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Give 10 Minutes To Yoga And Experience Its Magical Effects


Are you fed up with dealing with that extra belly fat and going to the gym is not your thing? Don’t worry there are various other alternatives that are also available, rather than choosing the option to the gym to excrete out an excess sweat by working out on treadmills and by lifting weights. The best way to manage your body and maintain the figure is to do YOGA but on a daily basis. It is an effective way to lead a healthy life and discard diseases. Also, it is the best channel to capitalize energy productively and remain energetic for all day long. Since most of the diseases are caused due to cholesterols or excessive fat in the body, nothing can work better than Yoga. Therefore, here we are enlisting nine amazingly efficacious yoga routines which are not at all time consuming but can astonishingly make you lose weight. All you need to begin with is; 10 minutes from your morning mundane and a yoga mat. It is equally important to wake up early so that fresh air can be inhaled because the morning air is the purest air with maximum oxygen in it.

Let’s get started!!



The first and foremost pose of yoga is Mountain pose. It affects and strengthens the limbs, thighs and core. This pose also helps in elongating the body trunk or spine.


  1. Get on the mountain pose by placing your legs together but heels at a marginal distance.
  2. Place your arms on the sides, the palms lining frontwards.
  3. Straighten the spinal cord and pull back your shoulders keeping them at a considerable distance from your ears.
  4. Now press your feet into the mat.
  5. Then unfold your toes and press all the four corners of your both the foot in such a way that mat becomes their centre point. Also, engross the lower portion of your belly and thighs.
  6. In the same position, keep your eyes closed and tardily wreak your both the hands together marking the centre of the heart. You can get a clear idea of the picture given here. Hold about three breaths inside in such a way that it billows your lungs fully and relieves your upper body.


Standing side lean is also one of the weight reducing yoga postures that also helps in strengthening the core and provides appropriate lengths to arms and side body. Go through the steps to perform it with perfection:


  1. Take your arms over your head and tangle your fingers leaving the thumb and index finger free.
  2. Now tenderly compress your arms into the direction of your ear.
  3. Next, inhale some fresh air and along with that stretch your body upwards while pressing your feet into the ground’s direction. Then bend towards your right.
  4. Exhale after holding the breath for a while. On an exhalation, assemble belly towards back pressing the feet down and transact yourself back in the centre position.
  5. Repeat the same steps while doing this standing side lean pose towards the left side.

Repeat the steps for four times on each side and then switch again to the mountain pose.



Mountain Pose-Chair Pose Flow is a combination or a link between to poses, the mountain pose and chair pose. This pose will be a great help to you in strengthening the trunk of the body along with the thighs and claves. Moreover, it also works superbly in lengthening the arms and the trunk. The following steps should be followed for the correct posture:


  1. Take a deep breath and stretch your arms upwards.
  2. Then drag your arms down while exhaling the air and then take your arms behind your body and bend your knees beside lowering your butt, hence making a chair position.
  3. Now again inhale and stretch your hands overhead remaining in the previous pose, i.e. chair position.
  4. Last, Exhale the air by getting on your knees again.

Replicate these steps for at least ten times for speedy results.

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Warrior II Flow Yoga Pose is a perfect way to strengthen the shoulders, torso and thighs. Nevertheless, it also helps you in getting the appropriate length of your arms and side body thereby maintaining the weight of your body according to your height and age. Check out the steps to do this yoga exercise:


  1. Stretch your legs apart and extend your hands on both the sides. Make sure that the legs are spread wide enough to align with the wrists.
  2. Now outstretch your left leg at the back in such a way that it goes parallel to the mat and bend your right knee while keeping your right foot points on the front side.
  3. Drag your hand in the upward direction. This is where you exactly come in warrior II position.
  4. Take a deep breath, and try straightening your right leg. Along with this, also join your palms with each other.
  5. Then immediately return to the warrior II position on exhalation.

Do this exercising for at least ten times. Keep on switching to different legs while repeating to avoid cramp like situation.



Downward-Facing Dog is such a yoga pose that helps in toughening shoulders and elbows. Besides this, it also elongates calves, spine and hamstrings. Now, how would you perform this yoga posture? Here comes:


  1. First of all, get all four limbs of yours. Then, spread your hands and waist line a bit more than the normal alignment.
  2. Now make a strong grip on the mat with your palms and toes.
  3. Push your hips up making an arrow with your body pulling the belly inwards. Widen the space between toes and raise your heels above putting the base on the toes.
  4. Hold this pose while breathing and breathe for at least five times before exiting this pose.


Downward-Facing Dog-Plank Flow is again such a yoga pose that acts as a link between two different poses and they are: The downward facing dog pose and the plank pose. Apart from losing weight, this yoga strengthens the shoulders, forelimbs and trunk. Check out the steps on how you can perform this pose:

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  1. Switch from the earlier pose into the plank or straight pose. Stretch your spinal cord and press your heels onto the back of wall while exerting pressure on the thighs.
  2. Push the body back into the downward-facing dog pose, by making toes the base and lifting the hips upward again. Exhale the breath while getting into this pose.
  3. Repeat this for 5 to 10 times for quick results.


The modified side plank pose gives strength to the core, abdominal muscles and shoulders and hence keeps you to stay active throughout out the day. Wish to know about the correct steps and then here they come:


  1. Switch from plank pose by lowering your left knee and resting it on the mat while letting the right leg remain extended.
  2. Turn your upper body towards the right side, exerting the pressure on your left hand’s finger and left toe.
  3. Lift the butt slightly up and drag your right arm above the head.
  4. Keep on holding the same position till at least 5 to 10 inhalations and exhalations. This is all.

Repeat the same steps on the opposite side of the body when you perform it for the second time. Keep changing the sides.



Wide-Arm Cobra pose is the most effectual exercise to brace up the back muscles. It also provides extended lengths to the chest and spinal cord. We bring you the accurate steps to do it appropriately. These are:


  1. Lay on the mat in an upwards-don position; that is by facing in the direction of the mat. Bend your elbows and place the palms in the alignment of breastbones but at a slightly more distance than that of the width of the mat.
  2. Rest your hand on the base of fingertips in such a way that your elbows point into the sky’s direction.
  3. Similarly, rest your feet on the toe tips.
  4. Now slightly lift your body upside from the mat thereby stretching the spine. Inhale and exhale breathe for at least ten times before leaving this pose.


To perform the Chest Opener yoga, you would need a yoga block to work out correctly. If yoga blocks are not available, then you can use some cushy pillows or rolled towels. The steps are given below:


  1. Lay on the mat in an upright direction; that is, facing the sky in a relaxed position.
  2. Keeps your knees bend and at a slightly more distance than the width of the hip.
  3. Place two yoga blocks (or alternatives), one underneath your head and one betwixt the length of shoulder blades.
  4. Bring your knees together and spread your arms out on both the sides.
  5. Exert the body weight onto the blocks in such a way that it helps the chest area to expand with every breath. Rest in this position for at least 2 minutes.

Working out this routine every day for at least 10 minutes can reduce the fat contents in your body to immensely to levels and make you stay slim, healthy and happy for time undefined.

These exercises do demand some effort and a bit of sacrifice by giving up your extra sleep of 10 minutes in the morning, but if you follow them sincerely on a regular basis, then we are sure that the results would be worth your sincerity, sacrifice and efforts. At least, give a try and let us know how these yoga exercises helped you. Also, highlight the other benefits that you cherished. Don’t be surprised, if you see your weight reduced in the very first instance when you stand on weighing machine after doing these yoga exercises regularly for a couple of days.

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