What Foods To Give A Sick Child?

Good Foods to feed your sick toddler

One of the main concerns of being a parent is what are the good foods to feed a sick toddler. It is obviously hard to choose the right food when the kid becomes sick. We may wonder if I have fed my kid with this food, whether it may improve his/her health or degrade health. You try to read the best parenting books, take parenting classes, or follow your doctor’s instructions to raise your child. However, sometimes when you have to perform them, you may forget to process what they have taught you and find yourself in a confusing situation. In this article, we are discussing the good foods that you can feed your child when it gets sick. 

Even though you have taken proper care of your child, taken care of every little thing, and did everything right for its health, there are chances that your kid has become sick. A study conducted by the National Health Interview Survey in 2014 revealed interesting facts about the health of toddlers in the United States. The study shows that about 8.4% of toddlers of American suffer from hay fever, 11.6% have skin allergies, 10% suffer respiratory allergies, and 5.4% have food allergies.

The common feeding concern of the parents is when their kids are suffering from health issues like diarrhea, cold, cough, running nose, influenza, and or get sick in the flu season. Here below are some foods that you can give you whenever they suffer from any type of sickness. 

what to feed a sick child


If your kid is suffering from diarrhea, you can feed your child with fluid consistency type of food like broth (above 12 months), water, or electrolyte solutions, these help in preventing dehydration, make sure not to feed kids with fruit juices or soft drinks, they may worsen the condition. In diet, you can feed them mashed ripe bananas, mashed vegetables, and boiled rice. This helps in making their stomach relaxed. 


When your kid is suffering from cold or sneezing more than 3 times at a time, then you might consult a doctor. You can feed your child with warm water, warm boiled food, and super. Try not to give them fruits or anything that is cold, they may worsen the sneezing problem.


When your kid is suffering from constipation, you can feed your kid with high fiber foods like carrots, oranges, celery, and apples. To stimulate their bowel movement, you can give them prune juice and keep regular stool, feed them with plenty of water. 

Flu Season or Fever

When your kid gets seasonal flu or fever, the best food to feed them is fluid consistency food. You can also give them their regular diet but by adding some sauce, dips, and butter to their food to make them a bit tastier. 

Running Nose

When your child suffers from a runny nose, the best food to give them is warm food like chicken soup, which works like a vaporizer and helps in loosening the mucus from the nose.