Why You Should Wear Merino Wool This Summer


When you think of wool, you probably think of cozy sweaters for a winter’s day. Wool is what we think of when we want to stay warm. It’s perhaps not a fabric that you think of for your summer wardrobe, but maybe it should be.

Did you know that there are sheep grazing high in the Spanish mountains with wool that is ideal for sunny days? Merino sheep have been prized for their wool for centuries. A type of wool that is not like other wools. As well as being six times stronger than cotton, merino wool has remarkable qualities that make it the ideal go-to for beach holidays, summer hikes, and family fun. Here are some of our favorite merino wool qualities:

Merino Wool is Soft Not Itchy

Merino wool has a fine thread that makes it much less irritable against the skin. Ideal for throwing over a summer dress or T-shirt for fun summer layering. It is an excellent option for children in the summer as it won’t irritate them as they run and play. There’s even better news for anyone with sensitive skin. Merino wool is non-allergenic and won’t affect your allergies.

Merino Wool Keeps You Cool

Merino wool is breathable, which means it actively takes sweat away from your body. A merino wool cardigan or irish sweater will regulate your body temperature in hot clammy weather. So when you need to cover up away from the sun but want to stay cool, merino wool is a perfect choice.

Merino Wool Is Sustainable Wardrobe Must Have

For anyone working towards having a sustainable wardrobe, look no further than merino wool. Not only is this a long-lasting wool that will last you many years, but it is also environmentally friendly. Merino wool is 100% biodegradable. In fact, the natural fibers will break down and return to the earth in less than 12 months.

Merino Wool Hides Odor

Unlike synthetic summer garments, merino wool will help you stay fresher longer. The breathable nature of the wool is combined with natural antibacterial properties. Together, these qualities resist odor while wicking away sweat.

Merino Wool Is Easy To Care For

No one wants to be inside washing clothes and ironing while the sun is out! With merino wool in your summer wardrobe, you will have at least one item that needs less care. Merino wool is self-cleaning and has bacteria-resistant qualities that mean you have to wash it less. To freshen up a merino  aran sweater, poncho, or throw after a day on the beach, simply hang it out in the fresh air.  Merino wool travels well too, and it’s perfect for rolling up into a suitcase or throwing last minute into a beach bag. Its wrinkle free qualities mean it will look just as well when you pull it out to wear.

When it is time to finally wash your merino wool summer cardigan, it will dry very quickly. As with other wool items, wash on a low heat and dry flat.

Merino Wool Works Well With Layers

When layered with other breathable fabrics, merino wool will help keep you cool all summer. Unlike layering with synthetic clothing, breathable layers work together to expel sweat and moisture. Wicking them through each layer, away from your body.

Merino Wool Is Versatile

For summer accessories and summer wear that is easy to care for and versatile, look to merino wool for options.

A Merino Aran Throw, for example, is multifaceted, acting as a picnic throw, post swim blanket, and beach throw. When the summer evenings get cooler, pop a merino poncho onto the little ones, safe in the knowledge that it is heat resistant too. Perfect for summer bonfire fun. For added style this summer, mix in a super soft merino cabled shawl or textured merino cardigan.

Merino wool is a secret weapon when it comes to summer fun. It even has a natural UV barrier for an extra layer of family protection. The ideal wardrobe and family fabric for keeping everyone safe, cool, and comfortable. So, whether you are planning a staycation in the country or are jumping on a plane to an exotic adventure, make sure you pack merino wool.