Unveil The World Of Real Togetherness


Welcome to the world of togetherness… A journey full of happiness, love and care!

Have you ever thought about where your real happiness lies? Today, with the modernization, gadgets have taken a primary place in the life of everyone. Let’s see how small changes had made huge difference in our lives. Those days have become a golden history where we used to sit with all our family members or friends and laugh aloud without thinking of anything else and our neighbors used to also get happy listening to our cheerful voices. Today, we don’t even prefer speaking a little loud assuming what our neighbors will think or it might cause disturbance. In fact the question arises, do you even know who lives in your neighbor? Don’t be shocked, if you come to know that the uncle and aunty who were your neighbors have changed the house five years ago! Neighbors were so concerned with each other that even if they stepped out of home to go to a nearby shop or spend any long vacations, they used to request to take care of their home. We in return used to take care in such a way as if it was our own home and wait for their return anxiously.

Similarly, earlier, the problem of any one of our near and dear ones was the problem of everyone equally and we used to end up doing crazy things just to pull out any solution for him or her. But now, who cares? We finish up saying “I am least bothered, it’s his/her problems not mine”. Is it because you yourself have no one to share your worries and that makes you frustrated?

Hey, do you remember when did you lay down your head on your mum’s lap to say your heart out? No idea… because today the status updation over your social networking sites has taken the place of your mum’s lap. Whether you are happy or sad, you are okay to share with the world through the means of status updation, who are not even bothered to ask you of what has happened, but no time to share with parents and siblings.

It is good to change with the time and advancement but how far is it correct to replace our emotions with these gizmos? Life was far better when the internet and advanced gadgets were not a part of our happy world. If you remember that prior to this technological advancement, weekends were booked with loads of fun, movie watching, gossiping and eating delicious food with family and friends. But now, sleeping too late or rather I should say early morning because for the whole night either you were busy watching movies on your lappy or chatting or talking over the phone alone in your room which has killed all those fun activities.

Even busy parents need to manage their life. Working moms and dads, do you recollect when did you last narrate a fairy tale or story to your kid? Never till now? It’s obvious because you are not able to get out of your business meetings, deals, conferences, calls, parties and kitties. Does your job end as a parent after giving birth to him or her? If you sit and think sincerely, it is much-much more than that. Your kid is not interested in knowing your bank balance or the position you share in your office, but eagerly wants to spend some quality time with both of you. Happiness on the face of your child because of you is much more than a million dollar bank balance.

We are completely forgetting the art of living and all thanks to the world of internet and contrivances. So, understand the worth of your life, your family, siblings, friends, neighbors and all your near dear ones. We have been blessed to have all of them in our life by the Almighty. So, why not to make the Almighty realize that he has made a right decision by doing so! Make a change that adds happiness to the life of one and all. Like: Instead of clicking selfies, let’s pick out time for clicking a family pic and old friends’ group pic and adding them in our room collage or golden memories album. Shut your mobile and laptop aside and share your heart out with your family and friends. Take out five minutes and talk to the old uncle and aunty in your neighbor and cherish the smiles on their face. Prefer going to market or malls with your parents for shopping rather than choosing any online store. Many more such examples can add lot of meaning to your life and make you the happiest person of this world. Believe me!

Use the advancements but only as a utility. Don’t let it take the place of our loved ones. Promise yourself to take a step ahead and add all those missing fun, love, car and concern back into your life. We have a heart inside so let it beat, don’t become heartless please. The tears of happiness in your parents’ eyes and the kicks of your buddies are far more worthy than the life of gizmos. Make them realize that your life with them was incomparable. Live your life to the fullest by discovering the real togetherness which can be only with your loved ones.

Make sure you see above video to understand the value of togetherness. Big thanks to Kissan India for making us realize the actual worth of our life and unveiling the meaning of real togetherness.