What is Psychic Surgery? How does it work?

what is psychic surgery?

Have you heard about psychic surgery? Let’s learn what is psychic surgery and how does it work?

Psychic surgery is a non-surgery technique performed y a non-medical healer. The psychic healer fakes the incision by running fingers along the patient’s body, going through the skin without using any medical instrument. The healer will then pretend to dig the hands into the body of the patient’s innards and will pretend to pull out the tumor. Using the trick methods, the healer squirts the animal blood by holding a balloon and keeps discarding items like chicken heart and liver. The patient then goes back home to die if they were dying or live if there was nothing seriously wrong with their body.

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Psychic surgery is a booming business worldwide, especially in Brazil and the Philippines. Psychic healers like Laurence Cacteng and Alex Orbito ply their trade.
Many people find peace with psychic surgeons and other similar faith healers because they believe these healers are divine agents. This practice is not only limited only to third-world countries. Chris Cole also practices psychic surgery in Australia. Stephen Turoff is one of the popular Psychic surgeons who practice outside the Philippines. He runs his healing Danbury clinic in Chelmsford, England.

Psychic healing denotes psychic healers who are believed to be making surgical changes inside the body in the astral double that reflect that operation in the physical body. These psychic surgeons also believe that the spirit of a dead doctor influences them and observes above them who enter into a trance state from where they mime an operation on the body of the person seeking healing.

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Hundreds and thousands of invalid and curious travelers have even visited the Philippines since the 1970s and 1980s because they were interested in psychic healing. Many people have been believed to be believed, and many have returned disillusioned after having an expensive and very tiresome trip. People have encountered a highly competitive business between different healers, and many healers also provide transportation to different locations like outside Milan, where the psychic healers operate.

Over recent years, the number of healings reported from psychic surgery has been no more than the number reported by domestic healers, be it religious or psychic healers. Many psychic healers also argue that patients do not believe the healer’s surgery powers if they do not see any blood or an apparent incision with plenty of blood oozing out and some tangible objects from the body being removed. Some Philippines healers look down on such healing practices and regard these bloody operations as an unnecessary process. These healers practice a traditional form of psychic healing or Magnetic healing.

Unlike medical doctors, psychic surgeons have no specialization in any disease. These healers channel their inner guide while performing the surgery, and their powerful spirit does all the work. The spirit proceeds in tune with the body and removes any blockages and unwanted matters from the body’s surface.