What Colors Make Orange?- How to Mix Different Shades Of Orange 

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Throughout history, it is found that orange is incredibly the most loved color of artists. In many cultures, orange is considered a sacred hue and has been associated with royalty. Orange is a mixture of two primary shades. Before even finding its name this color had a strong impact on many ancient cultures. After reading you all must be eager to know what colors make orange? So, the answer is yellow and red. When these two colors combine with each other in equal portions, make a true orange color. In this article, we have also covered some interesting things related to the orange color, to know more keep reading.

The Ancient Culture and Orange

The history of the orange color is very long. Most ancient Egyptian artists used the realgar mineral to create a beautiful yellow-orange shade to paint the tombs. Reagler is a pigment mineral used to make orange-based color. However, it is very harmful as it contains arsenic. 

The Romans used a different but equally harmful mineral to create their own shade of golden-based orange. 

How was the name Orange developed?

All of you must have this confusion in mind whether the name of orange is because of the fruit or did the fruit has its name because of the color. These questions are just like the question of whether the egg came first or the chicken. 

Let’s find out the proper answer. During the 16th century, there was no official name for orange created yet so the European artists called it as yellow-red hues. This shade of yellow and red also used to be known as saffron before the orange entered in English words. The growing of orange trees was started by the Portuguese from Asia to Europe. The orange color got its name from the ripeness of an orange fruit, which had different names in different languages.

Orange as a spiritual color:

As we all know that orange is considered as a spiritual color in various countries. However, it has many meanings across cultures. In the region of Asia the use of orange color is very high, as almost all the holy men and monks wear orange color. For practitioners of Confucianism, orange color is  the mark of transformation, perhaps because it is a prominent color in the sky during the shift between day and night. In India and China, the orange shade is a sign of the richness of the culture.

Orange color has other meanings:

According to the experts’ research, In ancient times artists were very obsessed with orange hues. As this color was used to help them to capture the natural light effects in the paintings and sculptures. Mainly orange is considered to be the color of joy and creativity.

Other than this, the following meanings are also associated with orange color:

  • Happiness
  • Warmth
  • Heat
  • Sunshine
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Success
  • Encouragement
  • Change
  • Determination
  • Health
  • Stimulation
  • Joy
  • Fun
  • Enjoyment
  • Balance
  • Saxuality
  • Freedom
  • Expression
  • Fascination

What colors make orange?

Orange can only be created by mixing the two primary colors. However, usually, the orange color is made by mixing red and yellow together. The combination of these two colors makes up the bright, vibrant hue of the rainbow.

Propositions to change the Hue:

Orange can be made when yellow and red are combined in equal amounts. However, if you want another shade of orange, add more yellow or red.

Yellow-orange and red-orange are called tertiary colors. Tertiary colors on the color wheel lie evenly between primary and secondary colors.

For yellow-orange: 

Combine two portions of yellow and one portion of red. You can also mix one part of orange with the other part of yellow.

For red-orange:

Combine two portions of red and one portion of yellow. You can also mix one part of orange with one part of red.

How is orange dye made?

There are many natural resources to make orange dye, as it is abundant in nature:

  • Butternut seed husks
  • Carrots
  • Alder tree bark
  • Eucalyptus
  • Bloodroot
  • Paprika
  • Turmeric

Creating orange in different shades:

Following table is basically a scientific chart that helps in mixing the proper amount of shades for a particular color. 

Type of OrangeOrange ShadeHEX Number% Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
True orange#FC6600252% Red, 102% Green, 0% Blue
Bronze#B1560F177% Yellow, 86% Red, 15% Blue, little bit of black
Rust#b7410e183% Red and Yellow, 14% Blue, little bit of black
Apricot#EF8200239% Yellow, 130% Red, 13% Blue
Goldenrod#DBA520219% Yellow, 165% Red, 32% Blue
Honey#EB9605235% Yellow, 150% Red, 5% Blue
Firebrick#B22222178% Red, 178% Yellow, 34% Blue
Salmon#FA8072250% Red, and 128% Yellow


Q.1: What colors make orange?

Ans: a combination of primary colors yellow and red make the orange color.

Q.2: How to make orange color bold?

Ans: Cadmium paint red and yellow hues make a vibrant orange which looks like a fruit. Both of these primary colors create a beautiful and bold mix when combined. 

Q.3: What is burnt orange?

Ans: the orange color that ensembles the fire and flames is known as burnt orange. 

Q.4: What does orange symbolize?

Ans: orange color symbolizes many things like: Happiness, Warmth, Heat, Sunshine, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Success, Encouragement, Change, Determination, Health, Stimulation, Joy, Fun, Enjoyment, Balance, Saxuality, Freedom, Expression, Fascination.

Facts about Orange color:

Following are some facts about orange color that will amaze you:

  1. The word orange was derived from the sanskrit words “NARANGA” and the persian “NARANG”.
  1. The blood used on the set of Sweeney Todd, had to be orange to render properly on the desaturated color film.
  1. Orange is the symbol of glory and fruits of the earth, used to be known as the wisdom ray by Christians.
  1. In Feng Shui, the color orange represents fire and flames.
  1. During the time of Elizabethan nobility were the only ones who could wear orange.
  1. The orange color is associated with saints and represents strength and courage.
  1. In ancient times oranges’ well-known slogan was “the future’s bright the future’s orange”.
  1. An orange vehicle represents that you are a fun-loving and trendy person in society.
  1. Frank Sinatra used to love the color orange, and once said “Orange is the happiest of colors”. 
  1. The color of the United States Army Signal Corps is orange
  1. Orange is one of the most popular colors in sports, especially in football
  1. The soccer team of the Netherlands or “Oranje” plays the sport in orange kits.

Final Verdicts:

The name of the orange color was derived from the Sanskrit word “NARANJA” ; it represents both warm and cold. It is made of red, yellow, and brown but it has its own identity. Different combinations of these colors make a new shade of orange. 

In ancient times artists used toxic minerals to create orange colors. Other than this orange color symbolizes many things like Happiness, Warmth, Heat, Sunshine, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Success, Encouragement, Change, Determination, Health, Stimulation, Joy, Fun, Enjoyment, Balance, Saxuality, Freedom, Expression, Fascination.

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