Best Vanilla Extract Substitute For Baking

vanilla extract substitute

So you are in the mood to make a fresh batch of cookies but all out of vanilla extracts. Did you know there is plenty of vanilla extract substitute which will let you bake your favorite dessert without compromising on the flavor?

As we use vanilla extract in a very small amount, you can easily find its replacement. Here we have listed the best vanilla extract substitute.

Rum, bourbon, or brandy

To make vanilla extract, vanilla beans are first soaked in alcohol to derive the original flavor. So swapping with any of these drinks only makes sense to give the same smokey and sweet flavor. For best results, use an equal amount of alcohol as you would with vanilla extract.

Almond extract

To get a mellow flavor like vanilla extract, you can use nutty cousin as a replacement. Almond extract has a comparatively stronger flavor than vanilla, so you should use half the amount of extracts in your recipe.

 Maple syrup

This is the most loved pancake topper all around the world and has the same sweet aroma as vanilla extracts, along with a hint of smokiness. You can replace vanilla extract with an equal amount of maple syrup in your recipe.

Vanilla beans

If you do not have vanilla extract but have a vanilla bean box, you can use it to substitute as a powder or paste in your baking recipe. All these three ingredients can be substituted in equal parts; the only difference is that your final product has black flecks of vanilla. 

To use vanilla beans, you will have to cut them open and scrape out the seeds.

Vanilla milk

Another great vanilla extract substitute is vanilla flavored soy or almond milk by using them in equal amounts.

Other spices

If you are in the mood for adventurous cooking, you can add different spices to get the desired vanilla flavor in your recipe. Warm spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg add depth and sweetness to the dishes; however, you may have to experiment to get the right flavor.

Instant Coffee or Espresso Powder

If you are making chocolaty treats at home, then you can use coffee or espresso powder as a vanilla extract substitute. You will need to add only small amounts like a pinch of espresso powder, and it will be enough for a big baking batch.

Citrus Zest

Lemon or orange zest is a great vanilla extract replacement to add a burst of freshness to your baked dishes. The juice is sometimes too acidic, but the zest is flavourful and will not water down the dough. 

Final Words:

There are many reasons you may not have access to vanilla extract in your kitchen, and at such times, having a substitute can come in handy. The fun part about cooking is experimenting with ingredients. You never know when you may discover a delicious combo like never before.