is clear and understandable.


Q1) how do you unlock fermenter in valheim?

Ans- You will be required to construct a fermenter, which calls for the construction of a charcoal kiln, smelter, and forges in addition to the construction of the actual fermenter, which is made of x30 fine wood, x5 bronze, and x10 resin.

Q2) how does the fermenter work in valheim?

Ans- Mead bases created in a Tin Cauldron are fermented in a Fermenter valheim.

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