Ever wondered What Does CFL Mean on Instagram? 

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What Does CFL Mean on Instagram – Ever came across the word CFL on Instagram and wondered what that meant? Don’t question your intelligence it is just another internet slang that is famous as of now and probably will have another meaning a week from now. And in this article, we will discuss what does CFL mean on Instagram and how to use it in a conversation?

CFL on Instagram refers to “Close Friends List.” This is a feature that was introduced by Instagram in 2018, which allows users to share content with a smaller, more intimate group of followers instead of their entire followers list.

The Close Friends List is a private list of accounts that you choose to share your stories with. When you post a story, you can choose to share it with your entire follower’s list, or only with the accounts that you have added to your CFL. This gives you more control over who can see your content and allows you to share more personal and intimate moments with a select group of people.

To use this feature, you need to go to your profile and click on the three lines in the top right corner. From there, select “Close Friends” and then add the accounts you want to include in your CFL. You can also remove accounts from your CFL at any time.

One of the benefits of using the Close Friends List feature is that it allows you to share content with a smaller, more targeted group of people. This can be particularly useful if you want to share content that is not appropriate for your entire followers list, or if you want to share content with a group of people who you are closer to.

Additionally, this feature allows you to keep your public profile and your private life separate. You can share personal and intimate moments with your close friends, while still maintaining a public profile that is professional and appropriate for your wider audience.


What are some other full forms of CFL on Instagram?

Yes, there is more than one meaning of CFL on Instagram. As we all know that social media is a very fast changing place where people will switch their likings in a jiff. The word CFL has been in the cloud for a while now and it doesn’t only mean Close Friend List on Instagram there are other related full forms to this acronym. Some of the most frequent ones that you might have come across before are mentioned below: 

  • College Football Line (sports betting)
  • Can’t Find Love
  • Christ for Life
  • Captain/Colonel for Life (military slang, generally used by people who might get promoted in the near future or are getting promoted)

How to Use CFL in a conversation on Instagram?

The usage of this acronym depends on what context you are using it in and what message you want to convey to the other person. Here are a few examples listed below that you usually might use in a conversation:

  • If by CFL you mean Close Friends List: Close friends List is the most commonly used full form of CFL and you can use this in a conversation as, “ Yes bro, don’t worry about it I added him in my CFL”
  • If by CFL you mean College Football Line: The formerly famous full form of CFL is not usually used that much now but even if you wish this is how you can use it, “ This time’s CFL was so uncertain I nearly lost a fortune”
  • If by CFL you mean Can’t Find Love: Again one of the most used full forms, and can be used like, “ I am telling you I CFL in this lifetime”

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Wrapping Up

Now we know what does CFL mean on Instagram and probably save ourselves from the embarrassment of our social media friends. In short, CFL nowadays is frequently used as Close Friend List and infrequently used as College Football Line, Christ for Life, Can’t Find love and etc. 

I hope this article cleared all your doubts about what does CFL mean on Instagram. And if you know any more details and fun facts about CFL feel free to comment below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What does CFL mean on Instagram?
    CFL stands for Close Friends List on Instagram.
  2. Are there any other meanings of CFL?
    Yes there are multiple full forms of CFL like Can’t Find Love, Christ for Life and many more.
  3. Can other people who are not mentioned in the CFL see our stories?
    No, other than your friends mentioned in the CFL cannot see your stories on Instagram. 

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