The 2023 Most Useful Valorant Statistics Keepers


Valtracker – Round-based stats allow you to examine your past matches more deeply. Identify the top valtracker of 2023. Do you have a system to record your successes and failures in Valorant? In need of a fresh agent performance evaluation? You’ll be set with these top-tier Valorant statistics monitors.

Three of the Most Useful Statistics Monitors

Various valtracker take various routes towards analyzing your play and helping you become a better player. Whether it’s figuring out which map you’re weakest on or evaluating how well you do as Sova vs. 

Viper stat trackers give players an edge over opponents by providing in-depth performance information and game analysis. With Riot Games constantly tweaking the game’s rules and releasing new Agents, keeping track of your stats has never been more critical. Below is a list of the best 2023 valtracker.

Valtracker will still be one of the best-supported and most efficient valtracker in 2023 because of its consistent updates and new features. You may get a rundown of each team and its greatest players in-game with the help of a medal system that assesses your performance across many categories. Accuracy, mobility, and headshots can be tracked and reviewed between rounds or after the play ends.

In addition to in-game information like your battle pass and agent unlock progress, valtracker keeps you up to speed on information outside the game. You can even create a wishlist of the exact skins you want, and the app will let you know as soon as any of them go on sale. Valtracker’s plethora of customization options and slick design make it the clear choice for anybody looking to rise the ranks as quickly and stylishly as possible.

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If you’re looking for something more casual and don’t want to install software as powerful as valtracker, is your best bet. While Valorant is available for download on personal computers, the game’s online browser version offers many more features. It is better suited to helping less skilled players rise in the ranks.

If you’re a new player still learning the ropes, is your best option since it has built-in instructions to help you with crosshair positioning, lineups, and gun economy. You can easily maintain tabs on your favorite professional players and the esports industry thanks to the site’s constantly updated leaderboards and news bulletin. is the go-to site for tutorials and advice because of its extensive library of expertly curated videos that span from beginner to expert. Those with a firm grasp of the game’s principles and looking to further their knowledge of a particular agent won’t find a more significant resource than Valorant. frequently uses in-game overlays to update you on game data, such as your team’s recent performance, to enhance your immersion. Additionally, it often updates its map and agent tier list to give players a better grasp of the overall setting of the game.

In addition to Valorant and Call of Duty Warzone, another great valorant tracker for gathering data for multiplayer games is’s ease of use means it can be helpful to almost everyone. Sign in with your Twitch credentials, and you’ll have instant access to a wealth of game-tracking information. You may also challenge your friends to a game to see who scores the most.

Users may check their statistics for kills, deaths, and more during gameplay. The user may also share this information with others to help them play better. If you’re a competitive player looking to up your game and get the upper hand, this is a valorant tracker.


Most of these browser add-ons access your Riot account to compile the statistics you see. This is compatible with the web-based and versions. However, many stat trackers are significantly more effective and support in-game material in downloadable editions. Go to the tracker’s website, click “download,” and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

It is possible to run a tracker using additional software like Overwolf. This program is required for the valtracker to operate. This post was written to assist you in locating the top stat trackers for Valorant 2023.


Can it be kicked off the Val tracker?

 Because they get data from the official Valorant API, none of the trackers we’ve included here or in our post on the top 3 Valorant trackers can get your account banned.

Is it secure to use the Valorant tracker?

Using a Valorant tracker will not result in the suspension of your account. The information used by tracking websites comes directly from Valorant’s APIs. Likewise, this also applies to trackers on Overwolf and similar platforms. There’s no need to feel guilty about obsessing over numbers.

What’s wrong with Val Tracker?

Please restart Valorant if you installed the app when the game was already in progress. You have to start the app before you can use Valorant. In addition, check the app’s preferences and make sure “Overwolf Overlay” is checked on.