Details On Woo Lotti Stabbing Videos & Photos

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Woo Lotti receives a stabbing in the viral web movie. Now that the world is interested in the video learn what happened to the 15-year-old lads.

Woo Lotti, additionally known as William George, abruptly disappeared, startling admirers in light of the recent popularity of his slicing attack video on social media.

Additionally, on April 20, 2020, a video showing Woo Lotti getting fatally injured on the roadways of Chicago gained popularity on social media. Lotti, a 15-year-old teenager, was fatally stabbed and died. Although the 3-year-old’s video turned viral on Twitter and other social media platforms, the case has grown.

The viral video has brought back memories for the young rapper’s fans, who lost their idol far too quickly after rival gang members murdered him.

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Woo Lotti stabbing Video & Pictures

Before his death in April 2020 from a stabbing, Woo Lotti was a talented young rapper who gave his all to the rap industry. Fans and relatives of the rapper were devastated by the rapper’s tragic death. Still, after many years, the case has resurfaced due to the video of the rapper’s stabbing going popular on social media.

Woo’s fans are currently sharing an online clip of Woo being knifed by a rival gang member. The clip reveals that Woo suffered a vicious assault in broad daylight near a walkway.

The movie about privacy was widely disseminated on social media a few hours previously, it garnered attention, and the majority of its users have now erased it. The video may still be viewed on Twitter and YouTube, though.

Who posted it and if Lotti appears in the clip are both unknown. Similarly, individuals try to figure out who uploaded the film to the internet and when it was first shared. The fact that the video was recorded at night raises more doubts.

How did Woo Lotti fare? Sister, age

Woo Lotti, a rapper, quietly passed away. Woo’s age information differs between sources; hence, determining his exact chronological age is impossible.

Therefore, his actual age is still a mystery. Lotti was a talented rapper with high hopes for the music industry but was destroyed.

His terrible, premature demise will live in the minds of his supporters forever. The video currently trending on social media brought back his memories and aspirations to become a well-known rapper.

Are the murder suspects for Woo Lotti in custody?

According to sources, Woo Lotti suffered a fatal stabbing by two Original gang members in Harlem, New York City. A child was found dead in the Bronx of New York City in April 2020.

Later, the police detained two individuals for their part in Woo Lotti’s killing, including a 16-year-old and a 28-year-old. The Lotti murder culprits reportedly also had to answer to other charges. Online reports also claim that at least eight men killed Woo Lotti. The alternative diss tracks supposedly used to be mailed to him by his employees and close friends. As a result, hatred increased, and Woo eventually died.

The juvenile rapper was stabbed numerous times in the body or thigh. As a result, a report given in 2022 stated that the judiciary trial was continuing on. We can infer that he is presently behind bars for every one of his murders.


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