Malu Trevejo Tattoos Meaning

Malu Trevejo Tattoos Meaning

Are you a fan of Malu Trevejo tattoos which have rebellious style and iconic designs? If so, you’re in luck because today we’re diving deep into the hidden meanings behind Malu Trevejo tattoos ink. From powerful symbols to personal tributes, we’ll explore the stories behind each of Malu’s tattoos and what they mean to her. So grab your favorite beverage and get ready for an insightful journey through Malu Trevejo tattoos collection. Have a look:

Who is Malu Trevejo?

Malu Trevejo is a Cuban-American singer and social media personality. She rose to fame on the app, now known as TikTok, and has since amassed a large following on Instagram and YouTube. Trevejo often posts videos of herself singing and dancing and has been praised for her beauty and style. In addition to her online presence, Trevejo has also released several songs, including “Luna Llena” and “Dale Baila.

Malu Trevejo has tattoos on her body

Arabic name tattoo on her upper shoulder

Malu Trevejo has engraved the name of her mother in Arabic, ‘Denia’ on her left shoulder. She has styled the tattoo in a unique way.

As with any other tattoo, the meaning of an Arabic tattoo will depend on the specific design that is chosen. In general, however, Arabic tattoos can be seen as a way to show pride in one’s heritage or as a symbol of faith.

The Arabic language is rich in history and meaning, and a tattoo featuring this beautiful script can be a way to show pride in one’s roots.

Arabic tattoos can also be seen as a symbol of faith which shows that she loves her mother very mother.  For those who practice Islam, Arabic is the language of the Quran, and a tattoo featuring this sacred text can be a way to show devotion to Allah. For Christians, too, Arabic tattoos can be used to display verses from the Bible or other religious texts. No matter what your personal beliefs may be, an Arabic tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful way to express them.

Paw prints on her wrist

The tattoo of paw prints on her wrist is a symbol of her love for animals. She got this tattoo when she was just a teenager and it has been with her ever since. It is a reminder of the joy that animals can bring into our lives and how we should cherish them.

Rose tattoo on her wrist

Tattoos are a way of expression, and for Malu Trevejo, they are a way to show off her personality. The Cuban-born social media star has several tattoos, with each one having its own special meaning. For example, Trevejo has a rose tattoo on her wrist that represents love and femininity.

Treble clef tattoo on her wrist

Treble clef tattoos are a popular choice for music lovers, and Malu Trevejo is no exception. The Cuban-born singer has a tattoo of a treble clef on her wrist, which she often shows off in Instagram photos.

While the meaning of the tattoo is pretty straightforward, it’s still a significant symbol for Trevejo. The treble clef is a symbol of her love for music, and it’s also a reminder of her roots. As someone who was born into a musical family, music has always been an important part of Trevejo’s life.

The tattoo is also a tribute to Trevejo’s late father, who was a musician himself. He passed away when she was just a child, but his memory continues to inspire her. In many ways, the treble clef tattoo is a way for her to keep him close to her heart.

Poem tattoo on her upper arm

This is a tattoo of a poem that was written by Malu Trevejo. The poem is about her love for tattoos and how they make her feel. The tattoo is on her upper arm and it is very visible. It is a black tattoo with white lettering. The poem says: Her tattoo says: “I will not be / another flower / picked for my / beauty and left / to die. I will be / wild, difficult to find, / and impossible to forget.”  

Ocean eyes tattoo on her chest

The word “ocean” is of Latin origin and means “sea”. Tattoos have been used as a form of self-expression for centuries, and their meanings can be personal to each individual. She probably gets this tattoo to commemorate a significant event in their life, while others choose designs that represent their beliefs or values. Whatever the reason behind it, an ocean eyes tattoo is sure to turn heads and start conversations.

It is also said that the “ocean eyes” tattoo on Malu Trevejo’s chest is a tribute to her late father, who died in a boating accident. The tattoo is a reminder to always stay vigilant and watch over her loved ones.

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Some FAQs

What are the six types of tattoos on the body of Malu Trevejo?

She has engraved 6 tattoos on her body, which are;

  1. arabic, name on her upper shoulder
  2. rose on her wrist
  3. paw prints on her wrist
  4. treble clef on her wrist
  5. poem on her upper arm
  6. ocean eyes on her chest

What are the rarest tattoos?

Some rarest tattoos locations are: 

  • Whites Of The Eyes
  • On Eyelids
  • Inside The Ear
  • Bottom Of The Foot
  • Palm
  • Inner Lip
  • Face
  • Genitals

How many tattoos does Malu have?

She has at least 6 tattoos. If you want to know more about her tattoos then we have discussed above. Read the whole article to know more about it.


In conclusion, Malu Trevejo tattoos are a reflection of her unique style and creative expression. From her colorful designs to meaningful symbols, each tattoo has its own story to tell about Malu. While some may find them controversial, one thing that can’t be denied is that they are beautiful works of art. Through her body art, Malu expresses herself with confidence and courage.

Hope you like the given information in the article. Stay tuned with us for more such updates.