What Would Humanity Lose If They Had No Art?


Art is one of the most critical areas of human existence. It provides many beautiful eternal creations, such as exquisite music, majestic masterpieces of architecture, thoughtful books, and even more. The impact of art on the history of humanity in general and the human soul, in particular, is truly enormous.

Art is a great force that can raise a person mentally. It all depends on the individual and his willingness to listen to the call of beauty that heals the world. Art plays on the strings of the human soul, guiding them, tuning, and building people like an instrument. The results of creative efforts occupy an important place in the life of each of us.

People have become smart through creativity

Art was born together with Homo sapiens. Man became intelligent when he began to act, to create. First, items needed for housing, hunting, and farming. But it is not enough for a competent person to be whole and live in warmth. That’s when the creativity that the soul demanded was born. And this is art. First, the soul expressed itself in singing, games, and drawings. Gradually, new skills developed. The man could no longer think of himself without poetic words, theatre, and painting. At the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century – cinema appeared, absorbing many types of art, becoming its independent and most popular form. Types of art:

  • literature;
  • painting, sculpture, graphics;
  • music;
  • choreography;
  • architecture;
  • theatre.

The importance of art for modern people

Today, one can no longer imagine life without reading a novel, without a new film, without a theatre premiere, without a fashion hit and a favourite band, and without art performances. In art, a person finds new knowledge, answers vital questions, and gives relief from stress and pleasure. An actual work of art is always agreeing with the thoughts of readers, viewers, and listeners. 

Paintings, music, theatre, books, and movies give a person incomparable joy and pleasure and make him sympathize. To understand the value of art better, you can try to read essays on similar topics. There are many examples, so you can find the best essay about art and learn exciting and valuable information. If the person has spiritual needs, he can find his novel and music. Such works can change each other, but their influence on the person who exalts them remains unchanged.

Why do we require art or life without art?

But if you imagine, what would the world be like without art. Any songs, no paintings, no art, books, images, vies, theatre. What would our life be like then? It would be dull and gray, joyless, and humans would be more like robots or animals that are only interested in the body’s natural needs. Art allows a person to open up and show the world his talent, emotions, feelings, and soul. And viewers appreciate works of art not only out of curiosity. They get aesthetic pleasure from them and are charged with energy and positive emotions.

Remember how many strings in your soul can be touched by your favourite song? Or maybe you cried from watching a film or listening to an opera aria with your eyes closed? Some paintings can be viewed indefinitely, finding new meaning in them or simply moving yourself to the place of the characters. That’s what art is for, and it makes a person feel. It gives joy, hope, and sometimes sadness, a whole kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions. Suffice it to recall how the people rallied to patriotic songs and poems during the war. They gave people hope, faith, and strength to fight.


The role of art in human life cannot be underestimated. Without emotions and feelings, a person will be one-sided and uninteresting. It must develop comprehensively. Feelings of beauty play a role in this. A person cannot be happy if he has no emotions. Everyone develops in the course of his life the spiritual plan. There are no people in our world who are indifferent to any creativity. Art has been, is, and will be relevant in people’s lives. Art teaches people morals and puts them on the right path in life, developing spiritual, aesthetic, and moral feelings.