World Trends in the Popularity of Live Dealer Games


Games with real croupiers are attracting more and more fans. This is a relatively new format, which, nevertheless, is already becoming the main source of income for many operators. Today, modern gambling entertainment platforms must have live tables in their portfolio in order to be competitive. This format is developing at a tremendous pace and brings a new experience to traditional online gambling. More and more operators are expanding their offers to include live games, which can significantly increase their ratings.

Modern players increasingly prefer live tables, where they can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the casino, wherever they are. It is worth noting that the geography of the popularity of specific games looks quite interesting. In each country, local players have their own preferences. What types of games are most often played by users in a particular region? We will talk about this below.


Let’s start with the Asian region. Here, the local population has always been willing to gamble. Today, technological innovations are making adjustments to the content that most local operators offer. Users are not limited to land-based gambling houses. The online format is actively developing, and along with it, live online casinos are becoming in demand. The legality of gambling depends on the specific country. Most local regions still have bans on this type of entertainment. However, there is a way out for the players. They can use the services of foreign websites by opening them through various VPN applications. The popularity rating among entertainment in this region is headed by: baccarat, sic bo, hi-low, wheel of fortune, and keno.

India and Africa

Separately, it is worth noting another eastern country, India. Here, the huge pace of GDP development contributes to the fact that the economy reaches a new level. This makes the local gambling market extremely promising. As for the African continent, despite the fact that in many countries gambling is prohibited by law, the locals love to play. If we talk about preferences, then in both India and Africa, players prefer blackjack, roulette or craps.

Eastern Europe

Let’s talk about Europe next. In the eastern part of the continent, we will find that the preferences of the players are quite conservative. Local users are more likely to play classic games. This is true both for those who choose virtual simulators and for players who prefer tables with real croupiers. All types of card games and roulette are in demand here. Also, local players are very interested in game shows. This entertainment format is especially well represented by Evolution Gaming, which is the market leader in live casino development.

Western Europe

Local users are also active at the live dealer tables. The most promising gambling market is in Sweden. The laws in this country strictly regulate the operation of the casino, so players can be sure that they will have a fair and safe gaming experience. Users have no particular preference for content. Here, many people play baccarat, roulette, and even dice.


Finally, it’s time to talk about the USA. Here one would expect to see the active development of the gambling business, but local legislation imposes huge restrictions on it. Most states completely ban online casino gaming. The most loyal is the attitude towards players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Here, gambling is strictly regulated at the legislative level and brings good income to the economy. As for the tastes of local players, they mostly prefer live casino tables such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, and Caribbean poker.